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  1. Um, yeah, I read that. I understand there is no intention to eliminate metal. I'm saying that since the large majority of Reaper's customer base is going to be Bones buyers, it might be better to switch metals to P-65 since metal is becoming more of a niche product. Specialist customers most likely wouldn't care about lead content, and the lower material cost would help keep large figures in metal.
  2. Since Bones is the new main product, and metal is becoming a specialty line, perhaps all metal could be switched over to a lead-based material (P-65)? I'd really like to see metal continue with a full range, including large figures.
  3. Semi-historical ranges (not just PC models) inspired by: - Ancient/mythological Greece - Iron Age Celts - Ancient Egypt - Assyrians/Mesopotamians - Vikings/Migration Period Germanics ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Low-level NPC humans. -Ordinary warriors/Militia/brigands/thugs -Relate to the above request ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Giants. - That aren't crouching so low. You're a Giant- be giant! - Frost Giants & Fire Giants that are "tec
  4. I hadn't noticed that they'd begun releasing P-65 exclusives. Looking forward to more. And yeah, I like the P-65 giants. Glad they came out around the same time as the pewter ones. Hope to see more of these as well.
  5. I'd assumed the $55 number was for what it would cost as standard pewter, since it's about the same size as the fire giant king ($50 in pewter, $36 P-65), and because P-65 is an experimental line which (so far) hasn't had any exclusive first-run figures.
  6. It's been some time now since the P-65 line has been released, and I was curious about its status. I'm hoping that it is something which will be continued and expanded as I only use metal figures. Has it been successful so far? Do you prefer to purchase a P-65 figure rather than the same one in pewter? Also, is there any intention to release Boerogg Blackrime in P-65? It's a great sculpt, and I'd hate to see all future large figs switch to resin. Cheers.
  7. I hate integral bases as well. That said, Reaper probably uses integral bases so that figures are "ready" right out of the pack. (yes? no?) This one seems able to stand fine on its own, so unless they start making all their models as tripods... I'd at least like it if baseless became a new standard. And yeah, it would save on production costs. *cough*
  8. Humans representing pre-medieval eras. eg: - Viking, Saxon, etc. (no horned helmets/loin cloths!) - Celts; Gaul, Britain, etc. circa 500 BC -100 AD - Ancient Greeks (not just hoplites!) - Egyptians As it stands, there are plenty of Medieval-inspired fantasy models to meet anyone's needs, but there are very few if any options for "heroic Iron Age" -type figures (made by either by Reaper or any other manufacturer) without having to switch to an incompatibly-smaller scale. The above examples are just a couple of the more iconic cultures which might be most suitab
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