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  1. This is some hardcore thread necro, some super hardcore account necro, and it probably came up years ago somewhere in the middle of the topic, but...I've done a lot of digging in MSDS tonight, the subject came up during Dr. Faust's stream and my brain just would not let go. Thought y'all might find it useful. The 'sticky bones' culprit appears to be Toluene. It's a common ingredient in US-produced (and produced-in-the-US-under-license) spray paints/primers as the nozzle-friendly solvent...and it dissolves / reacts with PVC, which is a key ingredient in Bones. Spray primers made overseas like Tamiya and The Army Painter seem to prefer acetates instead, but I don't have access to a huge swath of MSDS (just Krylon, Rustoleum, Army Painter, and Tamiya) to go hyper-analysis on it.
  2. And I can feel dumb, 'cuz I got the blunk about your post about two minutes after pressing the button to post that! Seriously though, thank you both. That was bugging me in a huge way!
  3. Huh. I do see a bird on the concept art, so it could be.
  4. I'm repacking my Bones / unpainted metal into a pair of 18-gallon totes [yes I have figmentia, no I don't suffer from it], and I found a figure I can't place. Maybe I'm blind, maybe I'm dumb, but I can't find it anywhere...not on the Bones 3 KS page, not on the Bones 2 KS page, not on the Bones KS page, not here in the website's catalog (at least that I could find, my google-fu is awful) in bones or in metal. It's a Bones figure...a vulture sitting on a tombstone, wings about half-spread [curved down after the midpoint]; the stamp on the bottom is RMP 2016, Made In China. Can anyone help me place what this thing's from, so I can put it where it goes?
  5. Whoever submitted the pledge level names is a genius. A twisted genius, but a genius nonetheless.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up, Bryan...that explains why they're gone gone, rather than in the 'present for historical purposes' pile. I was hoping for the scenario of discontinuing the metals when the plastics hit the store, but I can't exactly fault you for having that much material dying on the shelves. Still, it's a shame...since it's a pretty safe assumption now that there are models in-game that simply can't be purchased (and as Vil fears, some are gone for good). I imagine a lot of that low volume was the pricing fiasco...big chunks of metal aren't cheap and we as forumites know that better than anyone, but close to $20 for a pair of scaled-down planes was just outrageous...as much as I wanted some of those models, I simply couldn't justify that kind of cost. Will be kind of annoying if I have to wait 5+ years for some of that stuff to be available again (slowly chipping away at the model list in plastic, over successive kickstarter), but such is life.
  7. They're in the shop, they're in the shop! HRNNNG...must be responsible, city will fine me if I get Boney Stompy Robots instead of a new railing for the porch...
  8. At least when it's a brush in my hand, "tabletop quality" means two things: 1) It has to be good enough that I don't put it on the wall of shame...if I'm embarrassed to let other people see it, then it's not good enough for the tabletop. 2) It has to be "not competition quality" enough that I'm ok with the idea of it being handled, knocked over, send tumbling to enthusiastic cries of 'Sploot!', bounced around in an ArmyTransport, and otherwise abused on the regular. Or in other words: Good enough I don't want to hide it, but bad enough that I don't have a driving obsession to keep it pristine.
  9. It honestly depends. I've speed-painted Battletech minis (4 complete figures in as many hours, parade scheme), and while they're not the ugliest things in the world they're anime flat-shaded [which has more or less become my style, since I can't actually shade to save my life] with a few little details like soot on gun barrels. A figure where I'm not rushing but also not taking my time, I can get a humanoid figure done in 2-4 sessions of as many hours each. If I start to weirdly obsess over detail [such as when I did up an old fire elemental], it could be 5-10 sessions or more. Heaven help me when I try to do something big, like the not-tarrasque, not-tiamat, or Kaladrax.
  10. My Tsuis sprang back to life with a good boiling, but getting the tailfins to set correctly was a pain. Agreed on the darker plastic; the gray very nicely offsets the slightly translucent nature of bones, making the details so much more visible.
  11. +1. Been hanging around these parts for years, always a kind word of encouragement to be heard, a new trick to be learned, or some rampant silliness to engage in with Bryan, our resident tame domesticated semi-domesticated goblin, or one of any number of the regular crew of troublemakers. :D
  12. I second this motion...all hands now present and accounted for, and I couldn't be giddier! Let the stomping commence...
  13. Look at you guys, with your fancy tools...me, I'm still using an organic myomer system. Not very fast, needs recharging pretty regularly, but hey, I can't really argue with free.
  14. Been a good month...got the rest of GreyCAV stuff boiled and assembled far enough for paint. They've gotta get shelved for a bit now though, got a busy couple weeks coming. If nothing else, gives me time to think about paint schemes.
  15. I suppose I need to wrap up Bones III then...
  16. Compared to $12-$30 for the metals, I can live with that! Really hoping it takes off, too...really itching for more planes.
  17. Good news: It plays more like Heavy Gear [or free-range Heroclix] than Battletech.
  18. A couple good ideas, thanks guys. In assembling some of the others, I've noticed a few 'Yeah, I'm not getting a brush in there without ruining it' points, and so am making two piles: stuff that can be fully assembled before painting, and stuff that can't be assembled further without painting. Really hoping the prices are tenable once they hit...I've not even gotten to boiling the white plastic stuff, and am already itching to get more.
  19. Has anyone found a better way to paint Ashigaru's bed other than doing it before assembly? Part of me wants to put it together [part of me also wants to order a bunch more so I can have open and closed variants], but I know full well I'm not getting a brush down in there.
  20. Holy crap, I actually accomplished goals this month. It's a miracle! Take inventory of CAV Wave 2 Boil at least some of them Assemble what was boiled And 3 will be done tonight...two of the BSRs hadn't dried completely from boiling by the time I went to bed. More might hit the factory floor, dunno. The casualty list: 2x Tsuiseki 2x Kraken 4x Malefactor 4x Wolf 4x Dingo 2x Naginata 2x Despot 2x Chieftain 2x Tsukai 2x Warden 1x Emperor 1x Katana 1x Archer [drying] 1x Thunderbird [drying]
  21. I got an e-mail saying they needed to reorder, so I'm assuming at this point no earlier than the middle of april, when they start stocking up for the retail release. Personally not too worried about it, I have plenty to do in the meantime...like boil the other 3/4 of the order.
  22. Finally got around to opening the box last night [i'm with Sarge, this adulting stuff sucks], and have to say...I'm impressed, the opaque gray makes the details stand out a lot better than translucent white. It may be worth switching to this as the One True Bonesium simply to quiet down the 'There's no detail!' [yes there is, it's just slightly translucent and that's masking it] critics. A quick head count revealed that the Ryoshi twins are AWOL, so a message to help@ is in my future...gonna hold off for now, until a full inventory is complete. I'd feel really stupid if I wrote in now and found a missing limb or something later. Always feel bad about bugging help@ for stuff like this...I end up feeling like a whiny little pest on account of thinking of Reaper as the people on here first and a company second.
  23. They're here! Next step is taking inventory, but that won't be until late late tonight or maybe tomorrow.
  24. As someone who just got their first official Reaper collector's edition rock, I beg to differ! Jokes aside, I'm happy with the order itself [all sources of discontent have been modded into a different thread]. Lou is a lot bigger than I thought he was going to be, the minotaur demon lord is amazing, and my paint collection grows.
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