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  1. These look really nice, but I feel like I'm kinda dwarfed out. Feels like there have been a LOT of Dwarf related Kickstarters in the last couple of years. Certainly more dwarves than any other race I can think of...
  2. I'll probably get held up since that's the way my life goes. I'm in Wave 2 and got the following power ups: Demonic Legion Nathavarr the Ravenous Beastmen Henchwomen I also got the "Disapproving Hand", but it doesn't list as a "power up" in the order history.
  3. Stumbled across this and thought others might find it of interest. They certainly have some different figures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wildspire/monsters-of-solan-fantasy-monster-miniatures tory Welcome! Need generic and predictable miniature designs?? We are not for you. Imaginative fantasy absolutely requires imaginative miniatures. Our primary aim is to provide miniatures that surprise backers and enhance their creativity and spark their imagination. Made for fantasy tabletop role-playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons and
  4. Just got an email that resin rewards are starting to ship as of today. Expecting 45-60 days to fulfill those, then they start on metal rewards.
  5. Caved and pledged for the Racer and the Batpacker. Mindless is neat, but not something I need in my stash.
  6. That face just screams 'mischief'. Very nice.
  7. Wow! That's gorgeous work! I love the color flow up the figure, from the warm yellow up to the cooler blue hair. Really neat scheme and excellent execution.
  8. Have to keep an eye on this. I backed an earlier one with the busts and their quality is excellent. Really want the Dino racer and Batpacker. Have to wait and see if end of the month finances will allow. it.
  9. Have to wonder how much of the delay is due to packaging constraints? As I recall it took a long time to get Goremaw out to retail just because the packaging was going to be SO big. With a lot of these they won't fit in any of the existing blisters/packages, so you have to develop new packaging. Then, how many can fit in a standard box to ship to retailers? How much shelf/wall space are they going to eat up in a store? Don't know about the others but the pieces for Argent are BIG! Consequently any box with him in it is going to be pretty substantial. Seems as though Reaper c
  10. Picked up a bunch of the CAV terrain before Christmas t use for CAV and/or 28mm sci-fi gaming. Have been working my way through it and thought I'd post what I've finished so far. 72607 Ammo dump 72608 Fuel dump 72610 Short Containers (3x sets) 72615 Bunkers 72611 Generators Generator with a couple of 28mm Warlord figures to show how it looks in that scale
  11. Finished a couple more gang members for Warlord Games Judge Dredd game. Painted with reaper and Vallejo. In theory they'll get used for demos so I didn't want to burn a lot f time on the bases. These were some of their first figures in their new resin. It's kind of like Bones I as far as material goes. Also think they some of their early ones in 3d modelling as the "engraving" is almost too light. makes it hard to pick out details and you've got to be careful not to apply too heavy a coat or you'll fill in lines pretty easily.
  12. Really nice! Certainly not something you see every day, and a really pleasing palette. If you don't mind one observation, you might want to put some flock or putty or something around the feet, just because she currently looks as though she's floating on the base rather than standing on it.
  13. Short Kickstarter from Bad Squiddo games for female Soviet troopers for WWII gaming. Thiis expands their existing range and adds troops clad for winter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badsquiddogames/women-of-ww2-soviet-russia-28mm-miniatures Story Hello! This is a Kickstarter to increase our existing WW2 Soviets range. Already massively popular since the first wave launch of 2016, we decided it needs reinforcements! The miniatures are sculpted and master cast, so this project is to cover the funds of production moulds and the initial casts.
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