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  1. Hey all,


    I have been in contact with SonicMike. As always he is hard at work preparing for the mini Sonic at the ReaperCon 2012. I have spoken to him about vegetarian/vegan options and have come up with a menu item or two that he can prepare for us with these diets using the Sonic Menu. One is a breakfast burrito and the other is a wrap. SonicMike asked me to start a thread to find just how many of us there are so he can be better prepared in making these "off teh menu" items.


    So, if you are Vegetarian, vegan, plant strong, or any other variation please respond to this thread so we can get a count of sorts.





  2. Mini,


    The classes go from 10-6 or so, but I know I didnt leave the facility until like midnight each night. There was a lot of tabletop gaming going on that did not halt at 6PM. It really is a good time. Everyone there is friendly and always have time to stop and talk to you. It is a small con as far as cons go, but I cannot believe the amount of people that circulated through the con last year. Hopefully its just as big this year.



  3. Hi,


    I'm new to these boards. I'm thinking about coming to try ReaperCon but am a little confused on what is going on. I've become a big fan of the Warlord game and Reaper Minis in general. I bought a starter army for Warlord after the Dragon's Night Out game at GenCon last year.


    Can someone help me with some questions?


    What goes on at the Con?

    What is the nearest airport?

    Which hotel is closest since I will be need to cab around?

    Is it worth going for the full 4 days or is Sunday a wind down sort of day?


    Sorry for so many questions. I'd be coming in from Ontario, Canada. It is a bit expensive but I'd love the chance of meeting some new Reaper fans and learn more about the company.


    Thanks for you help, eh?







    What goes on at the Con? Painting, gaming, eating, eabble-rousing, poking ReaperBryan.

    What is the nearest airport? Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

    Which hotel is closest since I will be need to cab around? The Lake Dallas Best Western. If you book there, there are a lot of people who use that hotel for you to jump a ride with!

    Is it worth going for the full 4 days or is Sunday a wind down sort of day? Sunday afternoon has the auction! I missed it last year but you collect Reaperbucks throughout the Con and then get to spend them for items of worth (minis, tickets to next year's con, etc).


    Hope this answers your questions. If you have any others you can ask in this thread or start another.


    Hope to see you there.



  4. Granted it is a long ways away but always nice to know that hey "I'm getting a reduced rate for staying at the BW".


    I'll be looking for a roommate as well.


    Also here is BW's site for the one on Swisher Road aka the ReaperCon Best Western ::):


    Best Western


    What I used last year was the 21 day in advanced option. Price was about the same as last year, Weds to Mon 339.95 before taxes.





    Awesome Thanks Haldir. I got $67.99 per night for Thurs-Sun! That's where I will be! I wont be staying Wed to Mon. But if you want to have a roomie from Thurs to Sun I am in... otherwise I can wait for someone else with the same exact dates.



  5. I wont be playing this MMO either. I am more of a fantasy MMO player than a sci-fi player. Besides I cannot drag myself away from Skyrim and the Classic EverQuest emulator Project 1999. Between those two, I couldnt squeeze another minute of gaming out!



  6. Hey all,


    I thought I would start a thread so that people wanting / needing to share rooms at the Best Western could start coordinating. I know May is 5 months away, but am already preparing. I figure there are twenty or thirty of you out there that have also started your preparations as well!


    I will be looking for a person who would be willing to split the cost of the room with a check in on Friday and a check out on Sunday. If you are interested please reply to this thread.


    If you are simply looking to add to this list to find a roomate enter similar information within this thead.



  7. I've been a gamer for over 25 years now and have purchased and enjoyed Reaper minis immensely. My current problem is with the Pathfinder Iconic figures, they don't seem very iconic to me and most likely to other gamers as well, i know many of my friends agree with me. Perhaps doing a second line of iconic figures would be appropriate, my problem as well as others are that there seems to be a lot of iconic figs that are female. I'm a guy and when i play RPGs all my characters are guys. so if you could perhaps do a line of Pathfinder Iconic characters that are male that would be greatly appreciated. Paladins are my favourite class and your only iconic paladin fig is female, please do a male iconic paladin fig, thanks.


    Perhaps what we're having here is a language barrier - They're not "iconic" in the sense that they are "what everyone pictures when they hear the class name" like Conan would be, for much of mainstream USA, the "iconic barbarian". They are "iconic" in that they are Paizo's chosen representatives of the class. Paizo has made great efforts for gender equality, in that 50% of their iconic heroes are female. These represent a specific character, with a back-story and in many cases, short stories and novels produced by Paizo.


