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  1. For the one game that I actually got to sit in on, this was a fantastic one. Three great players sitting at the table with me and an awesome story to tell!
  2. kacey3

    2014 Feedback

    I actually really like the idea of a raffle going on for the duration of the con, and you have to choose whether you are going to enter the raffle, or save up for the auction. I think that would actually lower the bid level of some of the auction items, while simultaneously giving the people who firmly believe that they don't have enough Reaper Buck to compete, something to hope for. I would say that the raffle closes right before the auction starts and the winners are announced at the end of the auction.
  3. Oh, I'm already working on several secret achievement ribbons of my own. Muhahaha!
  4. We'd be glad to have you. And as I say every year, I can pretty much set up a game on demand. You just need to bring yourself and three other people. If we learned anything this year, we can handle multiple simultaneous Fiascos with very little additional effort.
  5. kacey3

    2014 Feedback

    Well, I didn't have a single person come to my table claiming to have pre-registered. So if I ran anyone off in favor of squatters, then I applogize.
  6. kacey3

    2014 Feedback

    I have to agree on this, at least to a point. I was confused that there were no numbers on the tables and even as someone hosting a game, I was told to just "pick a table." I realize it would have been no sweat to just walk up and ask "what game is this?" but sometimes you feel like you're invading or interrupting something by doing that. I did my best to at least keep the Fiasco stuff visible at all times so that my table was obvious, but with 3+ tables running Pathfinder, you would definitely have a hard time determining which one was yours.
  7. That will likely be one of my favorite cinematic scenes for a very long time, and an example of how you can not only play with time, but also craft a gorgeous sequence of scenes regardless of how silly the story gets.
  8. As many of you may know by now, I'm the "Fiasco Master" of ReaperCon and I want to humbly thank all of my many players for sitting down at a table and playing their hands at Fiasco. There were so many great stories woven at those tables, I would love it if the players would regale us with their recolections of their game sessions. As the one who simply brings the books and materials and sort of just guides players though the very light rules of the game, I enjoy sitting back and listening to the radio dramas that emminate out of the players' imaginations. My only regret is at the "Fiasco After Dark" session is that I was running from table to table and never really got the full lowdown on all three tables. I'd love to know how that office building caught on fire, or how Pickle ended up in jail, or why the lovely barmaid was buried in the mines under the town, or if those kids ever really did get their bicycles. So please, take a time to share your stories and show people how crazy and creative Fiasco can be!
  9. Well, there is one appropriately uncomfortable photo of me, is I guess we're good in that respect.
  10. And I was so busy running from table to table, I didn't even get a chance to gobble those nuts.
  11. There was no shortage of amazing Fiasco adventures this time around!
  12. I'm "The Friend" who backed it, and while I agree, the expansions are definitely targetted at more fringe audiences, the core game seems to me to be pretty true to the Westward expansion theme. I haven't seen anything in the preview cards about anything "inexplicable." I think the expansions are the only place where the outside elements show up. I backed the Reboot, and now the Threeboot (which I think is a hilarious term in and of itself). I watch every day to see how far it's climbed and it's just such a slow progress. Even if you're not backing it yourself, it can't hurt anything to share the project around and get some more eyes on it. If you haven't watched their promo video where one of the characters ends up playing an infant, then you should at least check that out. The game looks genuinely fun and entertaining.
  13. It is, however, a good way to get "that one mini" that came in a set that you didn't want the rest of...
  14. In lieu of trade, you can always by metal off the table at a flat rate per oz (usually $6-7 per ounce).
  15. I believe the person using their hand as a brush wipe is Sanael; though I expect it's more like he's using it as a palette.
  16. http://coolglow.com/1/2738/2738/TV-and-Movie-Costumes/19470/The-Three-Amigos-Deluxe-Adult-Costume/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=00-CS&CAWELAID=1792147687&"cagpspn=pla"&gclid=CLiwv4SI6rYCFcR_Qgod8kMAKA So... How many are we getting in bulk?
  17. I heard back from Bully Pulpit today and while they are no longer publishing independant playsets, they had this to say about Carnival De Extraordinare... So without further ado, here is my playset, all ready to drop into your next Fiasco!
  18. I appreciate how you totally distracted the rabble from the obvious clue of the dinosaur in their swag bags...er, um, wait... lemon is good. Um, there were dinos in the bag last year...
  19. Kaly is simply too large for me to really want two of them, but I could certainly see a second base coming in useful. Two Kaladraxi, at that size, would make some nice bookends.
  20. While it is a new image, the Sophie at the back of the program is very similar to one that's been hanging out at Reaper for years...
  21. Here's hoping that they're able to get the con all back together again next year. I missed being a part of the floor chaos and then subsequently playing "Where's Waldo" and trying to find myself in everyone's photos.
  22. Yes. Yes it was. It was a great weekend for riding, and that commute only made the con that much better.
  23. I have submitted Carnival De Extraordinare to Bully Pulpit Games. If they wish to publish it on their site, then I will immediately link it here. If they are uninterested in it, then I will host it myself and share it on the forum, as well.
  24. You know, I notice you live in Dallas, and it just so happens that "The Real Wayne Newton" lives right around the corner from me. We should get together for a Fiasco on some lazy Saturday.
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