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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to read TheCraft pages... of course I found those after I posted here, but I've been reading a few. Though #17 I hadn't seen yet, and that's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for too, thanks! Heading to buy a pin vice tonight, now that I have the right term for what I need to get. ;) Also, the bonus on Amiri's javelins are that they are not on the back of the mini in the casting. They're the one piece you have to assemble on that mini, and it was the reason I chose to use them since they were a nice piece on their own. :)
  2. /Greets all So, I've decided to try my hand at a little conversion of a mini. First time to do so, and looking for pointers here. I'm trying to match him to a character I have in a game at present. Simple painting I've been good with, but I wanted to branch out in a little more creativity here. I've got this mini - 03461: Goldar the Barbarian I love the mini and his look, but want a few changes for the character match. I'm looking to replace his axe with the halberd from the 14261: Crusader Weapons pack. Also, I thought I might stick the javelins/quiver from 60003: Amiri, Iconic Female Human Barbarian on his back. I still haven't decided on putting a pack of some sort on him, and my really ambitious step would be to figure out how to do a breastplate on him, but I think that's down the sculpting line and perhaps farther off. So for the question round... 1) Recommendations on a good small hand drill? I figure I'm going to have to pin a few things (and will on just regular assembly of other minis as well), and wondering what was a good quality and affordable one. Plus, does it come with the right size of bits? 2) Having never had a mini that had more than a hand or something to glue on, I'm only guessing that the best course of action is to convert/pin/assemble, then primer and paint, yes? Any reason to primer first? 3) I'm thinking of drilling out the weapon fist and inserting the new weapon. Is this a wise course or am I setting myself up for trouble? Would I be better finding a had with a weapon in it already? 4) Anything else I need to consider before I start? I'm open to pro-tips! :) Thanks! -Gravy
  3. Twas my first ReaperCon and I gotta say it was a great time. I got to come mostly Thur/Fri and pop in on Sat. My thanks to those running the Pathfinder games, and also many thanks to those staffing the metal trade. You made my weekend. Now I'll just have to set aside time to paint next year, I was so busy getting minis after gaming that I couldn't make a class or even sit to paint any! :D
  4. The metal trade was one of the reasons I came to this year's con, and seeing that table made me feel good about the trade that I brought. I brought a lot of old Ral Partha and Grenadier minis that I got a few years ago. The previous owner had been given them because they were her dad's "old DnD stuff". I did not have use for all of them, and I picked out what I wanted and brought the rest. I was most glad to see this table/cart and see that they would find a good home. Hehe, a little bit of "Toy Story" for minis here.
  5. I just want to post a quick thanks in here for my first post. Got to play Pathfinder for the first time on Thurs and Fri morning, with some great DM's running us through the adventures. Looking forward to continuing on with the PFS play. And my thanks to those new adventurers that I shared a table with. Cheers, Sean
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