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  1. Work. I work on call and quite often work 12-15 hours a day. I am lucky if I get am uninturuped night of sleep. Between working all the hours, trying to sleep, and basic household maintance, I never have time to paint or play anymore. But, I love my doing what I do for a living. I wouldn't give it up for a nine to five job on my worst day.
  2. I would have to say the results of a society that can not.... you know, I am going to open up something that need not be discussed on this board, and I am not going to go there. Therefor, I will answer: No. Are you a dork if you pretend to use a bannana as a phone? Hello?
  3. Not really. Would it be considered bad form and possibably get you kicked off a message board if someone posted a suicide threat, and you replied telling them to go ahead with it, but make sure you don't botch it because than you will look stupid, and go ahead and make a big mess who cares what your family thinks, your not the one that will have to clean it up?
  4. I'm not Bob. Because I like apples. How many chicken wings should I eat tonight?
  5. Indianpollis is defanatly on Central time, and this is the first year they are going to be on Daylight Savings time. Therefore there is an hour differance from the east coast and 2 hours differance from the left.
  6. Interested, no. Suprised, yup. Must folks goof that up, but I suppose ti would be easier to figure out in type. Why?
  7. Sure, why not? It take two guys two hours to dig a hole. How long does it take one guy to dig half a hole?
  8. Given I am not aware of any poll that states those figures, I will assume that the figures are rigged or doctored. Another answer might be that the base is so outdated that it need to be thrown out and started over. Can you convert the previous answers to fahrenheit, and give them to me?
  9. Because people give them money to. Given that it is easier to add insulation, than take it away. That logic would dictate that that cold weather would be nicer than warm, but the inverse is true. Why?
  10. Does anyone eat it, yes. If no one ate it they would not manufacture it. Will I eat it, not a chance. That fuzzy stuff that you pick out from between your toes when you take your socks off, what is its purpose?
  11. Finally an easy question. the world is so totally gone. I am talkin "ninja vanish", dissapear, to quote the raven, nevermore, at least untill you lift your hat again. When will it be tomorrow?
  12. Shovel. It is only one wound. Why does my phone have to ring and wake me up?
  13. Not a clue what either one of those are so I pick the second one. Can I answer my own question?
  14. I joined the bald by choice club about a month ago. I was trying to raise money for kids with cancer. I charity called St. Baldricks. So, my question is, why did you join the club?
  15. Giddy in love, I find it too difficult to poke fun of them because they are so happy. Should I be happy about me current job offer?
  16. I can assume your motivation is out partying with the socks. What would hurt more? Being hit in the head with a duck, untill you die from it, or being forced to play Yatzee, untill you die from it?
  17. Well, I'm not Fred, nor am I ready, but I will give it a try. Where did all my clean socks go?
  18. Those CBT miniatures were not resin, they were cheap plastic. there are real differences between the two....(see the forge world miniatures for warhamster) They made a series of cheap grey plastic minis, they are not what I am refering to. I don't even think Ral Partha made them. I am refering to the blueish resin models they made. Someone must remember these. They did not make a lot of them, because of the bad PR.
  19. I will never buy a cav with resin parts! I remember the crap that Ral Partha put out for battletech in resin. I will never torture myself to that again. Poorly cast, hard to work with, and wouldn't hold onto paint. Never Again. Anyway I prefer the taste of pewter over resin any day.
  20. Jeff Since you are fairly new to the boards, I will first give a big buckeye welcome to ya. And then let you in on a secret, it is truly a gift from the heavens if a reaper peep replies on the boards, and if you get one to actualy tell you what or when something new is coming out then you have been given a truly remarkable gift indeed (even better than a hackmaster +12). Don't get me wrong I like the reaper folks, but I don't want you to get your hopes up. Most likley the best your going to get is "good stuff" and "soon". And don't confuse my lack of posts as a lack of knowladge, I do not post a lot, I spend most of my time 'lurking'. I wish you the best of luck. Oh, by the way, you can check out the "greens" section on the reaper home page to get an idea of upcoming minis, but you've been on the boards since september so I'm sure you've noticed that already. You can PM me if you want more info from a local prespective.
  21. I am not worthy of viewing such a sweet mini. I will go and stand in the corner now.
  22. I like the lava effect on the base.
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