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  1. Okay thanks for the suggestion. :P Also, I think I can handle the details, I have painted mini's before, using GW paints but I think I can adjust. :)
  2. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a good Reaper mini for me with lots of different textures to paint (Armour,Skin,etc.) to practice painting on. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. Thanks Hiesler, there's lots of other good tutorials there too. :)
  4. No I won't be attending. As I'm sure you can understand going to the other side of the world for a convention for a miniatures company isn't exactly the easiest thing for a fourteen year old to do. (Yes, I'm fourteen.)
  5. I just want to say quickly, I don't like the look of NMM very much, I don't hate it, but it just doesn't look right to me. But at the same time straight metallics don't quite look right either. But I do like the idea, so I was thinking and I came up with a solution. How would the same technique for NMM work, but using actual metallics? What do you guys think?
  6. That's not necessarily a bad thing, you might notice details you missed. ;)
  7. Don't worry, It's not as bad as you might think. (As I'm sure you know people seem to be very harsh on themselves when it comes to skills :P) Also, I'm taking a wild guess here, but are you from the UK? :P
  8. Looks great, my only gripe being that the cape would look a little better if it was blended across it's entire length (not sure I'm making myself clear here.), other than that I can't fault it, the blue armour looks especially good.
  9. I've never sealed/varnished any of my miniatures, I've never had any problems with my W40K models, the paint holds up just fine. I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  10. Looks great! Could you post a few pictures of the individual Mouslings as well? it's hard to make out some of the details with all of them in one. (Or maybe that's just me :P)
  11. I came across Reaper because I watched a lot of Miniwargaming's videos and they pretty much only use Reaper paints, so that's basically it. :P
  12. I don't quite understand, what do you mean by "done"?
  13. The metals don't quite look right, it looks like you just drybrushed them grey. If you were going for NMM you can find tons of tutorials on the internet. Also, I see that you used a wash on the jacket, no problem with that but it did pool up a little. Other than that they look great, I really like the effect you got on the jeans.
  14. Thanks Bryan, Can't wait to see Ron's greens.
  15. Thanks, I think I'll have a go at layer since my painting so far has been using washes.
  16. I was just wondering, when was the latest Master Series model release? I love 54mm models as they are fantastic for painting and am disappointed with the small amount of them. Are there any plans to release more 54mm minis? Are there any being worked on at the moment?
  17. I haven't yet bought any Reaper Minis or paints, but I must say I absolutely love every mini, it's hard to choose which I like the most! Anyway, when I first found Reaper I saw the Triads and instantly knew that I wanted to use Reaper paints all the time. But I have a few quick questions. Are the darkest colours supposed to be used as a basecoat or a wash? Are the brightest supposed to be used as another layer to go over the medium colour or as a highlight?
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