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  1. I guess I know what Fiasco! playset I will be bringing this year as the theme ringer... http://fiascoplaysets.com/#hellmouthhigh You know, unless I write my own.
  2. It's the crazy level of detail that comes out of a comletely unscripted game that amazes me the most!
  3. I told them that they need an on site comic book dealer for those of us who had to miss Free Comic Book Day to be at ReaperCon. It's hard to juggle all my nerd-doms at once, you know?
  4. Custom ribbons, yes! I almost did custom ribbons this year, but I had too little money at the end (didn't plan far enough in advance). Next year, though. Next year!
  5. I also need to send out a special thank you to ReaperBryan who scrambled to find victims players to fill out every table. He was the unsung hero of many a tale.
  6. Another ReaperCon is coming to a close and we had some great Fiasco adventures this time around! Feel free to start regaling any tales of your misfortunate adventures here. I can attest to the fact that there were some truly fantastic stories this year. Thank you all for playing and I am truly looking forward to more wonderfully horrific games next year.
  7. And each year your family gets bigger!
  8. I wasn't there, but is it possible it was something like this: http://www.juniorsmidnightmoon.com/spirits/apple-pie/
  9. I have found that because the wargame doesn't try to tell a story I can create my own to follow the events that occur during a game. I try to remember to post those on my blog. I find that no matter what game I'm playing, I tend to make characters and play out a story in my head.
  10. There's no shortage of prime time Fiasco. The Late Night Fiascos are for the people who don't have the opportunity to play during the day. And also so they can play with booze.
  11. There are so many scenarios, it's hard to come up with something that wasn't already conceived... which is why I was surprised that some kind of carnival scenario didn't exist last year when I had to write up my own.
  12. I can help with that, if you need. I will likely be writing another one next year, too.
  13. I have to say, I was very happy to see that you wear a helmet and some protective gear when you ride. I'm used to seeing it in Georgia but when we got into Texas, I was a bit horrified at the lack of helmets and general gear. @[email protected] I've got a thing about it, I have to at least see a helmet. Just thanks for being safe. I value my life and my body parts. I have a young son and a wonderful wife and I don't want to do anything stupid to burden them. I didn't learn to ride until just last year, so I was smart enough to take it all very seriously.
  14. Never refuse a gaming offer from ReaperBryan.
  15. kacey3

    ReaperCon Tee

    there is a bit of a write up in the reapercon pamphlet. I get the impression they are an independent warlord faction of some form That was my understanding, as well.
  16. Also, kacey, if you need extra hands on deck to help facilitate Fiasco After Dark next year, I'm all about it. There is a very good chance that I will actually have a sign up for players and volunteers on the forums in advance next year. It was such a rip roaring success, I think we need to ensure that it happens again... but with a bit more organization on my part (more dice, more cards, more tables, etc.).
  17. Honestly, it's the yearly Fiasco games that add to my Extended Family so quickly. I feel like I develop a rich, deep history with the players in those three hours we spend crafting a story.
  18. kacey3

    ReaperCon Tee

    Oops... yeah, that would be a little tricky. I wanted to get a lighter color, but knew that it would be imperfect. It would be nice if you could change the ink color.
  19. kacey3

    ReaperCon Tee

    I finally got around to ordering my ReaperCon T-Shirt and it came in exactly as I customized it. In case you are unaware, with Zazzle, you can change things up a bit. You do not have to go with the exact design as presented, and it doesn't cost you a penny more. And yes... I "removed" the actual ReaperCon line by dropping it out of the printable area. I am a fan of more obscure iconography. Now people have to ask me what the shirt means.
  20. Yep, it's a special group of people. And for probably the first time in several decades I don't mean that in any kind of sarcastic nasty way, but a good way. I now have a Local Reaper family and an Extended Reaper family, and ReaperCon is the best family reunion ever.
  21. Agreed. Let's drop the topic in this thread. I liked the people most of all.
  22. While this is true, it's still in your best interests not to increase your hazards. Especially on something we easily avoidable and preventable. I'm not going to say I'm a habitual paint-licker, but I have been known to do so on occasion to sharpen the point on my brush. I am aware of the potential risks, but I also eat processed foods.
  23. I would only advocate that anyone teaching a class specify that one should not lick the brush, even if they do so compulsively. "Don't do this, it could be hazardous to your health."
  24. Something is going to kill you someday. It's up to you to determine where to place your risk. I ride a motorcycle, daily. I'm sure the toxicity of paint is pretty paltry in comparison.
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