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  1. One strategy I've heard used is to paint the whole eye black, then paint the corners white. Generally, the black part of the eye needs to be bigger than one would initially think it would need to be. Making the whites of the eyes too big makes it look like ones figure has a crazed glare. You also want the black part to touch the top of the eye. Zach
  2. For paints, load up on a big variety of neutral colors. Lots of browns come in really handy for fantasy figures. An extra bit of unsolicited advice- invest in real high quality brushes. A sable-hair brush will run $10-$15, but I absolutely swear it will be worth it when you see how great they manage. Zach
  3. Another good lesson, which I have just now learned the hard way- in games that require the wee dollies to stand in regiments such as Warhammer fantasy, always assemble the command dollies last. This is necessary because it is relatively easy to assemble the ordinary figures so that they stand in formation whatever order one puts the figures in. However, if one assembles the command unit figures first, which because of things like banners need to be positioned differently from the rest of the dollies in the unit, it demands that the rest of the entire unit be assembled around the two or three command units. This means that one must usually line up the figures in a particular order, which is a huge hassle when it comes time to actually put them on the table and play. Zach
  4. Grumble! Now that I'm trying to put together a new unit of halberdiers, it occurs to me that this ultimate customization system GW is using these days is WAY more trouble than it's worth. Back in the day, we just glued the 4 or 5 different, one-piece figures into the bases, and we could be certain they would rank perfectly. With just a little filing along the mould lines, they were ready to prime in an hour tops. But these days! Every figure needs half a dozen bits snipped out and individually filed down. You have to spend HOURS gluing your fingers together attaching heads, and arms, and weapons, and daggers, and shields, and legs. And of course making sure they line up into units is as frustrating as all get out. Oh, for the good old days! Zach
  5. The magic banner is a great idea. My usual tactic is "My handgunners fire at your troops. They fire all their guns. The fire them a lot." It's a tactic with mixed results. Zach
  6. Just applied the first layer of varnish to my first Warhammer unit in a decade. I'll think of a snappy name later. Zach
  7. I got a tip for beginners: Starter sets come with plenty of colorful paints, and there's a certain tendency to stock up with lots of vivid, dramatic colors. But between straps, hats, boots, bags, hair, mud, and anything made out of wood, it pays to have a large variety of browns. Zach
  8. Thanks for the tip- I think that effect works really well! Zach
  9. I'm getting back into miniatures after a long while (they still made chaos dwarves last time I played!) and now I'm doing the foundation colors for a wee unit of Empire handgunners. Empire troops armor themselves with bits of parchment written with prayers to Sigmar, a detail I like so much I've stolen it for my D&D homebrew setting. Anyone got some suggestions for how to paint parchment? Please and thanks! Zach
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