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  1. Happy New Year all! ReaperCon is only 3 months away! Lue.
  2. Charcon, The organized Pathfinder play is mostly society play. This is usually run by Rapheal and Pandora. They usually do not have a sign up sheet, but it is usually first come first serve up to 6 per module. There are other non-society modules too. I know Haldir has run a few and there are always other RPGs. I have not really seen 3.5 played, but I may be wrong. I wish I was familiar enough to GM a Pathfinder module or two but i wouldn't do it justice. I really enjoy the society play. That is the major reason I go. Rapheal and Pandora are really awesome at running their modules. I look forward to it every con! Lue.
  3. Haldir, I am leaving on Sunday after the event. I will be in Austin on Sunday night. Lue.
  4. I am leaving Sunday night (but you know that already). If you do leave on Sunday, I can sport you a ride to the airport. Lue.
  5. I am sure Sunny wouldn't have an issue with extending you a night! I am out on Sunday though! Gotta head to work the next day! Lue.
  6. Room booked at BW! Sunny was awesome as usual! Even got a roomie this year to help with the room costs! Can't wait to see you all there again! Lue.
  7. Sounds great, Haldir! I reserved the room with 2 beds, from 17 - 21 April. Let me know as soon as possible if plans change. Lue
  8. Hey all, I am booking a hotel for the April 17 - April 21 dates. I would really like to reduce the cost of the hotel by getting a second bed and splitting the cost with a room mate. I will have my truck, so room mate does not need to have transportation. The rate would be $74.99 X 4 nights = $299.96. Split between two makes it very affordable at $149.98 per person for the four nights. Please let me know if you are interested in splitting the room. You can reply to this thread or PM me on this board so that we can work out arrangements. Thanks! Lue.
  9. Hey all, Once your mini is painted what do you use to "seal" the paint job? Lue.
  10. Let me know the door pass cost for Saturday. I may shoot up there. Lue
  11. Ya. I am in Buda, just south of Austin. It would be a bit of a drive for either of us, unless work or something took us to the other. Lue.
  12. Shak, Thanks. That's the exact type of feedback I was looking for. My rule book is on the way, so I should be better prepared in starting up soon. Now to just hunt through my models. Lue.
  13. Shak, Don't quite know what you mean by Minimal Model Troops. I was looking for three troops because of the demo I played. If I traded out the Warlord for another leader and perhaps a soloist, how would you recommend that exchange? Lue
  14. Thank you all for your input. I rather like many of the original factions. Since the only thing that matters to me as far as likes is that my army cannot have guns! So no pirate factions for me. I have decided that I like the Dwarves and Crusaders the most. So I have developed a 500 point Crusader army. I tired to consider all SA's and tactics to try and develop a "round" army. I would be interested in getting some feedback from all of you: Crusaders - 498 points Troop 1 Lady Jehanne Ivy Crown Light Lancer x 2 Herne, Light Lancer Troop 2 Acacia, Ivy Crown Ranger Ivy Crown Archer x 2 Ivy Crown Skirm isher x 2 Book of Tactics Troop 3 Templar Ironspine x 2 Templar Knight Ian, Mage Apprentice Sir Broderick, Justicar Troop 4 Luck Stone Did I leave anything out? Was there something I should have included that I did not? Are there some characters with other special abilities that make it a "must have' that I may have overlooked due to "noobness"? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Lue.
  15. Hey all, Last night I was fortunate to play a demo (500 point) game of Warlord with a very patient and thorough psyberwolfe. I just wanted to get some other opinions on which faction would be the best Gateway to the game? I guess what I am looking for is a faction that is good to play as a newcomer to the game. Any suggestions? Lue.
  16. Haldir, That was cruel! That clown scared the crap out of me when it loaded! Clowns are the suck! Lue.
  17. Bah! TactiCon and GenghisCon are in Denver! Well at least we are having the first Start Trek: TNG 25th Anniversary Reunion happening at Austin ComicCon in October. Now to save up the $800 for teh VIP tickets! Lue.
  18. And I thought I was looking forward to it... jeez! You guys got me beat by a long shot! Lue.
  19. Is that the countdown to the Thursday morning or the Wednesday night?
  20. Hey all, At least we don't have to wait all the way to next may before ReaperCon 2013! It's only a 11 month wait this year! Woo hoo! Lue.
  21. The scene: Bored gamers spinning quarters on a gaming table..... one quarter spins off the table Luethar: Its right down there Dallas: There is no way I am getting on my knees for a quarter ... silence.....
  22. I am thinking that Dark carnival may mean more psychotic clowns! I hate clowns. I really hate clowns. Please, no clowns! Damn my cousin for dragging me to Poltergeist when I was a kid... that damn clown scarred me! On the bright side, i will be there! Clowns be damned! Lue.
  23. Hey all, Another great ReaperCon has gone by. I would like to say thanks to all the Reaper staff who made a lot of room in prepping the area for the Con, got all the swag together, and even coordinated for more vendors to be present! Awesome job! I would also like to thank Sonic Mike for expanding his normal Sonic menu to include grilled vegetables and rice. It was a great alternative. It seems that it was a success and I heard a lot of positive feedback on the floor! Thanks to all that supported the healthy options. I spoke to Mike and he is willing to continue that for next year as well. So thanks to Sonic Mike, and all the Reaper Staff! See you all in April next year! Lue.
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