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  1. It really is an advanced Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style game. We've determined that meta-gaming might actually be required to win. You have a huge economy of action in the game, so any wasted activities pretty much guarantee defeat. Knowing that going to "that end" of the island is pointless can save you several actions in the end.

    But the developers have announced that after this KS run, it may not be available again because the production cost is astronomical. Currently they are scheduled to print several million cards for the next printing.

    I bought it because it has both drop-in/drop-out and save/load mechanics. You can literally play it for a short while with a group of people, save the game, and start again later with a different group of people.

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  2. Currently on Kickstarter for the next two days!

    I got in on the original release of this game and it is very cool. It's like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure board game. It is loosely scenario based, but there is a fair amount of randomness and replay-ability in each scenario. I have played the first scenario four times and have yet to win, but had an entirely different experience each time. The most interesting thing to me is the action/health/timing mechanic. There is a serious economy of action in the game and if you aren't very careful with your choices, you will definiltey die on the continent.

    Sadly, the production costs on the game are astronomical. At over 1,600 cards, they have said that they will likely never make it to full retail, so apart from this KS and potentially further private sale, we may never see it again. This KS is running until Thu, October 19 2017. 

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  3. Sad to say I have decided not to host Fiasco this year. Instead, I'll have 7th Continent by Serious Poulp. It's a drop in/drop out co-op adventure game that harkens back to the days of Choose Your Own Adventure. I've been kind of addicted lately, and since the games can run several hours, but allow players to join and leave at will, it felt like the perfect game for ReaperCon.


    See you there!


    Incidentally, part of the reason I am bringing 7th Continent is to hype their current Kickstarter, which may be the last time the game is ever available. But I learned today that the KS ends in two days. So if my description sounded interesting, you might want to check out the KS link (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/77317-7th-continent-co-op-board-game/)


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  4. I had the same observation. I was in the gaming area the entire weekend and all we every heard was "Can we have your attention..." and then it was so muffled we couldn't hear what was being said.


    I could never hear any of the announcements made during my classes in the shopping side or while shopping.  I completely missed the Bones 4 announcement and every single speed paint announcement went unheard except one.  

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  5. As of Wednesday @ 11am, we still have seven slots for Fiasco!


    • Attack of the 50 Foot Fiasco - A sendup of 50's B-Movie horror.
      • Friday at 10am
      • Four seats available
    • Unaussprechlichen Klutzen - Bad decisions in the style of HP Lovcraft.
      • Friday at 2pm
      • Three seats available

    We need a minimum of three people to play, so reserve your seats now.

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  6. Some of us are pooped and drive home after all the festivities so late night gaming was out of the equation.


    There is a reason that the late night Fiasco! game only happens on one night of the Con. I would be dead if I had to stay up there until 3am every night.


    Turn down that music and get off my lawn! I'm getting too old for this s#it.

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  7. Late night Fiasco doesn't overlap any classes....


    This is true... but as was mentioned in an earlier post, I feel like I can't spend as much time at each table going over how the game works and kind of coaching people through their first foray into Fiasco.


    It may be a completely freeform game with no "game master," but it's nice to have someone there to kind of explain how the game works and keep you on topic as the story unfolds.


    Believe me when I say, however, there will never not be Fiasco After Dark as long as I am at ReaperCon. It's just too much fun.

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  8. I must try Fiasco next year.  This year every time Bryan was rounding people up I had a class in an hour or so.  Next year I need to do a class with a 4 hour gap before the next so I have plenty of time for enjoying a game or two of some type.


    I am going to try to be more conscious of the class schedule next year (if I can remember to think about it). If I can get a hold of the class schedule before I have to arrange my games, I will likely make sure that they overlap as few classes as possible.

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  9. I think I also suffered from playing with complete and total strangers. I'd seen one person around the con, while the other two were new to me. Not knowing at least a bit of the personalities took time to feel out. By that time we were probably halfway done.


    I'll admit that I'm curious if the second time through would be smoother. Guess I'll have to see at my next Con.


    I can definitely attest to the game being better with people you know. I find that the best games are the ones where two ore more people come to the table together. They already know each other's humor and social tropes, so it's easier to riff. That said, some people are naturally outgoing and can do well at any table. I am not one of those people.


    The true story behind my introduction to Fiasco involved being the guy in our game group who discovered the game, bought it, and invited a bunch of people over to play. Even as people were showing up, I was overwhelmed by the prospect of how much creativity and improv was going to be involved. We had a very rough start, but what made it work was that we were all good friends and we were all dedicated to the story together.


    Even then, I had a drink or two before people showed up. :poke:

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  10. Still don't have Con Crud, so I think I'm safe from that. But youngest went down hard yesterday and I might not be so safe from her plague.


    And since this is a review thread, I've finally finished my three part video review of 2015 ReaperCon. Anybody that went will probably be bored to tears, but those who couldn't go might be interested.

    Part 2:  Games, loot, and factory tour



    I'm glad to hear your input for the Fiasco! After Dark game. My one regret about the late night game is that I don't get to spend as much time with the table as I do during the regular daytime games. Last year was the first time we had done the After Dark edition and it was mostly because a lot of the artists, employees and forumites were too busy during the day to play, so they all came in asking for one more game. It was a roaring success so we decided to do it again.


    Both times, though, I felt like I was doing new players a bit of a disservice by not being able to help coach and guide the game. I hope it didn't turn you off of the game, entirely. And you are correct, the game can be played straight, but it is trickier and the players kind of all have to be in agreement when you start.


    I'm glad you came out and gave it a shot, and I hope that you had enough fun to have been worth the time.

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  11. I need the card game name. I will or someone I know will he getting it!


    Thank you!

    I had a blast for it being my first time.

    everyone was so wonderful and friendly.

    Makes me miss everyone I met!

    Thank you for sitting and playing my silly card game with me.

    It's readily available on Amazon.



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