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  1. Several days! It has me a bit stumped. I am going to experiment next time I build some minis and try a few different things to see what works best.
  2. Its a plastic model and I was using Vallejo airbrush primer.
  3. I am starting to experiment with some different air brush primers and I have been having an issue where paint seems to chip off down to bare plastic. The minis aren't being abused, it is happening while they are being painted. I am wondering if I am putting the primer on too lightly if they are chipping like this all the way to the plastic? Could it be the minis needed to be cleaned first? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! You can see some spots on this mini around the base rim. These are from the handle gripping it, but this is happening on the bodies and such while being painted.
  4. Pole

    Love the avatar!!!

  5. Mr Melons and Mrs Melons it was an absolute pleasure to be able to game with you guys so many times. I look forward to seeing you both in the future. Thanks for making it to ReaperCon!
  6. Pole

    2014 Feedback

    I will post a full review in the near future, but I think the only thing that really peeved me were drink prices throughout the con. $3 bottled soda was ridiculous!!! If there is any chance of bringing in a snack/food vendor of your own, please do so.
  7. "I want to be [email protected]&($3 satchel that sounds classy" -nameless to protect the innocent Lobby before meat and greet.
  8. Not a problem Anne! Now it is time to pack and then worry about what I am forgetting... Hmm wonder if the kitchen sink will fit in my trunk?
  9. That may be perfect. I will show it to the player this evening. Thank you!
  10. I am looking for a male Kitsune miniature for a Kitsune Sorcerer that one of my players just built. Anyone know of any good minis, or somewhere I could search? Thanks! Edit: After quite a bit of looking around all I have found is the Stonehaven mini which I had already ordered. Unless I can find anything better, I will have to modify that one.
  11. Edit: The seat has filled. I am available to get one person from DFW airport to the hotel between 11:00am-2:pm on Wednesday. I am local and only have one seat that a non-child can fit into. If you would like a ride PM me and we will work things out. Edit: The seat has filled.
  12. As for the bag questions... I would try and keep your convention bag small enough to shove under your chair. There is very limited space between tables and under table to store larger bags. I usually pack a decent sized backpack and take it with me. You will also be getting a nice sized bag as your "swag bag" That bag is usually large enough for anything you might need to carry like gaming or painting supplies.
  13. Shakandara, are you still planning on doing your "crash courses" on Wednesday night? I would love to sit in on one if you have the time.
  14. Sounds like a blast. I believe my friend and I have seats for one of the games.
  15. There is a Costco near the hotel if you are a member. The hotel is located near a mall, and there are MANY business within that small area. You should have no problem getting a Diet Coke.
  16. Put me in for Saturday. I haven't had Sushi in forever because no one will go with me Sounds like great fun!
  17. The great food debate! My friend and I have scheduled time to be able to leave and eat. While I am sure the hotel's catering will be tasty, for the price it just seems a better option to leave and have a nice meal elsewhere.
  18. Yea I fully support this approach. This way the Kickstarter shipping and packaging will not be affected by the convention, and far fewer people will have room to complain.
  19. I fully suggest carving out extra time and staying for at least two days of the con. There is just too much to see and do to fully appreciate it in a single day. That is if your schedule will allow. And yes, last year was soooo much bigger. I met so many people new to ReaperCon last year. I hope to see everyone back this year. It seems that once you make it to a ReaperCon, you always come back if you can. This will be my fourth, and they just keep getting better and bigger!
  20. Thanks for the heads up Bryan! We were able to snag a seat at each game. Reapercon all planned. Now to find time to paint!
  21. Thanks for the update ReaperWolf. The only thing missing from the schedule is when each game will be run. Hopefully they will sort that out soon so we don't have to sign up blind.
  22. I would so love to learn to play Warlord. Will there be anywhere at the convention this year to learn to play? I know that I have at least one friend who will be with me that wants to learn as well. One day I would love to actually play in the tournament!
  23. Reaper Wolf, please post what table you will have once you know. Tim and I are hoping to grab a few slots. I am taking a break from classes this year and sticking to gaming, so I am hoping I won't be so brain dead for each session. Look forward to seeing everyone soon!
  24. I personally would love to bring a few things for trade. Grand idea!
  25. Ok finally opened my eyes. It is at the other HGI....
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