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  1. My mousing-stead list in case anyone saw the post and was wondering: Troop one: Deathsleet 2x Nanoc spearmaster w/ two magic ranged weapons troop 2: frost giant princess 2x ice toads. troop 3: dorog yeti chieften 2x ice toads yeti shamen troop 4: ice wyrm troop 5: ice wyrm troop one utilizes the warlord ablitiy to move twice and shoot at a rav of 5 or move one focus and shoot at a 6. these suckers will kill more then the wyrms if played right use princess for her freezing burst ability and wackem when they are stunned. toads same idea and to help out when the going gets tough yeti cheiften in for back up for this troop shamen first turn iron skin deathsleet or anyone else in need then chain lightening it up
  2. and sorry 4 days of con going is getting to me. i forgot my spear chuckers which are naroc elite spearmen. and pics of the dwarven machine
  3. Was threatened with many not so good things to post pics so here they are! made of 100% cute-tonium :) My Mice-ingstead warlord proxy army for the icingstead ice giants List: Deathsleet the dragon: reaper paint bottle air balloon with rotating flamethrower Ice Princess: R.O.U.S's Banner carrier (i dont believe they exist) Ice wyrm: ice wyrm mouse rider and dwarven drilling machine (burrowing nastys) Yeti Chieften: Hamster wheel Yeti shaman: hamster ball (lightening attacks) Ice toads: Mice in mouse traps (they stun) sorry about the bad pictures. best i have
  4. !!! im so ecstatic pirates vs. ninjas was the final straw! it means the world. thats what i created it for thank you for making it all worth while. Razig is a fun army its got some great shooters but the melee kick butt too sckuttlebones is more than worth his points. good luck with the army! if you have questions feel free to ask
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