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  1. I can't remember the name of the system, but I believe it was only running on Friday. The miniatures were fantastic, especially the storm clouds.
  2. Dude, how long did you talk to that guy?
  3. I'm considering painting again, like I have the time...

  4. I was just so intent at the Fiasco table. So many good stories, I was too enraptured to look up!
  5. I love hearing "First Hand" how Reaper came to be. I can honestly say I had no idea the path that they took. Thanks for this, Ed. I'll try to have my idea for the Gamerati video ready for GenCon. ;)
  6. I was glad that you got the opportunity to at least sit in on a game of Fiasco. Next time we'll have to get you in a full game, properly.
  7. I can see bits an pieces of me here and there. Mostly on the day-two photos.
  8. I've already put the Con on my calendar!
  9. FYI, I fully intend to have Fiasco again next year... and hopefully with a custom themed playset to go with the convention theme.
  10. I live here (in Denton) so its pretty much a given that I'll be there. Thanks for reserving me a seat!
  11. Okay, now I'm the one who's sad and jealous!
  12. It must have been insanely popular this year... I couldn't get into a session to save my life!
  13. I've added more photos to my Flickr stream, mostly of people I tracked down from the four sessions of Fiasco. All great players. I had a blast, guys. Thanks for the insanity!
  14. That would be the metal traded in at the Boneyard sale. You bring in metal to trade for new minis and it all gets dumped in one giant trough. People who have metal credit can either pull new from the rack, or old from the trough.
  15. I tried to include one detail from each story. ;)
  16. So I had a BLAST with Fiasco! this year. Even if all I did was watch all of you spiral completely out of control, it was the best! Every game was unique, entertaining, and hilarious to watch! If you played Fiasco! I'd love it if you would post a bit about your game to share your experiences. Go ahead, don't be shy. The tales of Jimnancyton, Timmy the abused orphan, the killer window cleaner, or even "Wayne Newton" should live on in infamy!
  17. Another photo of my back for the collection! Awesome!
  18. Here are a couple of photos from ReaperCon, taken between my sessions of Fiasco. I'll try to grab a few more tomorrow and as them to my Flickr stream.
  19. I would love to include quotes from our Fiaco! games, but there were too many great moments, and the best should nevertheless be published on a public forum.
  20. Very cool! I'm partially in one photo, and nearly almost in three more.
  21. I didn't officially meet anyone I didn't already know, but I sure am full of BBQ WMD cupcakes.
  22. speaking of meet and greet, when does that start???? haldir summed it up best in another thread:
  23. I'm sitting in my office, 8 miles from Reaper, working on summer budgets and thinking about my 15 minute drive over to the Meet & Greet, tonight.
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