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  1. I have this one on my table! I just laid down the primer on him! I am planning a little different color scheme that you went with. I like the green and love the contrast with the warts... kind of nasty looking. CAH
  2. Dude, where did you get these? I'd love to get my hands on some dead guy/gal markers! Nicely done! CAH
  3. I miss the older minis like this. Don't get me wrong, I do like what we have now, but some of those older, more classic, D&D minis remind of a time when the game was less about builds and more about playing in a grand story! CAH
  4. Dude, I really like this piece! Classics are always in style! Nicely done! CAH
  5. Ugh! That’s hideous! (In a good way!). Nice job!
  6. Oooo. I got this one on my table at home!! Love your take on him! CAH
  7. This little guy caused me a bit of pain. I sliced my finger open getting him off his base. Despite that, he was fun to paint. I was using a really limited palette because he just screams redcap to me. Thus, the blood red hat. It was a quick and dirty paint job, to take my mind of things for a bit. Fun he was though! As always, C&C welcomed. Used BONES paints: 09279 - Fresh Blood 09121 - Khaki Shadow 09274 - Vampiric Shadow 09442 - Barbarian Flesh 09441 - Ruddy Flesh 09438 - Tempest Grey 09436 - Bleached Linen CAH
  8. Yeah.. He is the Bones the version. Thanks for the compliment! I have found some of the Bones lose a bit of detail on the medium and small minis, but the larger ones tend to be pretty well defined. CAH
  9. A dense, smelly fog encases the area around you, made all the more ominous by the darkness of the night. The ground is wet, soft, and sticky beneath your feet as you move through the swampy landscape, desperately seeking a safe spot - or even a dry spot - to set up camp for the night. Ahead, you see a shadowy visage of something large; slowly the party makes it way towards it, weapons at the ready. As is comes closer into view, it becomes clear that you may have found a place to bed down for the night. An outcropping of rocks, revealing the entrance to a cave; solid ground. As you move to the entrance, shining the lantern inside, you are overcome by the stench of rotting flesh. Before you can react, a low grow emanates from the cave; yellow eyes narrowing just beyond the light. In one quick movement the tusked beast lunges forward, intent on making you its next meal! The troll here was painted for the table, as a side boss for my D&D group. I tried a few different things here, to give him that swampy/dirty feel. I am really happy with they way he turned out. Hope you like him! CAH
  10. Thanks. It was an interesting feat working with those yellows. It’s not a color I work with often.
  11. This is a piece I did for a friend of mine. It's for his D&D character who is currently trapped in the underdark. He said the character was an Evocation Specialist, using Ice lance, Lightening bolt, and fireball. The color palette came from that idea, using cool colors for the ice lance, and the warm colors from the fireball. The hair, though you cant tell from my awesome cellphone picture, is actually highlighted with metallic Mirthril, since the character has silvery hair. Overall, I am really happy with how he came out. I am planning to do a cave like base, but for now the solid base will work. Enjoy! CAH
  12. Dude, I’m digging this man! I may have steal this idea for mine! Nicely done!! CAH
  13. The flesh tones on this guy make him feel really creepy... I dont know why. Nice job man! CAH
  14. Thanks for the kind words. It was a labor of love. This was one of the first models where I attempted to wet blend instead is washing and building up. I was very pleased with the result.
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