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  1. Well, things seem to finally be moving. I received my package from Canada yesterday. Turns out he didn't get it in the mail until three weeks after he implied he did (made a FB post about getting everything in the mail mid April, stamp on box is May 7th), so only too ~3 weeks once it started moving. Box from England that has been sitting in Royal Mail since April 28th, finally arrived in New York on May 27th and is now is USPS hands. So, progress!
  2. I also got shipping notification on Wednesday. Still shows pre-shipment, but they seem to be weird with their scanning so it may show up today! Wouldn't be the 1st time that's happened.
  3. Yup! Got the first one, ordered the second. Probably pass on the new one as undead/zombie doesn't appeal to me.
  4. I'm in the US and historically it took 1.5 to 2 weeks to get anything from Europe. Canada was usually a few days longer than shipping to a US address, so about a week max. Right now I'm at three weeks for the UK one, five weeks for the Canadian one and seven weeks for the Spanish one. I'm not even sure if the bust I'm expecting from Poland has even shipped yet, although I've seen some folks in Europe have gotten theirs. None of it is anything I NEED with any degree of urgency, it just surprised me when I looked at it to realize how long it's been on some of these.
  5. Man, I know the Pandemic is messing with stuff, but yeesh! I'm currently waiting on deliveries from the UK, Spain, Poland and Canada. The one from the UK is the only one I have a tracking number and it's been sitting at Langley HWDC since April 29th. From what I can tell the package from Canada went in the mail April 15th. The Spanish one from Yedharo went in the post April 9th. I know Air travel has been seriously curtailed and a lot of this stuff used to ship Space A, but this seems excessive, especially for Canada. Is there some addition quarantine procedure for packages that's been implemented by glorious leader that I'm not aware of?!
  6. Wow! That's an impressive miniature and an even more impressive paint job.
  7. That's frikken awesome! Both the sculpt and the paint job.
  8. Found this and thought I'd pass on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/highnoongame/high-noon-a-wild-west-combat-tactical-board-game/description FYI the game components graphic near the top show what you get if you go "all in" NOT what's in a standard box.
  9. Different interpretation. I like it. Good job!
  10. New acquisitions this month! We had a pair of Gypsy Vanner colts born. Ka Banner Boy on May 1st and LR Corvette on the 4th. My wife calls them her "mid-life crisis ponies" in case you were wondering about the names! More pictures can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mckenna35/albums/72157714238594282 :)
  11. A bunch of packages that were supposed to be here last week were waiting on the doorstep today. Some add-ons to spruce up the big Eagle kit I have, the set of busts that I had on pre-order from Mr. Lee's in the UK, and some kits from Industria Mechanika that I've been drooling over for years and finally acquired. Not a bad way to start the week.
  12. In for all three. They should be fun to paint. :)
  13. Metalheads Minis did a review of these and I had to score a set. Ordered from Blackheart Models Monday morning and had them yesterday. Going to be a blast to paint and I hope they sell well enough to justify doing more of the crew. Come on Scotty & Bones!
  14. In for four. Wife love Labyrinth, and her sister is BIG Dark Crystal fan. I suspect a BIG chunk of the price is due to the cost of licensing these. The Henson folks have VERY high standards and won't let just anyone run with their imagry. Since they're officially licensed, they may have been able to get their hands on the original puppets. Lots of details I never noticed in the movie, like the back of Hoggle's vest!
  15. And Live now! Although since you have to create a login to even see what the prices are? Yeah no.
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