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  1. Yeppers ty Inarah we shall see. I do like that Haldir played my guy to a tee. It was awesome to find out I went insane. I was kind of hoping Cory would have dropped my butt though. You know Lawful Good Clerics always doing the right thing. I am thinking of running a game for the AetherCon. If anyone is interested let me know I will write you in. Well I guess this is TTFN ta ta for now. PS how is Charas and Body Guards romance going they still playing puss foot or did that play itself out?
  2. I am back if you all want me. I sent Randy a PM with suggestions on how to bring me back. Just wondering if you guys would like me back. I do apologize for having to flake out that is not something I like doing, but family comes first. Let me know where I stand.
  3. I am having some major family issues right now. I do not think I will be able to give you folks the time necessary. I am very sorry, I hope you guys can find someone to replace me. Thank you all, it has been a wonderful experience. Sorry if I have offend any of you. I would like to think that things where going well. I wish all of you the best of luck.
  4. Nope I can see everything just fine from here... You know having these good eyes and all.
  5. Hey all my email was hacked and in the process my computer contracted a nasty cold. I will be AFK till probally saturday night. Sorry for any inconvience.
  6. The way you did it works perfectly.
  7. Golden does his best to help Chara along. He is not known for his surgical abilities, Though he is highly Intelligent and has seen several procedures done, So he is doing his best to mimic those times. Body Guard takes another swing at the Snake 19 on a D20 Woot! Go hireling Go go...
  8. Ooc body guard is fighting snake. Golden is helping with first aide.
  9. I roll a 4. Body Guard swings. 8 on d20. Golden is applying first aide to charas wounds.
  10. Golden will go to try and help chara with her wounds. Body Guard will try to do his best at keeping the snakes attention away from Chara and Golden. He makes a swing at the Snake and rolls a 19 Woot Been liking my rolls lately, not so good for my group on game night though lol. OOC Also, that journal I retrieved, is there any indication in there about the guardians of the cult or anything like that. I would imagine that if this dude was excited about Slaves, that he would be even more excited when one of the beasts protecting the place had one of the Slaves for dinner. Maybe I can figure out what kind of cure we will need or at least what kind of beast this is.
  11. Golden's missile hits for: rolled 1d4 got a three Body Guard makes a swing at the Snakes head and side steps right after the missiles unleashed to put himself in front of Golden leaving the snake no way to get at Golden. He rolls a 15 on a d20.
  12. 1d6 first round winner takes all. Easiest way to do it for me. I can not all ways be rolling dice and such at work.
  13. I will find my place some wheres out of the way and fire a magic missile. I yell "watch out that damn thing is poisonous!" Body guard will find his place in line once every one else has. He will remain close to me though.
  14. So the dead body is fresh? And if so what color is his skin. I am asuming he has not been dead long, because you said his eyeballs are still intact. Do we notice any puncture wounds on his body. Is the snakes eyes diamond in shape?
  15. Well that tells me that this gentleman might be the one that owned the sword. Maybe he and a few of the cult have taken up residency once more. Or worse mabe they never left but are still here not in form but in spirit.carry on carry on just some musing by an old dwarf. I would like to hold on to the books that may be selvaged. If I may have a few titles.
  16. Is there any books or tomes lying around. I would imagine a man with such a nice sword would be educated. If there is they might be able to tell us more about this place and the people that where here.
  17. turning in early tonight. So if Haldir does not allow the Dance of detection, then we will use Charas idea. Please do go on. Tomorrow night is game night so I will not be checking in until late evening.
  18. You two fools hear me sputering somin yan all might want to be getting out the way. Golden stats loudly just to get under corys skin. Followed by a hearty bwahaha. As loud as he can. Hey you theif why not hide and shadows and take the perimeter. Body Guard is inteligent enough to avoid traps. We've got there attention. You try n figure out what we dealing with. Body Guard draws his sword and follows through a pattern that looks as though he is a graceful dancer. A master swords man taught the dance to him. It is called the dance of detection. It allows him to sense the slightest changes in his surroundings. OOC if you will allow this mister dm if not then I will edit post.
  19. See look I am learning. I borrowed this idea and I feel made it better. I hope you like it too. Darts ‘N’ Ale(Game) Must roll below dex score to hit target. You gain a bullseye when you are at or with in one of your Dex score plus or minus. If you roll above your Dex score then you must Drink. Your character can only Drink there constitution score. Once they have had drinks beyond that they are drunk and must start taking a -1 for every other drink past there Con score to all saves and functions. Once you have drank your con score plus half, you will pass out. The winner is the one that can score ten hits before any one else. A Bullseye counts as two hits. Then you grant a prize and or all bets. Thank you Haldir for showing me something new. I would not have been able to create this game with out your knowledge and patience. I am humbled before your wisdom.
  20. Well this gets me to thinking. What kind of creatures would not need any water; but is not only smart, fast, and strong enough to shoot one of ours and run off. Any body got any ideas.
  21. Golden to Body Guard Well you just earned your self point. Tell me to shut my yapper again... Grumble... Body Guard starts for the stairs and will climb them if no one stops him. In the mean time Golden will keep close to Chara and look to her and Sam for protecting or at the very least to hide behind.
  22. Body Guard says "You damn fool dwarf there is no one here." "quite all that damn yapping and lets figure our way around here." He pulls the rope and it falls to pieces.
  23. @Haldir Thank you for clarifying that for me. I had know idea what you where saying and now I think I get it. Body Guard has a ten intl., so all I would have to do is roll below ten? Please let me know if I have got this right. Yeah Matt put the single save system in place to simplify things. Save throw stays the same, so there is not a constant looking it up kind of thing for the goings on. @Spike Most certainly have had frog legs. The taste is excellent, but there is not enough meat on them for me. Now if we had some frog legs like what we just killed in game, I would be the first one running for the spit. All though I think I would opt for sweet and sour sauce or wasabi.
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