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  1. i just looked and it has a flower mode and a collection mode so im thinking of trying all your ideas out for getting better pictures
  2. i just finshed painting this one last week but i didnt get the pictures till do day and the name a few days ago. i dub this one Envy, the Changling Vampire my camera is not the best, since its a cheep digital camera im always looking at more things to learn with painting so let me know what you think and leave ideas for things i can do to improve my next one i do
  3. I wound up stripping the paint from the first set of pictures and I think that turned out for the better. I went to my local gaming shop were they do a lot of war-hammer 40k painting and got a little help with styles and techniques. I think the mini came out vary well, it still using the same color idea with the exception that I used a wash this time over the last pictures, I spent almost six hours working on her after the stripping so I hope every one likes it. sorry that the pictures are not the best my camera fights me every chance it gets.
  4. thanks, its not to big so i will be getting it, i hope what im doing with it turns out well
  5. thank you for the help. it looks like I will have to wait a little to get the needed items to start this next project. I will be posting it up in works in progress under the name Karash the rouge/ranger
  6. I just got Rogan, 1/2 Orc Thief today since he is one of the few 1/2 orcs and he looks cool to boot. The only issue I have with him though is he comes with two "boneyard pieces", as Reaper puts it, that are both daggers. I would like to replace the daggers with something that is closer to a sword such as a Scimitar that my character uses. Getting right down to Business what I would like to know is, are there any way to buy extra weapons for the reaper mini's that have the hands holding the weapons to replace the ones that the minis come with or would I have to craft the new appendages my self and if I do what would I have to make them out of.
  7. Did some work on her, spend around 1.5 hours working on this much of it. the lighter color is only 1 coat and is unfinished the the darker color is the finale product and it should be fully finished by next Tuesday unless something comes up. the good version of the picture can be found in the same photo bucket link above
  8. I have an idea for doing this mini my self but I am up in the air about getting the mini at all at this point since I don't know how big the base is, I found that it is two and a half inches tall which is a good height but when I'm playing DnD is it going to take up one square or four. if any of you painting it are able to let me know the diameter of the base that would be grate. (edit: judging form the pictures and the information i know about this mini already the pictures how it at two to four times its size so I'm estimating that diameter is half and inch or so, can I get confirmation on this?) once I get it, if I get it, I will be adding the photos of it as well. the color seam i was going to use my self was a white primmer for the base, for the smoke areas have a heavy gray with fades of black and white in it to make it look natal as if it's from a camp fire. For the three women I am feeling a vary light blue and making it look like there skin is almost iced over to give it the appearance that there hugging each other for worth that can not be found in death.
  9. the front of the can does not say primer on it it just gives the brand, Rust-Oleum "Painters touch" ultra cover 2x coverage, flat black fast drying ideal for indoor & outdoor wood,metal, wicker & more. as I go in to the fine print on the back of the can it goes over the... Painting conditions (don't use in temp humidity stuff) preparation (do this before using stuff) {This being on the can is what leads me to believe that this is a primmer and not just normal paint} PRIMING (use painter's touch primer provides superior adhesion and hiding and is especially recommended for bare wood and metal.[this is the only one I am fully typing out.]) painting (shake, distance, movement ect.) Dry & re-coat times ( how long you should wait before reapplying) clean-up (whip off the tip before storing) Clogging (how to unclog the sprayer) would what I'm using be a primer or a paint, I don't really know all that much about paints since this is still just my first time buying paints for my mini's and i don't want have it look bad
  10. Hope it places too, all the suddle things of it bring out so much of the mini. I like it a lot and hope that the beer on the floor is noticed by more then just me
  11. The base looks Amazing, it has so much work and creativity put in to it, but so much that its the first thing you see and takes your eye away from the wolf it self. the wolf could use a little more contrast maybe a little silver to give it some character but doing so would make it look like an older wolf the other thing that would work as well is putting other shades of black and navy blues to make it a younger wolf. right now from the picture it looks like a gloss black only but its hard to tell from the glare of the flash
  12. they look so cool, you did a grate job and are vary skilled, keep the master peaces coming
  13. This one is really, Autumn Bronzeleaf, Female from, the Dark Heaven Legends collection, but I thought she fit the part of my Wilden shaman for E4 D&D so far I have only put the primmer on and since I wanted to go with a darker more earthy look I went with black over white even though this is my first one i did crop them on photobucket but they for some reason are not showing up on here that way if you want to see a more direct picture of them that is larger all of them can be found at photo bucket and Im up for taking any ideas that will make this one look good. I'm making the skin a skin tone mixed with a light green to give it a leafy look. Her hair I am making Turquoise with a Emerald tie in it. Inside clothing i was going to make a light tan color to look like leather with the detail of the leafs to be Emerald green with a silver trim the out side coat i was going to make a dark leather to make it look more like a coat her staff i was making a wood color close to a burnt Sienna with a ruby in the head of the staff once more making the leaf areas an Emerald green with silver trim any of the belt buckles and buttons will be a gold or copper colored the ground I was going to make it look like she standing on a rock, so its going to have a mix of browns coppers and oranges. let me know what you think and I will post the pictures of the next step that I get done
  14. I am Painting my First Miniature and I have been asking around at places like Joanna and Michaels on what type of paint I should use on the Miniatures since they are made from Tin and Aluminum. They told me that any thing they had would not stay on it but the people from the gaming store said as long as I put on a white or black primer on it first the paint would not matter as much and it will look fine. the paint I have right now are a Flat Black spray paint from Rust-Oleum ultra cover meant for wood, metal, wicker & more (Edit: This is a Primer bought at Home Depot) for the colors I have acrylic paint from (edit: the Acrylic paint is water basted.) Delta Creative - Ceramcoat (Premium quality) Americana (premium quality) Folk Art (Heavy Pigmentation) I would like to know if what I have is good for making a good looking Miniature produced by Reaper (Dark Heaven Legends - Autumn Bronzeleaf, Female) or should I look for a different kind of paint to make it pretty.
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