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  1. When I first started, I wasn't really all that interested in painting minis at the time. What got me clued in, was stepping into my local hobby store that had some folks showing how to paint figs. Whether it's Reaper or GW or whoever. Find a store that will instruct you on the basic. They usually will supply paints and brushes. Just buy or bring your own fig and have at it. Ask questions and watch what the other people are doing. That's how I got started. As you work through your first paint job you'll get the feel of what works best for you. Don't be afraid to experiment. So what if
  2. Those are the guys that make it really hard to even mention my favorite hobbies in public. You tell anyone that you play D&D and they immediately say "Oh yer one those people" and roll their eyes at you; especially when I was in high school. Now that I'm older, D&D and painting minis is just another reason to have my pals come over to drink beer and eat pizza. lol
  3. I don't care what anyone else says. That paint job looks great !! =) You took the extra step to base it and add the bowstring, which isn't easy to do period. Kudos !
  4. Phenominal job, so far! Awww... is it done yet? When can we see the finished product?
  5. Oh man, I wanna play, I wanna play !! That is so cool. I have a set similar to that but its made by dwarven forge. But not as many pieces as that. Just looking at those pics really makes me wanna call up my buddies from school and get a game of AD&D going. Too bad they're all back in Seattle.
  6. I feel relief and sadness more than anything else. I don't condone the killing of anyone if it can be helped. The death of anyone is not something to be celebrated, no matter how evil we may think they are. The loss of human life is to be mourned, period. But I also understand that it is a necessary evil that must be done for the safety of our friends, family, and this country.
  7. Wow, I thought I had too much time on my hands. Very cool. I could see something like that showing up in a James Bond movie, like a wrist-mounted version with poison darts.
  8. The oldest board game I still have, mostly for nostalgia reasons, is operation. It still works but a lot of the little bits are missing. Got it when I was 10 years old for Xmas one year. Favorites: - monopoly and ghettopoly - risk - pictionary - aggravation(Mom and I used to play it a lot when I was a kid) - chess(Grandfather and I played it, Still not very good at it)
  9. I've tried to use spray-on primers and found the minis covered with tiny micro dots/blobs of primer when done. The dots show up with drybrushing and IMO ruined the whole fig. I spray 8" to 12" away from the fig and try to keep it an even coat but still have the dotted effect come out. I have since used thinned down primer or white acrylic paint and brush it on in 2 or 3 coats which comes out a lot better. I hate GW paints. Too expensive and they dry out after a month or so of not using them. Reaper and P3 have been excellent paints for me so far.
  10. When I was in the military, I had a lot of down time and was able to collect and paint as much as I wanted. That was about 8 years ago. I just started to get back into it. The detail and quality of figs has definately improved over the years. My painting has gotten worse, I'm afraid, being out of practice for so long. I have only found a small handfull of my total collection, most rescently my beloved skeletons(by Julie Guthrie) So I guess there isn't a whole lot for me to organize. lol Time to buy somemore figs !! ...and yes I have this incurable fondness for all things undead.
  11. That's a great idea, and I wish I had thought of it. I don't know that I could have pulled it off, but I would have made the attempt. Oh, well. Beautiful work. I think it looks good the way it is.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing some more lesser orcs by Ben Siens, maybe some archers and warriors with different poses. I'm in the middle of painting up a small group of lesser orc warriors right now. More undead too please. Skeletons in particular. I would like to bolster my little batch of boneheads. One thing I can't stand is to see naked skeletons. I know that sounds kinda weird but a skeleton with just sword in his hand doesn't seem very scary compared to the one that looks like he's been through hell and back. Armor is rotting and falling apart, you can see bit of bone through the ho
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