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  1. Looks like most of what I put in, you pulled out! Cool! Can't help with the aliens. They were in there when the box got to me. Glad you snagged the pod cars. I discovered after I'd mailed the box that the company that made them had closed up shop! Was hoping to drive some more business to them. ☚ī¸
  2. Pics of my picks. Had to snag Baby Yoda! The graveyard is interesting although it's suffered some damage in it's travels. I took the big brown thing cause it was already broken and I doubt it would make it much further without suffering additional damage. Filled out some hordes for my someday gaming session. Word of warning: if you're planning on putting in 3D Printed stuff: these are PACKED boxes and the 3D stuff is more fragile than Bones, Metal or regular resin. There's a big bag o' 3D printed figures in here and there's a lot of bits and pieces that have broken off. Take that into consideration before you throw MORE 3D printed stuff in these boxes. Odds of it surviving intact are not great! I'll hopefully get this off in the mail tomorrow.
  3. Been working on the skin. Pretty much finished with the left hand and right bicep. Lots of subtle shading that is completely washed out by my lighting/phone camera. Laid in a rough basecoat for the nightgown. Ultimately want it to be a much paler blue, but this at least blicks it out.
  4. I'm planning on being at the Con again this year, working for Warlord Games and was curious if there's a way to take a class? Do I need to buy an admission ticket? Feel free to DM me and delete this if it's inappropriate.
  5. Last year we had a bunch of interest in running demos for Warlord Games, but no space in the booth. Was wondering how I might go about reserving a table and getting on the schedule? Wondering if it's best to spell things out in blocks and have registration, or just have a sign at said table saying Bolt Action demos from x-y, Warlords of Erewhon from y-z, etc... Feel free to DM me.
  6. Think I'm finished with the face and chest. Started working back on the right side. Not sure how I want to go on the skin on the arms. Dogs have very pale, whitish skin, but I don't know about wolves? I could also do a transition to a more human skin tone there, but that feels wrong since its a humanoid wolf, not a werewolf? Hmmm... Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. Finished the fur around the face and started working on the right side and the chest in the rips. A lit to do but I'm actually enjoying it. 😊
  8. Chipping away at the fur around the face. Little more work on the left side to do, and then it'll be on to the body.
  9. A year and a half later:progress! Tweaked the eyes a little bit, finished the teeth, painted the ears and started working on the fur around the face/muzzle. Pretty happy with how it's going. Hopefully I can actually keep going!
  10. More like "Cosplay" Pirate Girls, but what the heck! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pirate-girls/pirate-girls-for-3d-printing/description WELCOME TO THE PIRATE GIRLS CAMPAIGN! FUNDED IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is a project to fund 3d files to print Pirate Girls in miniature. The girls are 4 models in 5 different outfit (20 figures) that will be unlocked and shown daily for you to discover them. All the figures will be delivered in scales 35 mm and 75 mm. In adition to that, each girl has a 1:12 scale bust. That makes a total of 44 miniatures! All the files are delivered supported and unsupported for normal printers and split in pieces to print. They will be delivered as soon as KS finishes and they process the payments. Easy peasy! For questions, DM us or comment. Note that the figures are Not physical miniatures, they are 3d files for printing. NEW MINIATURES UNLOCKED DAILY!
  11. The lips ARE actually a different color. If you go look at the WIP shots you can see it, but the way I set up the lighting for these shots washed them out. You can see the highlights on the armor and stuff but the skin got washed out. One of these days I'll get the right set-up for taking pictures of miniatures.
  12. Finally finished my copy of Bombshell Miniatures Sister Sergeant Maelee, aka "Heresy" Maelee, their Con exclusive figure from last year. Most time I think I've ever spent on a 28mm figure. Pretty happy with how she turned out. Pigments on the feet look heavier in the pictures than they do in real life.
  13. Punched up the blue highlights on the body and finished the blue on the arms. Still have to paint the bomb on the left pauldron and the gun. After that it's just cleanup and tying her in with her base. Hopefully she'll be finished in the next day or so.
  14. FYI, Bad Squiddo Games has an assortment of Mooses and other similar critters.
  15. After six months I finally managed to get back to her. All glued together except for attaching her to the base. Did about an hour on the backpack. Might be done with that area. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow! Down to the arms. Phew!
  16. Looks like we'll hit the 105k goal in the 1st ten minutes...
  17. No problem. I was pretty happy with how it worked out. You can't see it in these shots, but the tail lights & turn indicators were done the same way, only the base coat was Vallejo Chrome, overpainted with either Transparent Red or Orange. Worked really well.
  18. The colored parts on the bikes were undercoated with metallics (gold for the red, silver for the blue) and then painted with Pro Acryl Transparents. The brown leather bags were just zenithal primed and then that's a mix of brown/black/ white transparent paints 2/1/1 over it with no additional touch-ups.
  19. Okay, I'll give it another shot. Pierce. Colorado International: No Starter: No
  20. Based on their recent Facebook post talking about their Con schedule for the year, it looks as though they're planning on being there.
  21. Biker boxed set for Project Z. Turns out the client was missing some sprues when he sent me these, and I was wondering why the box said you could build eight figures yet I only had six torsos?! Was also missing the foot bases, so I used Reaper ones instead. The sculptor want a little heavy on the cheesecake factor for the ladies. I can't imagine trying to ride a motorcycle in a thong! 😲 I'm now working on the "boss" biker with the gatling gun on the handlebars and another biker with a passenger toting a bazooka.. Painted to tabletop/demo standard. Primarily painted with Pro Acryl except Vallejo for the metallics and Reaper for the flesh.
  22. At one point I was going to put names on the bases and his would be "Vlad". Figured he wouldn't be happy with the zombies messing up his "food" supply, so he's pitched in to help. 😛
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