    They are not really supposed to be representative of "typical" Barbarians/Paladins/Rogues. They are "this one" which grace the covers and interiors of dozens of Paizo supplements, establishing product identity. Note that WotC did something similar with Redgar, Krusk, Tordek, Lidda, and Mialee (to name a few) and it is likely that future games in similar veins will do similar things.



    We have 282 different figures that our art department classifies as male paladins. There are a further 3,800+ figures that might be paladins, depending on what your vision for your character actually is.


    Think of the Iconic figures as Paizo's token poster children for specific classes. Whenever they reference a cleric it is Kyra who is a scimitar wielding middle-eastern looking cleric. She is the Icon for clerics. As ReaperBryan mentioned they press the iconics for Paizo, they do not have creative control over them.


    As far as Paladins go, I would suggest Reapers Dark Heaven Legends line. There are several Paladin characters in that line that definitely fit the type of Paladin you play.


    Good luck!



  8. 1. I will be there. Briathel will likely as well.

    2. Most of us stay at the Lake Dallas Best Western, up off IH-35; it's closest, and that's where the artists hang.


    Dr. Bedlam and the regulars,


    Do you know if there is a promo code through Reaper for that weekend? Do you know of any special rates or anything? Looks like $81 per night. Just curious if there is a way to get it a little cheaper. Last year I paid $31 per night through Hotwire, but I was the only one from the con in that hotel.



  9. Okay all, I am already planning my May 2012 trip to ReaperCon. Just curious, who is planning on coming?


    What was the hotel the regulars stayed at? Mine was nice but I would like to hang with the regulars after hours as well.



  10. Haldir,


    I like the Mousling idea but am unfamiliar with the Woodland Warrior system. Honestly, if it was anything like last year, I will be only doing society play. I enjoyed that a lot!



  11. We will run the trilogy next year at RCON, you need to be 5th level or higher to play.





    Awesome to see we are already planning on another Pathfinder weekend next year at RCON 2012!


    By the way did you score anything good at the auction?



  12. Hey all,


    I know I may be jumping the gun here, but I pre-registered for next years ReaperCon 2012! i was just curious when I will be charged on my card? I have the money already deducted from my checkbook, but it still has yet to be charged!




    AKA: Paul Trupia

  13. Hey all,


    I am looking for recommendations for a pre-packaged Fantasy Dungeon Romp board game. I would like the game to be relatively quick (2-3 hours as opposed to 2-3 days), easy rule set, and attractive to non-D&D gamers. Also, I would need it to be 2-5 players. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



  14. Wren,


    Sounds like next year we need to team up! Between the two of us, we could be like a locust plague and strip Denton of all vegetation! I drive to the con so if you ever need a ride let me know. I think I am going to try to hit the Best Western next year though... the Days Inn was nice for $31 per night but there was no socializing outside of the con (not that I had much time).



  15. Ed,


    This has been the smallest con I have ever attended but it was by far the best. The small size of the con makes it so that guests are able to talk to your staff (whom are all very approachable and friendly), meet and make friends, and yet never feel lonely. I have been to NY Comic Cons, Digital Life, and the Austin Comic con and even though they are huge you can find yourself lonely. ReaperCon is not like that. Your staff is awesome, your arrangements flawless, and you made this long time customer realize that I would be crazy not to pre-register for next year. Which, of course, I already did! ReaperCon did not disappoint in the least! Awesome job to you and your staff!



  16. "I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain just so I could order salads."


    --Dr. Bedlam, on vegetarianism



    Dr. Bedlam,


    I got one better than that but it wasn't overheard at the con.


    Carnivore shows a picture of a cow in a field


    Carnivore says to Vegan: "My food poops in your food!"




    I love the idea of the veggies/fruit tray in the break room/painting room. I snacked on that darn ole thing all day & felt like I was eating healthy for once in my life. Something to remember for next year.




    There was a fruit and veggie tray???!!! Damn, I was so busy with Pathfinder that I never made it down to the paint area to paint! I would have loved some fruit and veggies. Maybe next year I will bring a few too!





    Sadly I cannot eat grilled cheese sandwiches. I am a vegan not vegetarian. No cheese for me! I never saw the salads on the menu. I would have gotten one, two or three!




    Sounds like you did your job providing all sorts of option. I was apparently the evil customer and didn't read the menu. Wish I would have been more attentive and not prejudicial on the Sonic menu. I was just always assuming Sonic = fast food = non-vegan friendly. Sorry! I look forward to attending next year with these options. Awesome!



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