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  1. Rapheal, Thanks for the many adventures this past weekend. I had a blast as usual! I am already looking forward to next year's con! Lue.
  2. Luethar

    Safe Travels

    Safe travels to all that are traveling today and tomorrow. I, will see you all bright and early tomorrow morning! Luethar
  3. Warhorsemania, I will let you know one thing that you did not ask but probably felt that a "con newb" (me) learned last year. You will not meet a friendlier group of con goers than the population at ReaperCon. I did not see anyone turned away. Everyone had time to explain games that they were running and made people feel as though they were not the newb! I look forward to paying that forward. If you have any questions on site look me up. I will have my forum tag on my name tag, even if ReaperBryan forgets it again! Also another thing is that the ReaperStaff are top notch. if you do have a question, they will answer it or find someone that knows the answer. They literally bend over backwards to accomodate the con goers. I know this for a fact because I actually saw ReaperBryan contorted in a very unusual position last year so he must have been helping a con goer! Well look forward to seeing you in May! Lue.
  4. Rapheal, I see that there are some minimum levels for a few of the scenarios. Can a player "play up" for these scenarios? Lue.
  5. themudhead, Their site is great! Their catalog is huge. They have pictures of all their products. What more do you need? Actually, once you attend ReaperCon you will notice that this is not some corporate giant that has numerous assets. This is a small business that has a family feel. Their staff work incredibly hard. Their website may not be up to "corporate" standards, but it is well maintained and updated. Considering that the website is being created by someone who is multi-tasking numerous other positions, I think it is a damn fine website. I think you should have waited on your criticism of the website until after you met the people that work at Reaper, Then you would have a sense of understanding of what the staff accomplishes with the small number they have. These people move proverbial mountains compared to their [insert other miniature company name here] counterparts! I am not a Reaper employee, but even I can't help but being a little put off by your comments. So, give these guys a break! Even the customers defend Reaper to the last! As one of my professors once said, "Enough said. Move on." Lue.
  6. I still have a pull out in my room available. See my earlier post with the details. Lue.
  7. If you need a ride from the hotel to the con, let me know. I am at the BW as well! Lue.
  8. Does that gun shoot fairy dust? May Dresda be with you! Lue.
  9. Razig for sure! Something about undead pirates.... Lue.
  10. SonicMike, Thanks for the accomodation. I know that those of us who eat a little healthier than the normal common fare appreciate the effort as usual. Thanks. Lue.
  11. I would like to second what Dr. Bedlam mentions in his post. We are all a very friendly lot. Last year was my first ReaperCon as well. I had many of the same questions and I too am a novice painter. I thought I would take a class but I actually ended up gaming the entire weekend. I learned a lot from the gamers I was gaming with as well. They were painters as well. EVERYONE at the con has time for you which is really nice. Do no confuse this con with other cons. I have been to a New York ComicCon, Austin ComicCon, and ICon. This con is unlike any of those. The con is small as it fits into the Reaper facility, but its not the quantity of people that you should be interested in, it's the quality. EVERYONE is friendly and they warmly welcome you into any activity that may be going on. "Artist Alley" is an area that is dedicated for members to paint in. You can talk to any "advanced" painter and they will share their techniques with you. ReaperCon is like a Christmas miracle in May!! Look me up at the con. I will have my board name on my tag. See you there, Luethar PS: Two things to remember: 1) Haldir does not look like his avatar! 2) Conversly, Dr. Beldam does look like his avatar!
  12. Raph, Looking forward to gaming with you again! Lue.
  13. Haldir, Then you should like this years Sophie preview.... Lue.
  14. I got a room at BW as well. It has a sofabed in it. i am checking in on Thursday and checking out on Sunday. if interested send me a PM. We could work something out. Lue.
  15. Yes. They got a swiper at all registers.
  16. I also have a room at the BW. Unfortunately I selected a room with one king bed and a sofabed, instead of two queen beds. I will be checking in on Thursday and checking out on Sunday. Let me know in this thread or via PM if interested in working something out. Lue.
  17. It's only too late when you show up after the Con! It is never too late! Lue.
  18. Well Murray looks like things be going yer way! Davy Jones is not of this world any longer. He is just a daydream believer on the last train to Clarksville. Lue. Well
  19. Being a person that works in HR I would recommend that if you decide to "pad" your experience with this work you do it in the following way. Do not label the job GenCon. Find out the home company that works with the volunteers and use that company name. Under position put in Volunteer. Then go into further detail about the type of tasks you completed: Customer Assistance, Forum moderator, event coordinator, etc. Briefly describe any accomplishments do not list specific tasks (i.e. took out trash or swept floor). This should assist you in quantifying the work experience. Sadly though, a con is a four or five day event. Most managers won't look at that as quantifiable experience. Lue.
  20. I am coming in from Austin on Thursday and leaving Sunday. I am booked at the Best Western as well. If anyone needs rides to and from the con or want to share a ride in from the Austin area (because gas is getting ridiculous, even in Texas) let me know. Lue.
  21. Luethar


    Now if we can only get a preview of the Reaper Sophie for this year! A pegged leg Sophie with an eye patch would be awesome!
  22. Well it's official. I am booked at the Best Western. Gimme a hollar if you need a ride to or from the con to the BW! Lue.
  23. Sweet potato tots and/ or fries, grilled zucchini, mushrooms and onions. These are great ideas. I will bring them forward to SonicMike to see if he can meet these requests. Keep them coming! Lue.
  24. Well SonicMike is definitely willing to accomodate us and add a few more option. Also, if you can think of grilled type food that could be made Mike may consider it. I just didn't want him buying a lot of extras if there was only going to be one or two people. Please continue to reply if interested or have additional input. Lue.
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