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  1. 27" long! WAR ROCKET LAUNCHED! We have posted the War Rocket bundle to the Add Ons section. No stretch goal required! Just increase your pledge amount at any backer level to get all of the items to make this kit. CALCULATE YOUR PLEDGE You can get this Add On at the LANCERS level, and if you do, you will get the unlocked stretch goal items like the Sensor Package, etc. CORE Resin/Digital Level - If you ONLY want the War Rocket Kit and NOT the Scout Ship Kit, and have ALREADY pledged $100/$25, just edit your pledge for the difference in price. It you want BOTH the Scout Ship AND the War Rocket, add on the full amount.
  2. Unlocked some more stretch goals: and added a KS exclusive "crew" option:
  3. Looked at the page and you're correct! Thanks. I'm working on the "Tiger" now, although the one I'm working on has a very different build out than the one they show on their page.
  4. 28mm scale "Stug" mech I painted for a friend. I know he got it out of a Kickstarter, but otherwise no idea who makes it. He'll be finishing the base to match the rest of his army. Tried some different paints and techniques and pushed the 'weathering' further than I have before. All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  5. Okay, I tried a search and couldn't find anything. How does one add these tags in the Title? There's the section after the title labelled "tags" but that doesn't put them in the Header/Title.
  6. I know there are a few folks that do Bolt Action and similar 28mm wargaming (@buglips), so I thought I'd bounce this out there. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tftb/world-war-ii-soviet-railroad?ref=discovery_recommendations Story Railroads are an important means to transport troops, equipment, ammunition and all other kinds of supply to the front. Especially in a country as vast as the Soviet Union with it's endless steppes, only few reliable roads and no major rivers running in the direction of the German advance during Operation Barbarossa in World War II. With this set of detailed buildings and rolling stock in 1/56 scale for 28mm figures you get the opportunity to recreate the crucial fighting around the Soviet railroad system. The kits focus on the major pieces of rolling stock available to the Soviet defenders: box cars, gondola cars and flat cars. And the mighty ALCo RSD-1 Diesel Engine which was made available under the US Lend-Lease Act. Also included is a typical rural train station with optional additional platforms for all who want to depict a Soviet - or captured German - supply depot, where heavy equipment like tanks and guns are being unloaded. And for all of you looking for an armored train - don't worry! We have you covered. Talking about railroad tracks: We did not see the need to reinvent the wheel, so all kits are designed to be used with 4Ground Railroad Tracks (available as add-ons to the Kickstarter) or O Gauge Model Railroad Tracks The kits include optional parts enabling you to choose your favorite system while assembling. Going this route has allowed us to concentrate on designing and producing the rolling stock only, which has the advantage of an earlier fulfillment date for the Kickstarter. All models are highly detailed on the outside and inside. The interiors are easily accessible, as roofs are removable. In addition, all doors are moveable, which means you can open or close them during gameplay.
  7. Thought some of you might find this of interest: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bombshellminis/isw-71b-scout-ship?ref=user_menu Available as either a physical model or STL Command power. Command efficiency. Command versatility. Command respect. Able to go from atmosphere to Jump in under 18 cronons. Equipped with four Ultonium-powered 418ml SXV-55 Bust-A-Drives™. Voted Starship and Pilot's Scout Ship of the Year. Available with three different equipment payloads. The fastest, safest, most versatile scout ship you will ever fly. The all new ISW-71B. Boldly go. ISW-71B SCOUT SHIP Illyrian Ship Works is renowned for excellence in both design and efficiency. The ISW-71B is no exception. It sets the new standard for classic design with modern performance. The Scout Ship Miniature Kit is a "game" scale multi-part model pressure cast in high quality urethane resin for easy assembly. It is sized to be compatible with most 28-35mm miniatures for tabletop battle games and RPGs. The kit may be upgraded through unlocked stretch goals or with Add-On packs available through the Kickstarter project. THIS MODEL WILL BE AVAILABLE AS BOTH A RESIN KIT AND AS STL FILE DOWNLOADS. In the CORE SET you will get : 1 ISW-71B Scout Ship kit Unlocked Stretch Goals The ship measures 12"/30.48cm in length overall with a 4.75"/12.06cm diameter hull and an 8"/20.30cm wingspan. It should be suitable for any scenario in the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game and will fit in on the tabletop with plenty of scenery and vehicles for other games. There are two basic pledges - The Scout Ship Resin Kit which is a physical model kit that will be shipped to you once production is complete or the Scout Ship STL Digital Kit which you can download. Each kit has all the same parts and will include all of the the unlocked CORE stretch goals. We have also added the LANCER Backer Level. This is an a la carte level for backers who may want access to the pledge manager after the campaign ends, or may only want certain individual Add On items. *NOTE - THIS LEVEL DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FREE STRETCH GOAL ITEMS AVAILABLE ON THE OTHER BACKER LEVLES* The parts have been test-printed on EPAX X1K and EPAX E10 resin printers. All of the parts have been sized to fit on a build plate that has a 130.56mm (L) x 82.62mm (W) x 155mm (H) build volume. Throughout the campaign we will be sharing pics from other printers in FDM materials too.
  8. Friend of mine asked me to paint these for his Flames of War army. He did the assembly and primer, and will be adding crew and markings. He likes painting 15mm infantry and can't stand doing vehicles for some reason. I'm pretty much the opposite! Anyway, I'm assuming they're Battlefront models. Base colors were airbrushed with Tamiya. Details and highlights were Reaper and Vallejo. Tried using oil paint for the wash for the first time and 'm really impressed with how well it works for this application. Surface tension is a LOT lower than using acrylics so it's a lot easier to get the wash into all the nooks and crannies. Used pigments to add 'texture' to the tracks and dirty up the fenders. All the 'metal' bits are actually done with a mechanical pencil and 2b lead. Pretty happy with how these turned out.
  9. Went through my order and it looks like everything is correct. I might have some Gorgon lower bodies that don't match, but without cutting everything apart and test fitting, it's really hard to see. Man! there's a LOT of cleanup that has to happen on these figures! Lots of small attachment points as well. Not going to be a throw together quick project to get these done, that's for sure. Should look pretty darned nice by the time all is said and done though. Anyone have thoughts on the MDF bases they included? I tend to use 3mm plywood ones from Litko for most of my basing needs. Not sure how well the MDF will hold up?
  10. Been a lot of tweaks and additions to this campaign since it started. Example: if cartoon/chibi figures aren't your cup of tea, you can now swap out for their 28mm Western figures (which are very nice). Lots of other tweaks as well. Worth taking a second look if you were on the fence.
  11. Got my box today. Was never notified about shipping, but when I looked at Backerkit just now it DOES show "shipped". Based on comments above I will have to dump everything out and check pieces. Thought they made in a mistake in that there are two Sorceress on Terragons in the box, but turns out I actually ordered two. Huh. Don't know why I did that! Anyone need one (drop me a PM)?
  12. In all seriousness, given the level of my wife's arachnophobia, I would never do this to her. The concept is amusing, but the reality would not be something I would want to deal with. Still, it IS an awesome model (for other households)!
  13. My wife would never speak to me again if I got that spider and left it out where she could see it!
  14. Got my box from Black Heart Productions with some 1/6 scale busts from a certain bounty hunter show. Absolutely top notch castings. No bubbles and I've really had to look to find any mold seams. If you have the chance to snag them do it. Pretty sure they're not making a ton of these.
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