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  1. Off to an excellent start!  


    Yeah, Tamiya putty is really good putty but the fumes are really nasty!  Lots of bad "enes" in there (i.e toulene, xylene etc..)  Definitely have at least a fan and preferably an open window as well if you're using that stuff!

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  2. Pretty close to being finished with this.  Took a couple of shots with Sir Forscale just in case anyone was curious as to how big he is.  Still need to work on the base and more highlights and shading on the shoulder pad.  Discovered after I got him assembled that I'd misjudged the angel of the head and I need to re-do the highlights on the helmet. Oops!  Still, the end is near!!

    Dredd reaper_01.jpg

    Dredd reaper_02.jpg

    Dredd assembled front.jpg

    Dredd assembled back.jpg

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  3. Thought I'd do some work on the bases after drill, pinning and magnetizing the figures.  Went to mask off the shield and discovered I REALLY should have wiped the base down before priming.  Stripped it all the way down with rubbing alcohol and am letting it dry overnight.  I'll re-prime it tomorrow night.  Sigh.  I am pretty happy with the face.  Painted all with Badger Stynylrez colored primers.  Still have some more work to do on the helmet, but I think I'm going to call the skin done.





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  4. On 3/7/2019 at 8:50 AM, Mckenna35 said:


    Delivered from the last update:

    Summoning a Dragon, Chronicles of Run, Heresy Labs 1.2, SJG - Wizard/Melee, Bones IV, Greebo Games: Alastoran Demons & Hobby Holder II.


    Warehouse 13 board game - Over a year late. dice issues have maybe been resolved.


    Antenocities Workshop IMF vehicles: 8 months late. Company just got notified by their landlord that he wants to re-purpose the building they're in and they don't have funds to move.  My hopes of this fulfilling are rapidly diminishing.  They have offered the option to go to STL files, and worse case scenario is I'll go there, but I really don't want to pay someone else to produce these models, especially since money is a lot tighter now than it was when I bought into this and I have no idea how much these would cost to get printed at a resin like quality.  ::(: 


    Impact Miniatures Chibi Sisters of Conflict - Due in May, update pushed back most delivery to June now.


    Book of Monsters - Coming up on six months late, and it's been a few months since there was any updates.  This was only a $9 buy-in so I'm not going to be heartbroken if nothing ever comes of it.


    Gangfight: generic rules: Two months late.  Just sent out second beta playtest rules to certain groups.  Seems to be some issues on the tea since they put out one update saying they were shifting to softback, then back pedaled after the screaming from backers and changed back to a hardback book.  At least they're putting out updates?


    Tabletop Village - May 19, seems unlikely they'll deliver this month, but they've been making updates so I trust I'll get the product.

    Orc Warband by Yedharo - still calling for July delivery.  Advertising for another KS for Dwarves in the next few weeks, but I don't know if I'll back without having gotten this one first.


    Bombshell Babes IV - December this year.


    Mantic Terrain Crate II - Jan 2020.

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  5. Progress!  Actually this shot is about a week old.  Spent the weekend shading all the green, as well as drilling and magnetizing him and Anderson.  Green is Reaper Shadow Green and the gold is Scale 75 Dwarven Gold.  I'll try and get better pictures of the current condition.


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  6. My stuff showed up today!  Just basically opened the box and did a quick inventory.  I was surprised that the smaller figures were resin this time.  The extra arm for Loreen was just tossed in the box with all the other add-ons and extras.  Thankfully it didn't get broken.  Quick look at the busts looks good, with a few parts that look like they'll need heat treating to straighten out.  Pretty much the usual resin casting artifacts.  Main parts look clean.


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  7. Seems they started with Singles, then doubles, etc.  I ordered five so I'm wondering where I'm at in the shipping queue.  Also hoping that it show up in better shape than the Steampunk one.  Everything was crammed into a plastic baggie for shipping which was ripped in transit resulting in all the 35mm figures falling out somewhere along the line.  They shipped replacements but it was still annoying. Especially since they mentioned they were going to file a claim, so I held off on opening anything or getting rid of the packing for six months after I received the figures.  After that long, and no response from the, I shrugged and finally got to play with my toys.  Communication is definitely NOT their strong suite.

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    Latest version.  Repainted with Badger gloss black primer, then highlighted with a blue black Tamiya mix.  Still more work to be done with a brush, but I think this is more what they're looking for (I hope)!.  I really need to get a better lighting/photo set up!



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  9. 24 minutes ago, Rat13 said:

    Has the client bothered to tell you which uniform he actially wants? Over the years the Dredd's uniform has changed slightly to majorly depending on which comic you look at, he is a lot like Batman in this regard. I think your best course of action is to ask the client to find a reference photo of the exact uniform they want.


