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    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Everyone go say hi to Jon at the Warlord booth, eh? I was supposed to be there to help him out, but life had other plans, and I wouldn't want him to get lonely!
  2. Mckenna35

    Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

    I pledged for a pound, because I don't get paid until a couple of hours after the KS closes. I'm planning on getting a bunch of stuff later in the PM though! A friend is getting me the Elf Battalion as payment for some stuff I'm painting for him, so I can add on that later. We just ended at 119,000 +/- pounds! Hopefully they'll go ahead and give us the bathing beauty since we got SO close!
  3. Mckenna35

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Had to figure out where it was! I'm backer #10, and I got the "all characters" pledge.
  4. Mckenna35

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Just got an email with a tracking number - woohoo! With luck I'll have figures in hand by the end of the week.
  5. Mckenna35

    Orc Warband Collectors by Yedharo

    Anyone gotten anything from this yet? They posted more than a month ago that they'd started shipping, and there was a comment that stated they would have everything out by the end of this month. So far doesn't appear as though anyone has gotten anything yet. My account with them still just shows "payment accepted".
  6. Mckenna35

    Bones 4: Maggotcrown Ogre

    Noice! Where did you source the base from? I like the color you chose for the mail. Looks good and provides a nice contrast.
  7. Mckenna35

    oozes (Bones IV)

    Wow! Those are disgustingly good! Or is that good and disgusting? Hmmm... Either way, great job.
  8. Mckenna35

    Thank you!

    I have to say how much I appreciate these forums, and the people who come by here, for making it an oasis of positive energy in a frustrating and depressing world. I get so stressed from looking at other 'social' media and the news where people constantly emphasize the negative aspects of everything. It's such a balm to come here and enjoy a place where people are creative and work on finding the good in each others works and words. Means a lot.
  9. Nice job on this (and I feel your pain)!
  10. Mckenna35

    Ouroboros Cyber Belles

    I'm in the same boat. I'd really like to get a couple of these, but I REALLY don't have the money. Frustrating thing is that I get paid a couple of days after this ends. Ah well...
  11. Mckenna35

    Bombshell Babes 4

    Mine actually got to me a day early! Projected delivery was today, and they were waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home last night. Funny thing is, I'd thought about adding his new bust & 75mm figure to my KS order, but I didn't want to wait till December to get them. First KS I've backed that delivered MONTHS early!
  12. Mckenna35

    Rocky Terrain

    Turned out awesome! If you don't mind a couple of suggestions: use basswood instead of balsa (just bit stronger & not much more expensive) and if you seal the wood with gesso you won't have the curling issues next time. These really do look great.
  13. Mckenna35

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    Delivered from the last update: Book of Monsters Warehouse 13 board game - Over 16 months late. Recently asked for address confirmation and have supposedly started shipping around the world. Antenocities Workshop IMF vehicles: a year late. Still posting occasional updates, and the retail side of the company is still limping along. Vague hopes I may someday get my vehicles. Impact Miniatures Chibi Sisters of Conflict - Was due in May, Massive problems with printer failures and delivering other KS. Still pretty sure I'm going to get the figures. Gangfight: generic rules: Five months late. Last update showed rules previews and they finally opened a pledge manager to sort out shipping At least they're putting out updates? Tabletop Village - Three months late. Last update seemed to imply they've started delivery, but it's not really clear. Orc Warband by Yedharo - still calling for July delivery. Supposedly have started delivery, nothing has changed on my order. Bombshell Babes IV - December this year. Delivery has started (as evidenced by the couple of painted copies that have appeared on the forums here). Order still show "awaiting fulfillment. Dwarf Miniatures by Yedharo - Dec 2019. Only backed for a few figures. Hopefully they have their stuff more together and deliver better than the Orc KS! Gatefall: Chapter One - Jan 2020. Got this for the figures. We'll see how it goes. Mantic Terrain Crate II - Jan 2020.
  14. I understand that. I'm just bothered that the next two in line after me posted zip about anything they took, so I have no idea if anything other than bases was interesting. I was looking forward to reactions/feedback since I'm fairly isolated and get very little hobby interaction, and this looked like a fun way to get some of that. Hopelessly optimistic of me I guess.
  15. I put the warlord bases in. Might have put the Ral Partha in as well. I'd have to see a picture of it to be sure. Nice to have confirmation that at least a few of the things I put in the box were appreciated.
  16. Mckenna35

