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  1. Those wishing to play in the NWN PW Event. It is going to hopefully start this Saturday and will be held between 1pm-4pm central time. That would be 2pm - 5pm est. http://blackstonekeep.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&p=28874#p28874 You need to sign up on the forums and pm DM_Phoebe I will be on there the Night before to help those get used to playing the game again. Just let me know if you are interested. This will be a real time event each week.
  2. Cory carefully goes through the dwarfs backpack looking for any indications as to what he has been up too, why he had join with these ruffians and if he had any part in the death of Slik. (ooc/ Let me know if I need to make any rolls)
  3. Cory relaxes his grip on his mace and motions the new comer over to examine the pack. "I was just going to destory the dwarf's spellbook as a punishment for his crimes against us, but you are more than welcome to take it if you wish." Cory takes a step back to watch Tiron examine the pack while still keeping a not completely trustful eye to make sure he didn't try to steal anything that may be within the pack other than his over of the dwarf's spellbook.
  4. Cory awakes from his one mindedness about the wizard's pack to notice the new comer and his offer. "Yes that might be wise, but first who are you and are you any part of this group we have just defeated?" Cory grabs his mace and takes a defensive posture, ignoring the wizard's pack for the moment. With Chara watching the Dwarf, Cory motions for Isha to back him up with this stranger who is presumptuous enough to walk up and talk to him after their battle with Golden's band of thieves.
  5. While everyone is searching through the treasures that they have found upon the other of Golden's party. Cory finds himself quite interested in Goldens pack. He will carefully take the dwarf's pack. Cory walks over to Chara and whispers "Watch the dwarf for a moment if you would, and Bodygaurd I don't want to leave those two alone very long." Cory careful lays the pack down. Reaching into his own pack he takes out a healing drought and quaffs it. (rolls d6+1 = 4, Cory is now at 8hp out of his 11.) The cleric being cautious then steps back to open the pack at arms lenth with his shield between him and the bag. He has had enough suprises for the day. Once open he will examine its contents.
  6. (init roll d6=3) "I have had about enough of that!", Cory picks up his mace which was laying by his side while he administered to Golden's wounds, swiftly smashing it upon the dwarfs head to knock him unconscious. "Get that rag in the dwarfs mouth he yells at Bodygaurd." (roll to hit d20 = 9+4 = 11. I am assuming a +4 advantage since the dwarf is tied and laying prone before Cory roll for damage d6=3)
  7. I am running it on windows 7 64 bit machine. Most of the difficulties will be updating and making sure you have the CEP 2.3 hakpaks. If you run into problems with that let me know. I think you have to download the patch from nwvault and place it in your nwn directory before running the update option.
  8. Anyone here play Neverwinter Nights by Bioware? Do you still have the game? Interested in participating in DM ran event on a Persistant World? If you answered yes to any of the above then you are needed to play in a sheduled event that will take place on Friday or Saturday's They usually run for a couple of hours, pure role-play fun. If not no worries. Just trying to get some people in some realtime fun. Game http://www.amazon.co...c/dp/B000B8K7RC Game World http://blackstonekeep.com/
  9. "For the moment no, I might have to force another potion down his gullet. But at the first sign of his trying to say something you can stuff the rag in his mouth." Cory checks the dwarf after the spell he cast to see if he is alive and stable.
  10. Cory checks the dwarf again to make sure he hasn't totally expired. "Yes Golden seems to have that effect on people in general it seems. But it doesn't mean we should out right kill the little man. It is best to turn him over to the proper authorities after we have questioned him on his resent behavior." Cory motions to the rope he had out ready to tie up the dwarf. "Could you tie his hads together so he can not do something tricky when he comes through."
  11. Cory taps the dwarfs head with his holy symbol while saying a small prayer. (Cast Heal Minor Wounds upon the dwarf. Rolls d6+1 = 5) "You will not die you slimey fool! I intend to turn you over to the proper authorities after I have my own questions answered."
  12. Here is the picture of my dice rolls
  13. In a last ditch effort. Cory shoves a healing potion that he pulls from his patch and shoves it down the throat of the dwarf. "You messly little man, you won't die until I get answers to my questions." The cleric says a prayer to St. Cuthbert that he had made it in time to save the dwarf, even though they didn't see eye to eye, Cory did not really want the dwarf to die at his hand, maybe some large cat to eat him. (rolls d4+1 = 4+1 = 5) (rolls d100 = 100) /ooc I don't believe this. I use the D&D random dice roller to make my rolls. I even take screenshots in case someone calls me on my rolls. Of all times to roll a 100 on s prayer to ones god for a character I as a player wish was dead.)
  14. But some of the best creativity comes from the lack of sleep. Hope to it! j/k. Get some sleep, eat a good meal, Drink some caffine. Then start rolling dice. But in truth I don't think everyone has posted a reply for the last round yet.
  15. (roll d6 = 5 for init) Cory rushes to the fallen dwarf pulling a rag and rope from his pack, stuffing the rag into the dwarf's mouth and quickly tying his hands before checking to see if the dwarf is still alive or not. The cleric of St. Cuthbert was not going to be suprised by this dwarf again and was taking no chances.
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