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  1. What if its an enlarged gnome? On a serious note though,gnome minis do seem hard to come by though.Mabey the idea is that Gnomes and Halflings are similar in size,so the minis are possibly intended to be either.Then again mabey halfling minis dont look gnomish enough for the discering consumer.
  2. I was 4-14 myself so the 80's were my childhood years,not my highschool daze.For me personaly the decade was marked by Star Wars movies,Robotech cartoons,Terminator,Aliens,Bladerunner and Atari video games. I did have two older stepbrothers,one of which was fully into the Big Hair Metal scene,so I guess I was fortunate enough to recieve greater than average exposure to the music for a kid my age. My wife is ten years my senior,and occasionally something from the 80's comes up in conversation.She'll ask me what I was doing a certain year,like 83 for example,and I have to reply,"Um,I was in 1st grade then." Usually our kids make me feel like an old fogey,but after reading some of this,I feel young by comparison.Thanks. :laugh: And remember,Youth and Speed is no match for Age and Cunning. (In an attempt to make an "on topic" comment,Ill post some pics of me as soon as I get a camera,and get some developed.Mabey Ill get a good one of a live fire at Camp Shelby this summer.)
  3. www.Dwarvenforge.com Dwarven Forge makes some nifty traps and things.Kinda pricey though. One of my buddies got a stuffed fanged rabit from an as of yet unamed female friend of his.I think its supposed to be the rabbit from Monty Python's "the Holy Grail".I believe he said she got it through Diamond P Distributors. And for slime,and gelatinous creatures,well,theres always room for Jell-O! :laugh: Seriously though,you could cast your own with a little bit of resin.One of my "Ill-get-around-to-it-someday" projects was to cast a resin Gelatinous Cube with a skeleton and a few peices of gold and silver glitter imbedded in it.Im not sure if the paint would survive immersion in semi cured resin though. If I ever get up off my butt and do it Ill let you know how it turns out.
  4. Should it be deep fried "Elvis" style,or eaten raw? How the heck would you deep fry a peanut butter and bannanna sandwich anyway?
  5. Thanks for the links Harlequin. :) Whats the deal with the tree rat? :oo: Anybody found a good Half Orc?
  6. How about Conan.I dont mean a generic barbarian,I mean CONAN!Scale replica sword and all...
  7. A Half-Orc.Ive yet to find a good half-orc.
  8. Hey,is that some of Larry Elmore's artwork?
  9. Are you sure its a bearded female? Mabey its the J. Edgar Hoover of Dwarves...
  10. Odd as it is,Garth Brooks started out doing Kiss covers,and was even on their latest tribute album. Actually a lot of the music on the local classic rock station is considered 'southern rock' which pretty much blurs the distinction between country and rock.(Although I dont exactly understand how CCR is considered 'southern' since good ol John Fogerty is from way up north somewhere.) I dont much care for the musical classification system that the industry invokes.It seems to me that way too often a great band cant get air time because they cant conviently be categorized as 'rock','country',or 'rap'.Everything else is labeled 'altenative'.That trend seems to be fading away now though,and Im glad of it.
  11. Nah,I think gangsta rap would probably be beelzebub's torture tunes of choice.I can imagine acres upon acres of broken down 200 dollar cars with 1000 dollar stereos blasting away for all eternity. Or worse...bubblegum pop. But hey,thats just an opinion.
  12. Jonnie Cash isnt so bad.Well,he wouldnt be my first choice for musical entertainment,but if there's a country guy I like,its probably Jonny Cash.
  13. Wow,lots of really good musical recomendations here.Now Im tempted to go out and expand my pathetically skimpy cd collection as opposed to expanding my more pathetically skimpy mini and supply collection. My wife and I share a stash of music on the hard drive and Ive noticed some odd combitations,like Disturbed's 'the Sickness',followed immediately by 'Jesus is just alright with me' by the Doobie Brothers.Then we have Rage Against the Machines' 'Calm Like a Bomb',and 'Flowers in Your Hair' by the Mamas and the Papas. Strangely enough,we both like it all. Ill listen to a pretty broad range of music while Im working on any hobby since my musical tastes at the moment has more to do with what kind of mood Im in rather than with what Im painting or working on. When it comes speciffically to mini painting though,I lean more to classic rock,since its a bit more laid back than Rob Zombie,or NiN,for example. I love Pink Floyd,Waters,or Gilmore either one,Jethro Tull,Dire Straits,Led Zeplin,Aerosmith,Black Sabbath,Creedance Clearwater Revival,the Eagles,the Roling Stones,(especially 'paint it black') and ZZ Top,and the Doors,and Jimmi Hendrix. Those are just a few drops in the ocean of my favorite music. I noticed though that nobody mentioned Lorrenna McKinnet...I thought surely some of yall would listen to her stuff.
