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  1. THat's why I got the box set of all 4 books. :D
  2. Oh man what a finale!!! I see what you meant by the pyre, but I thought you were talking about Stark! I was really hoping he wasn't dead. Umm, gotta say though, my wife and I enjoyed the dragon boob. With all the rampant nudity in the series, that was definitely a set we deserved to have a peak at We are reading the books now and waiting for season two. I picked up the box set from Barnes and Noble :D
  3. If you've read the books, please don't spoil future episodes. I'm still of the belief you know who is not dead. Or so I am praying. It won't be the same without him, although his son seems to be making a name for himself :)
  4. Lol, looking good, but I wish I would have been warned about the NSFW females at the top of the page. Glad my supervisor didn't walk by! lol
  5. Now that I think of it, both awesome scenes at the end were awesome!!!! Wooden horses ftw!
  6. Well holy stuff on a shingle. The end where that thing happened with that guy, and he went all crazy and made his speech and rallied the troops!! What an awesome scene! Lol, spoiler alert cleverly averted
  7. Haha! I just found the Wereshark at my LGS this weekend, so I primed, grey stuffed, and started painting him yesterday actually. He's a little more detailed than what I have been doing so far. I'm enjoying the challenge!
  8. Yeah, Pro was apparently discontinued. On the up side, I have been able to finde Pro Paints online hovering aroune $1.25, and have started grabbing some up to add to my collection. LOL, it's amazing how little I can do with 15 pots of paint though. There are soooo many more colors I need. When my LGS gets Masters in, I'll be trying some out.
  9. I buy and paint Mouslings to give to my daughters, although I wouldn't mind a set of my own for display. As for Super Dungeon Explore, I enjoy anime and old school 8-bit gaming, after all I am almost 30 and 8-bit was a huge part of my young geeky gamer upbringing, so I will get a few of those to paint up, and may eventually pick up the actual game to play with my wife.
  10. Thank you! Here is a shot in today's sunlight. Citadel - Chainmail and Beastial Brown Reaper Pro - Pine, Elderberry, and Golden Flesh Folk Art - Gold Metallic
  11. Thank you for the link. I don't know why I couldn't find it. I actually did check the store
  12. I noticed in a few photos on the Reaper FB page, some of the vehicles in the parking lot have large Reaper vinyls on their windows. Are these available to the public, and online? I'm in Ohio, a bit too far to drive for a sticker ;)
  13. Here is the Mousling Knight I painted this evening. I'm not too keen on shadowing and highlighting yet, so i didn't try any. I'm going to take it up to my FLGS tomorrow and try the army painter "dip" on it. Every time I go up there they swear by it. I'm going to check it out. So, it's not technically 100% complete, but darn close. P.s. I'm painting these to give to my daughter :)
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