    Old Cranky Diorama (Wyrd)

    Doing the pants in a neutral color would help break things up. You don't want anything too bright as it would become the focal point, but a faded blue or brown/gray maybe?
  17. Mckenna35

    Old Cranky Diorama (Wyrd)

    Okay, at the risk of being a schmuck, when I first looked at it I thought "Wow, that's a nice start!" Took me a second, more in depth look to realize it was all painted. Some of it's probably the angle the picture is from, but it's also the very limited pallet you used. Right now, looking at it, you see big green band for the swamp, then big grey band for the dock, small green band for the feet, then another big grey expanse with the beard and pants, green head and then brown hat. The tonal qualities for the beard and pants are virtually the same as the dock so the whole thing tends to blend together. All the elements are very well executed - the dock and swamp are awesome, I'm just not sure how well it all works together.
  18. Okay so you got the Litko bases I put in. Obviously the previous two people took a LOT out of the box to put in that many figures in blister packs cause I had to take stuff out of blisters to get it to fit. Pity they didn't even state what they took, never mind post pictures. I was all excited to see if anyone found any of my contributions worthy. Kind of disheartening. Thank YOU for showing your choices!
  19. Mckenna35

    Halcyon Judge Anderson

    Finished Judge Anderson and took some quick photos before packing her and Dredd to go off to the client in the morning. Need to work on my flesh tones and get some better balanced lighting. Thought she was looking good and then brought her up and saw what she looked like in sunlight and she's really washed out. Sigh. She looks good from a few feet away! The last shot is the first time I really looked at the two of them next to each other - I hadn't realized how much shorter Dredd is!
  20. @Wyvernfire have you had a chance to look in the box?
  21. Mckenna35

    Halcyon 1/8 Scale Judge Dredd

    Been working on this guy for a while now and I'm going to call him done now since I have to ship him out. Old Halcyon vinyl kit of Judge Dredd. First one of these I've finished. Primered with Badger Stynylrez paints and all the flesh is Stynylrez. Green is all Reaper colors. Gold is Scale 75 shades and I'm not really a fan. Took about 4-5 coats to get smooth coverage. I really miss the old Polly S metallics! Nothing since has come close for coverage and grain. Base is Stynylrez grey, over sprayed with Polly S Concrete, cracks are all colored pencils. Gold for the base was Vallejo Metal Color Gold which airbrushed great (I'll have to try brushing it on at some point). Gold was washed with Liquitex Burnt Umber artists paints, which was also flicked on the base to create stains. Grunge and color variations on the base were created with various Secret Weapon pigments. I needed to push the highlights on the green up a bit, but my lighting here isn't doing me any favors either. WIP thread can be found here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85931-halcyon-18-scale-judge-dredd/
  22. I've had this kit for quite a while now, to build for a friend who's a big Judge Dredd fan. Due to circumstances I can't go into, he asked me if I could this one, along with Judge Anderson and possibly Judge Death put together and painted for him. Second vinyl figure I've worked on, and I thought some of you might find it interesting. First picture shows the components cut out and cleaned up. The second is the major subassemblies. One of the tricks with this kind of kit is to fill the lower portions with plaster to add rigidity, weight and strength to the piece. Without it, you run the risk of the vinyl buckling if it gets too hot after you've got the figure assembled. Yeah, DON'T leave these kits out in direct sunlight! and here he is with all the primary assembly complete and ready for paint:
  23. Mckenna35

    Halcyon 1/8 scale Judge Dredd

    Finished the bases for Dredd and Anderson tonight. Primered with black Stynylrez, then sprayed the Vallejo gold. Masked the gold and sprayed with Synylrez Grey, then with a random overspray of Polly S Concrete I've had for years. Washed the gold and spattered them with Liquitex Burnt Umber and let that dry overnight. Drew on the pavement lines and cracks with colored pencils, then added additional grunge and tonal variation with various Secret Weapon pigments. Pretty happy with how they look. Hopefully the client likes them as well!
  24. Mckenna35

    Wonderfest 2019 pictures

    Not gaming related, but I thought some of you might like to see some of the other (bigger) stuff that's out there: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150914563@N08/page1 Not my pictures, but this is the most comprehensive gallery I've found for this show.
  25. @Guindyloo box is enroute to @Wyvernfire