  14. "I have a very good friend in Rome named Biggus..." Watch Monty Python's 'the Life of Brian' for the rest. :laugh:
  15. Wow Lady Tam,you look a whole lot like a Luis Royo painting.
  16. Tox would work.I saw that one inthe catalog.Were still gonna upgrade to the Dark Wizard as soon as possible,though. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  17. Somebody definatly has the rights to the DragonLance minis,Im sure. However,with the up coming release of the Dragonlance campaign setting this fall,we just might see Tannis,Tas,Flint,and the rest.(All hail Lord Soth...or Raistlin,tough call on that one.) Also according to the 'rumor mill' on the D.L. site an undisclosed production studio has aquired the option for a Dragonlance movie.That doesnt promise anything,but pray to the deity of your choice that its better than the last DnD movie.GAG!!!
  18. He saw the Dark Wizard that Crusoe the Painter suggested,and his jaw nearly hit the floor.That one's perfect,it even has a little dragon with him,and Ive never attempted to paint an image on a cloak,so it'll be fun to bring out the dragon embroidery on his back. As far as colors go,here is the trick.He loves blue.Im wondering if I can work a substantial amount of blue into the color scheme. Super hot flames have a little blue in them.Mabey it'll work.Besides,since its still in the "green" stage,I probably have time to think about it. Ill have to get him some other wizard mini for the time being,and 'upgrade' latter. Now,he also needs a Dwarven Fighter for his other PC.I was trying to push the front man for 'Warlord',but he didnt go for it.Besides,that one seems more Viking than Dwarven anywho. (Besides,I wanted it,its just a cool lookin' mini. )
  19. I checked the Magic Weapon Special Abilities Discriptions section in the DMG (pages 185-188). It says,"A spell storing weapon allows a spellcaster store a single targeted spell of up to 3rd level in the weapon." The discription of the Empower Spell Metamagic Feat (page 82,PHB) also says an empoyered spell takes up a spell slot two levels higher than usual,so yes,an empowered fire ball does take up a 5th level slot.So basically,only an empowered 1st level spell will work. Spell Storing is also a +1 bonus for purposes of calculating cost,so Spell Storing cross bow bolts cost an extra 2000 gp,for a case of 10.It'll cost even more for an NPC to cast the spell to store into them if your characters cant for whatever reason.And a viscious DM would charge you that spell casting fee 10 times over,once for each bolt. Also remeber that the cross bow cannot impart 'spell storing' to ordinarry bolts.The bolts themselves have to have the spell.(Unless you plan to have somebody bonk a monster on the head with the cross bow.In that case the stored spell would trigger if the target takes damage from the attack.) All in all,considering the 3rd level spell limit on spell storing,is it really worth it to put an empowered 1st level spell into a fairly expensive cross bow bolt?Thats probably the real question you have to address... --SkorpionDrache,and his itty-bitty DM dunce cap. :laugh:
  20. We took a look at the Dark Wizard,and thats the one.Any ideas on when it will be available? And yeah,the little dragon familiar does seem more appropriate than the fairy dragon. Thanks for the help :)
  21. Well,I need some help.Which Reaper fig would make a good Fire Genasi Wizard? Ill need a pseudodragon familiar too...I was thinking the little fairy dragon familiar would work for that,but Im open to sugestions.
  22. Thanks for the Links and additional info.I perused both,and it does look like something worth considering. And if your going to be frowned upon for "hijacking the thread",I suppose I'll take responsibility for putting you up to it.
  23. StarGrunt??? What is this Star Grunt that is spoken so highly of?Mabey somebody will be nice and send me a link to some info...sounds interesting. My big gripe with infantry based games is that they dont reflect what a squad or platoon could acomplish in the real world.There is such a thing as becoming 'combat ineffective' due to wounds.Most games Ive seen (which is admittidly not many) equate it to either your dead or your not. Ill have to look into stargrunt. By the way,I dont hate GW,but I did get the imediate impression that they were 'big bizniz',so I never invested.100 plus bucks to start??Puh-leez.(That could be a DnD argument to,hmmm...)
  24. Could you narrow it down a little??? Just Kidding.Thats a great idea,and Ill make it a point to get a disposeable camera next month.Some guys at work wanted to know what we do when we go off for our summer drill,so I thought Id take some pictures there. Ill also take a pic of me and the guys I play BattleTech with,assuming the four of us can ever sychronize our schedules,and manage to all show up more often than once every two or three months. :glare:
  25. This topic as become quite the can o worms.Actually the phrase "Sh*#storm" comes to mind,but Im probably not supposed to say that. Actually both the "point" and "counter-point" sides of the house have valid arguments,and truth be told,its not like those of us who have played for a while havent dealt with minor and/or major rules modifications before. Anybody remember dealing with going from DnD,to ADnD,to 2nd ed.ADnD? The whole process of figuring out just which rule set a particular DM allows,and what the variations are really isnt anything new. Mabey Im just babbling now,but Im sure 3.5 will sell,and sell well.The individual doesnt HAVE to buy it,and it irks me that I just might spend a decent 80 to 100 dollars just to get the "up to the minuite" books,and Ill then have to update my players,but Im also pretty curious to see what changes.I already know that Ill like some of it,and I wont like some of it,but thats life. Honestly though,I do get the impression that considering just how quickly this new edition has launched since V3.0,it could've been playtested a little better,and more thought put into it the last time around.
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