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  1. Thanks for the reply, Goblyn. Nice work.
  2. LOL, I thought the dark spot was a reflection. Thanks for the inside scoop. Somebody else I was talking to mentioned Valejo's metallic paints. Thanks, Wren.
  3. Prepainted, hunh. Thanks for the info. Thank you Doug for the suggestions.
  4. I've been painting a little while and have a few metallic paints, both Reaper and GW. Any way, I was blown away by the miniature pictured next to Julie Guthrie's shark greens. Specifically, the miniature's helmet looks so shiny you could shave in the reflection. These photos inspired me to experiment with media and varnish. I came up with a medium that is 2 parts Liquitex Gloss Medium, 1 part Winsor and Newton Flow Improver and 1 part water. This I mixed 1 for 1 with my metallic paints. Then I experimented with various varnishes and found Liquitex Hi-Gloss Varnish to be pretty nice. Still, I doubt I'll get anything as shiny as the mini in those photos. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know if that was that one of Julie's figs next to the sharks, or did somebody else paint the knight in question? I've reposted the photo here for ease of reference.
  5. I like both your paladin and Darius' orc. I have recently started thinning my acrylic with more than just water. I mix 25% Flow Improver, 25% Drying Retarder, and 50% Water. To that mix I usually paint one part mixture and one part Reaper paints. Mostly I like the results, but I noticed my metallic paints lost some of their shinyness. (Is that a word?) And while I could just paint without the mixture, it occurred to me that their might be a mixture out there that increased the shinyness. Any ideas? Goblyn, your paladin is really shiny, in a good way. What brand of paint do you use and do you mix anything with it?
  6. How about a weapons kit devoted to pole arms. Specifically, I couldn't help but notice there are no historically accurate halberds. 6 - 10 foot long pole with an axe head, a spike off the top, and a hook opposite the axe head.
  7. I love the half giant and I'd love to see more, especially half giants of both sexes and different classes. A mount suitable for large characters, like an elephant or mammoth. Medium sized minotaurs. Small sized elves. A couple more male human archers.
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