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  1. While I haven't tried this myself yet (just got snow flocking recently), I've heard that a mix of baking soda and snow flock in white glue and a bit of water is the trick. Based on my experiences with baking soda/glue/water alone, I think the mix is likely the way to go. This mini looks great, by the way! The back of the cape in particular is striking.
  2. Ghool, how did you transition the swirls over the shaded beige armor? Are all the swirls the same color, or did you change color and blend to get contrast with the colors underneath? This looks spectacular. Now paint something from Protectorate! :)
  3. Great stuff! Now I know who to bug when I want inside details on studio schemes! While I've never painted it, Retribution's armor seems to be a difficult thing to manage. The white roundness of everything would likely give me fits. You make it look easy! Presumably you've been working on other Wrath releases? Can't wait to see em!
  4. is getting in the groove.

  5. Thanks! I'll give these suggestions a shot. I have tried not holding the bottle directly upright with mixed results, but my suspicion is that I need to bore the hole out a little more to clear it of dried paint. I try to be careful not to let paint dry in the nozzle, but there's only so much that can be done about it.
  6. I suspect this topic comes up often enough, but I'll shoot it again, just a-coz. I love Reaper paints and use them equally with P3. I prefer the dropper bottles, but it's perpetually frustrating to have one or two drops come out...then nothing. Is there a trick I'm missing? I shake em for 1-2 minutes before use and I store them upright. I can bang the bottle around and maybe get another drop, or I can stick a wire down the hole to get a few more drops, but then I'm right back to the same problem. Help me, Reaper Boards. You're my only hope.
  7. This looks great! I'll second that the non-green scheme is really rad. I'll be building a small Merc force eventually, and have a Vanguard in the wings already. Might just have to use this guy as inspiration. (Though I *was* going to do either black/olive and white or black/purple.) Do you have other jack's painted with the same caution striping? I can't recall seeing them if so.
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