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  1. "Bigby's Kissing Wall spell struck horror into monsters everywhere"! 😛 Love it!
  2. Fomorian Sea Demons for Warlord Games Slain game. Painted to tabletop standard, mostly with Army Painter Speed Paints and Pro Acryl. Had fun painting them. The material they are done is kind of funky. Had a strip with the three champions on it fall a couple of feet onto carpet and one of them broke into three pieces, and the haft of another one snapped. Yet some of the weapons are very flexible/springy. Really weird. Good detail and nice sculpts.
  3. Sorry, I was trying to use it in the "Firefly" sense, rather than a glossy sense! She looks great!
  4. Never before in my life have I received so many compliments on my nuts! 😛 If you're curious how I did them, I wrote out the process in the WIP post of the same name.
  5. Honestly I'd rather NOT see3d printed stuff in these. Most of what I've seen has either been broken or low enough resolution to no be worth the effort. I de-blistered some of the items that arrived in the Chaoswolf box to ensure there was enough space for stuff, but I made sure they got bagged with the tag from the blister so they were all in one place, and identifiable.
  6. Painting this set as a Christmas present for a Niece and running out of time to finish the final bunny, so I'm going to send her this, and send the rest after it's finished. Don't know if I'll be able to get them to send good pictures of the whole ensemble, so I wanted to show off what I have gotten done. Really fun figures to paint. The cleanest resin castings I've worked on to date. A tiny amount of filing on some of the plugs to get them to socket together properly, but otherwise no flash and no seam lines. Had a good time coming up with a "grass" camo pattern for this guy. Anyway, hopefully she likes it and some of y'all will find it amusing. Here's the card that came with the set, showing the original art of the whole ensemble:
  7. Glad you liked the Tomb Guardian Hobgoblins! They were stretch goals in a KS they ran and I decided they would be better off in a new home. 🙂
  8. Yes. Had problems both ways. Although it seems to happen more often with my PC.
  9. Yeah, I keep having to re-do pictures as well. Not sure what's going on behind the scenes but it's a real pain. It's taken me 3-4 tries sometimes to get a pic to load. 3 out of 5 are no problem and then the other two take multiple attempts. ☚ī¸
  10. Just the two shoulder plates left to deal with and this one will be finished. Phew!
  11. Made my selections from the Chaoswolf box: Had to grab the set of Kid adventurers. Probably pass them on to my Niece who just started DMing. No idea where the Lady in Red came from. Neat figure though! Likewise, no idea who makes these two. Getting the one on the left to stay standing once the "wings" are attached (never mind getting THOSE to stay on) is going to be interesting!
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