    No, I was originally told to go by the box art for the model.  NOW I have some color reference and I was able to get some clarification on some of the uniform variations in the pictures he sent me, so hopefully I have a clear path forward.  I guess we'll find out after I repaint the uniform again...

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  10. Tried masking off the red and just decided to go ahead and paint the body of the helmet with a brush instead.  Got a fairly decent coat of Vallejo Liquid Silver on the visor.  Not sure if I want to try another coat or not since it seemed to liquefy when I went back over it and was pulling up, but I was going back over it within minutes of the initial coat.  Now that it's had time to cure, it might go better.


    Started painting the green and the client came back and said he wanted the uniform to be more blue.  <sigh>  Okay Boss!  Went back over it tonight with the Tamiya Flat Blue and then a couple of successive passes, lightening it with Light Blue each time.  Pretty happy with how it looks now, we'll see what the client thinks. 




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  11. 9 hours ago, strawhat said:

    I got a little confused near the end, though.  I had to do some internet searching to find out who the lone figure (teenage boy) was.


    Yeah, I had to do the same thing!  They're scrolling along and you're going there's those guys... and they included those folks... oh look it's so & so... wait!  Who the heck was THAT?!


    Once you find out who it was, you can see why they included him, and it has some interesting implications going forwards.

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  12. Saw Endgame over the weekend and loved it.  I was one of the guys fist pumping and whopping it up at points, and the wife had to hand me some kleenex at others.  Would love to see it again, but I'll probably have to wait till it comes out on disc for that.  I think it's a fitting conclusion to a ten year story arc, and as someone who read comics back in the 80-80's I thought it a great fit for the source material.


    If you're bugged by logical inconsistencies, and have no ability to suspend disbelief during a comic book movie - just stay home.  For those of you who think Captain Marvel is just a PC/Feminist icon, shoved into the movies to please the PC crowd, you'll be happy she's only in the first and last ten minutes.  For everyone  else - enjoy the ride!  :)

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  13. There are some consequences to using Silly Putty as a masking material - it tries to spread over everything else it's resting on!  ::P:

    Anyway, went over the red again with pure red, and then mixed in some flesh to lighten it a bit.  I think that's good enough for the airbrush.  Next step will be to mask off th red and spray the blue-black for the helmet.  Whee....




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  14. Taking forever to mask off the body so I decided to work on the head real quick.  Masked off the skin with Silly Putty, then undercoated with Tamiya Hull Red, then started going over that with straight Red.  Needs to be brighter, so I'll probably take another whack at it with more Red tomorrow night.


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  15. Onward!  I primered with black Badger Stynvlrez, then did the blue with Tamiya acrylics.  The face was primered with Badger white primer, then shaded with "Red Brown Primer", and then highlighted with "Light Flesh" by Badger.  Pretty happy with how it looks so far.  Now to mask off stuff for other colors. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures - the focal distance for my phone is farther away than I thought it was, so I was holding it too close.  :down:









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  16. 3 minutes ago, Argentee said:

    My Warchief Mumlak had a broken tusk, but it seems to be regluing ok. Seems to be a major problem with this figure.


    Given the way the tusks stick out, and the fact that they're being shipped in bags with nothing to protect the tusks, it's not too surprising.  I suspect at retail he'll either be disassembled, or the hard blister pack should help protect him.

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  17. 8 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

    Only the lower half gets plaster of paris? What keeps the rigidity and the vinyl from doing the same on the upper torso?



    Generally, in the torso and arms, the position and thickness of the material is enough to avoid any problems, also the plaster in the bottom half holds the torso rigid, which prevents the upper body from deforming.  With the legs you have the full weight of the figure pushing down on the ankles, and they can flex if it gets hot enough.  Note that at room temperature this stuff is pretty hard.  The trick to cutting it easily is to use a hair dryer for a minute or so to heat and soften it, at which point you can slice through it with almost no resistance.  Also, like Bones, you can heat it it up, reposition it, and then chill it and it will retain the new position.  I've had to do that to Judge Anderson's legs to get her to stand on both feet.

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  18. I've had this kit for quite a while now, to build for a friend who's a big Judge Dredd fan.  Due to circumstances I can't go into, he asked me if I could this one, along with Judge Anderson and possibly Judge Death put together and painted for him.  Second vinyl figure I've worked on, and I thought some of you might find it interesting.  First picture shows the components cut out and cleaned up.  The second is the major subassemblies.



    One of the tricks with this kind of kit is to fill the lower portions with plaster to add rigidity, weight and strength to the piece.  Without it, you run the risk of the vinyl buckling if it gets too hot after you've got the figure assembled.  Yeah, DON'T leave these kits out in direct sunlight!  ::D:




    and here he is with all the primary assembly complete and ready for paint:


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