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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments. He was a incredibly fun Miniature to paint up. the burlap texture was the first time, but basically, I based in ivory, then shaded with very watered down brown liner. Then carefully applied thinned out brown liner & russet, to apply the cross hatched areas. Using the ivory with a little blond hilight added to clean up or correct anything too thick. Last steps was to do some glazes of the russet, brown liner into shadow areas and then a hilight glaze of the blond hilight on the high points (like his little itty bitty nose). A huge amount of going back and forth on all the steps, till I was like, ok done.
  2. Been feeling the Fall season, and have wanted to try a rough burlap texture....soooo here comes Patch! first time making a corn stalk from raffia, it's not bad but I'll need more practice before truly jazzed with it. The pumpkin is from the Reaper Pumpkins set. C&C always welcome!
  3. Wow, that is so cool, thanks for sharing all the points. Makes me want one, to try that out.
  4. Beautiful work, as always! The colour palette is stunning.
  5. This was my single small figure entry for (Attack-x), needed probably one or so nights to finish it, I wasn't completely happy with it, but he did earn a bronze. I wanted to go back and deepen the shadows and add more deeper varied colours....just ran out of time. Heck the milliput base wasn't even set, when I handed it over, lol. My fave is using the birch for the base! Thanks for looking, c&c always welcome.
  6. Been away from it all, for a bit. Finished this one up, a little too fast -to enter it in a competition (Attack-x). Got a bronze, and a ton of advice on where I could have improved and upped it to silver......very exciting for my first in person competition. Thanks for looking, c&c is much appreciated. And I'm guessing on the catalogue number, hasn't been released yet from Bones 3.
  7. Yeah, good plan, I forgot and went with one of everything, (except the art book), which wasn't my original plan, (as some of the expansions I wasn't going to take, as the minis didn't grab me)... but by the time I pledged I forgot that.... Oh well ....
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