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    Dogs, writing, painting tiny pewter people. I am She Who Makes The Paint for Reaper.

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About Me

I started at Reaper in 2003 as Staff Painter. By 2004 I had begun the process of creating the Master Series Paint line, a task which would soon eat up all of my work hours and result in my promotion to Paint Department manager and Line Designer. Today, I mix MSP from the ground up, formulas, names, research and development, and the day-to-day creation of production batches. I am, in short, She Who Makes the Paint.  :) 


Recently, as I wanted to do more painting education (a role Reaper doesn't really utilize me in anymore, as the Paint Dept is so busy), I started my own Patreon, got an actual web site up, and all sorts of social media. You can find the Patreon at patreon.com/paintingbig, and I'm @paintingbig on Twitter, and @paintingbig on Instagram. The website is paintingbig.net and I have a small (growing as fast as I can paint them!) gallery and a blog where I put up lots of Work in Progress stuff. Will be getting content up soon on both Youtube and Twitch, because, you know, my to-do list was obviously getting too small... 


Hope to see you online!

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