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  1. Easier on the wallet would indeed be nice. How about a list that uses just the orcs and gnolls?
  2. Right. I received my order today and I'm very psyched. I have decided to start a Kargir army. Now in my next order I'll buy the other Warlord book so I have the stats for my chosen faction. Can I create a viable army using only the models released to date in the Kargir Warlord section? If so, which one and what do I need to order?
  3. You know, now that you guys mention it, I do have a great confrontation army collection from before its manufacturer totally f*cked up the game. But I can't really imagine reaper being pleased with me not supporting them and using someone else's models.
  4. Thank you all very much for the info. This helps a lot. I foresee a 99% chance I will start this game. And I never ever proxy. Not that I look down on people that do, far from it. But I believe in supporting the gamingcompanies that give me the chance to enjoy myself every day. And since I have a steady income and a tolerant wife , I'm going to give reaper a lot of money! Cheers!
  5. Thank you. That just about answers all of my questions. The price of reaper products is a very BIG reason I did not hesitate to buy the rulebook. At least, here is a game for which I don't have to be a millionaire to get an army. These cards that you use for initiative? Do they come with the rulebook or do I have to make them myself? Are there datacards for the various models? If so do they come with the models? On an unrelated issue, is reaper going to shift to resin in the future or are they going to keep to their metal?
  6. I've been curious about this game for a long time. Mostly because I'm attracted by the beautifull models of some factions but I can't seem to find an accurate desription of what kind of game it is on the reaper site. I know it's wargame. But what kind? Skirmish? Unit based? How do the turns alternate (per model, per unit, per army)? What is the standard size of a game? Why do not all of the factions represented on the online store appear on the warlord explanatory page? Can I compare it with other wargames in terms of gameplay (warhammer, warmahordes, malifaux, confrontation)? I'm liking the models so much I am definatly going to play it. I already bought it from the online store but it said I had to wait 3 weeks to cross the ocean so I'm just curious.
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