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  1. The theme isn't too much of a secret, it was printed in the back of this year's program.
  2. I do plan on posting it online shortly...
  3. I want to thank the few, dedicated people who came out to Ice Base Echo to play Fiasco! this year. I loved watching Ofilia succumb to her laudanum addiction while the Cannibal Cannonball mutated into a horrible beast. Meanwhile, I'm sorry that Earl never got his beloved combine, but at least Myrtle got that old abandoned farm torn down. Maybe next year ReaperCon will be once again unified, and we'll see a bit more action out at the gaming tables.
  4. If you've got one, a motorcycle can pretty much guarantee you a parking spot. I'm just saying...
  5. I've heard both 6pm and 7pm, so I will be assuming the earlier out of fear that it will be gone too quickly. And remember, if you are visiting from out of town, try to carpool from the hotel as parking is limited and I've not heard one way or the other about a shuttle this evening and there really are only about 30 spots at the factory, these days.
  6. Okay, I believe I have all my materials in order. Just printed the new playset and got everything packaged and ready to go... and I don't even have my first table until Friday! I plan to simply enjoy the con tomorrow, but I do plan on having all of the Fiasco stuff with me, nevertheless.
  7. Well, I plan to have my gear on me at all times for pickup games. I'll even bring some extra playsets so that people can pick and choose if they have time for a pickup game.
  8. I usually pick based on who has the best logo... yeah, I'm that superficial.
  9. The down side to living in Denton, I only get to take two days off of work for the con. The up side to living in Denton, I only have to drive 15 minutes to get to the con and I get to sleep in my own bed every night.
  10. In truth, Texas Land and Cattle is a really good steakhouse, with prices to match.
  11. Ah, much better. I have always found PDFs to be the most flexible and universal method of disseminating information.
  12. Am I missing where you've attached said spreadsheet?
  13. Since details to some of the games are being released, I figured I would set the scene for our Fiasco! this year. Witness the score behind The Carnival De Extraordinare! And remember, this game is not run by any kind of storyteller. I simply give you the tools, and you craft your own morbid tale.
  14. Well, I'll just have to make sure and get some as soon as I can get in the door!
  15. Okay, I officially love these. You will have these at ReaperCon? Yes?
  16. I can assure you, Mice and Mystics is an awesome game... and the figures included are almost as good as Reaper Mouslings. I bought the game, in part, to expand my wife's ever growing collection of fantasy attired mice.
  17. I am finishing up the exclusive Fiasco PlaySet based around this year's ReaperCon theme of the Dark Carnival. Here's a teaser of the cover that my brother so kindly put together for me. There will be four official opportunities to play: twice on Friday and twice on Saturday. Be sure to show up promptly as we had tables fill almost immediately last year. I will also likely be walking around the Con with materials in hand for "unsanctioned" games.
  18. By the way, I am currently working on the ReaperCon exclusive PlayKit for my Fiasco sessions this year. If you missed it last year, you really should try to make time.
  19. Based on the pattern established so far, this is very likely.
  20. Tell them that if they buy in, we'll almost definitely hit $1 per mini and beyond! Their contribution can only help.
  21. I may or may not have just created a Dashboard widget to keep track of the pledge level.
  22. I just want to know why that pledge total doesn't go up by $18 every time I hit refresh...
  23. My experience with plastic minis (not Bones) is that a few seconds in some hot water - not boiling - just hot enough you can barely stand it will soften the plastic enough to bend it back into place. Then you hold it where you want it while it cools and Presto! Your mini is fixed. I've had to do this with a bunch of the minis that came with the D&D Adventure System games and we were able to do it with the hot water provided for making tea in a hotel lobby. Worked like a charm!
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