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  1. Thought some of you might find this interesting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inukingdoms/inu-kingdoms-legacy-of-inu?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=inu Some of the figures are borderline NSFW so i won't copy any pictures here. Looks lovely, but even if I wasn't unemployed, these are a bit rich for my blood. With shipping you're looking at ~$76 for a single bust - ouch...
  2. Bombshell miniatures Sister Sergeant Maelee (aka "Heresy" Maelee) is all primed up and ready for color. This is their Con Exclusive version of Maelee, released at ReaperCon. "Heresy" is from some gatekeeping twit on Instagram who declared "This figure is Heresy!". It made me laugh so, that's my nickname for her.
  3. 1200 miles in one go!? That's pretty hardcore! Fly, or find a way to split it up, eh? Was good to meet you!
  4. Blitzed up to OKC Sunday and got everything from the booth unloaded. Stayed in OKC with Jon till this morning, then 06:20 flight to Denver. Got home just before 10 and got everything unpacked and stashed away. Whew. Hopefully I'll be able to make it again next year (and maybe get a bit more time out of the booth).
  5. Well, I'll try to make sure we have a Starter box for it and see if Jon can squeeze a demo kit into the van...
  6. Heh. we're bringing Mythic Americas and if you look at a bunch of these figures and think it's a Historical Battle, you've got a very warped idea of history! 😛 To your other point, Jon and I have talked about it some more and I'm going to hammer out a small force of orcs so we'll have Orcs vs. Romans for the demo table. Why? Because I can do a small force of Orcs to a tabletop standard in the time we have and we already have a bunch of painted Romans (other than a priest I'm painting) AND we have army lists available to play Romans, Celts & Samurai in WoE, so why not.
  7. No, we'll just be doing demo's with the stuff we have. We're not planning on running events or a tournament. Odds are we'll be running Mythicos America - which is the Warlords of Erehwon rules with a few minor tweaks,
  8. I'll be working the Warlord Games booth and, since we have limited space, was wondering what games anyone would be interested in trying out? Bolt Action = 28mm WWII (also Konflict 47 Weird War & Korea) Gates of Antares = 28mm Sci-fi battles Judge Dredd/Strontium Dog = 28mm Sci-fi skirmish Warlords or Erehwon/Mythic Americas = 28mm Fantasy skirmish Doctor Who = 28mm figure game SPQR = 28mm warband skirmish ancients Epic Black Powder American Civil War = ~15mm battles Blood Red Skies = 1/200 scale Aircraft battles we also have what we call Big R
  9. That'll happen. Saw it with the last one as well. Stores and people buy a bunch of extra and then start flipping it on the Bay LONG before any of it will get to retail. In other news I, a Wave 2 backer, have received my tracking numbers. Confirmed in the PM. As expected, the projected delivery is Friday! When I will be out of town... and my wife will be home... Oh dear... "no, really dear. I paid for all of this two year ago! you gotta believe me!" 🤪😲☠️
  10. Okay... Given those stipulations I'd think that buying 3 yards of 60" grey fabric would be the best solution. Then you can lay out your buildings/features in any configuration you want and it will read as concrete/roads underneath. Any matt I've seen that would read as "sci-fi" either has streets or lava and such. Cigar Box's "Mars" might work for what you want, otherwise you're looking at generic fields with no pre-located trees/shrubs/roads that could be anywhere on earth. There's some "lunar"' ones out there, but then you have 'fixed' craters you have to cover or work around. Anyway, g
  11. As stated a couple of times above, Wave Order got borked up when the last container was unexpectedly delayed and they had to either start shipping what they had or re-negotiate with UPS. So exceptions were made in the DB for the missing items, then it got altered again when they started shipping orders with items in retail packaging to fulfill as many orders as they could. Consequently the DB is very unhappy with a bunch of alterations and excepted cases. So, in the hope that they could satisfy as many customers as they could in the short term, Reaper made their lives more diffi
  12. It WAS addressed last night. Guindyloo summed it up on page 888: "To sum up Ed's explanation of the shipping wave hopping that we have been seeing: the wave inconsistences occurred due to the missing items being filtered out, this occurred a couple of times as they got items or in the case where they made the decision to start shipping the retail packaged dragonfolk and rune wights, as they added items in, the computer had to remove filters and re-order things. On their end, they are not seeing the wave numbers on the orders, it is not listed on the ticket print outs nor is it list
  13. I've been really happy with the ones I've gotten from Cigar Box. Can't remember if posting links is a no-no. Google "Cigar Box Battle Store" and that should get you there. They're heavy duty cloth (and make really comfy blankets in an emergency). I've also picked up some neoprene ones from Deep-Cut Studio, but with shipping and the current exchange rate, they're kinda spendy. I got a cheap vinyl one from "Mats by Mars" in the US, but I wasn't overly impressed.
  14. Started this guy back in 2010 and, after eleven years of on and off work (mostly off), I'm going to say he's finished. There are things I could do better now than when I started him, and certainly areas I could try to tweak more, but I'd rather save the energy/time for another figure. 54mm Games Workshop "Brother Artemis" Space Marine from the old "Inquisitor" game. Made a few minor tweaks (repositioned the sword) and left off a few bits 'cause I didn't like how they looked. Base was sanded down and then rebuilt with plastic card to look industrial. Nowadays I can just buy 40mm bases that a
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