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  1. Too bad I have no pirate costuming at all to speak of.
  2. So, apparently you know me, but I don't know you... Kacey, that's Michael Genet of the Ravenloft game. Ah hah! Cool! ...and that's why people should use their real names, somewhere on the site. ;)
  3. So, apparently you know me, but I don't know you...
  4. They're slotted for 3 hours, but the game typically lasts for two. I wanted a little extra time for explanation and exposition.
  5. ReaperCon 2012 is on the verge.

  6. Based on my past experiences with Fiasco, if it were representative of my life, I'd probably be dead, already.
  7. Conveniently, the best BBQ I've ever eaten is right down the road from Reaper. Be sure to ask someone, anyone, local about Tredways.
  8. So this year I have volunteered to bring Fiasco! to ReaperCon. Games will be held at Noon and 4pm on Friday, and 10am and 1pm on Saturday. If you are unfamiliar with Fiasco!, it is a GM-Less role playing game where the players are fully to blame for the story. Using an incredibly rules lite system, 3-5 players will construct a story in the vein of the Cohen Brothers' films in which fairly average people get into situations well over their heads and are then subject to their own self-inflicted downfall. It is a truly co-operative storytelling experience. I will be on hand to introduce the game, assist with the rules, and sit in on tables that have too few players. I can't claim to run the game because it mostly runs itself. I will have a small selection of playsets to choose from at game time. For more information, feel free to visit the Bully Pulpit site and read more about Fiasco!
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