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  1. Thanks everybody! What started as the simple thought of "Hey, that Modern Ninja mini looks like Snake Eyes" has turned into a bit of an obsession. Got a huge list of minis I plan to paint up. And I bet that if I left that Zartan mini out in the sun, it *would* change colors, but only once. :) -c
  2. Disclaimer: I'm still more of a dabbler than a painter, so I'm not claiming these are fantastic paint jobs. That being said, my project is similar to what other have mentioned: Painting up some mini G.I.Joes and Cobras. I plan to use a mix of metal minis and anything else I can get my hands on. Expect to see a lot of modded Heroclix. I'll be posting my results little by little here: http://mini-ventures.blogspot.com/ Cheers! -c
  3. Thanks! I didn't think about making a homemade one, but after looking through the articles, I think I'll try a homemade one first. I didn't have much luck searching the forums at first but I think I misspelled "palette". :) Thanks! -c
  4. I'm still a novice to mini painting (got about 8 minis under my belt) and am looking to start learning blending and shading. Seems like lots of people recommend wet palettes, but I don't really know how they work and if they work with Reaper paints. Any recommendations for wet palette setups? Or alternatives? Thanks! -c
  5. OK, I've had a few months now of practice (and also some break time in between to forget what I learned.) As you can see from the images attached, I'm slightly getting better: the warrior lady and sorceress are OK. The sorceress has a ton of mistake ranging from bad eyes and hair to a pretty gross looking robe color. The green haired elf guy came out better, although my attempts to make his base look snowy didn't come out great, but the eyes turned out not too awful. The drow would be better if the purple wasn't so dark (and dusty), but came out pretty good. I can honestly say now that I have NO IDEA how people paint some of the super detailed eyes. I've decided that those people must only be about 12 inches tall themselves or something. My current WIP I tried so many times to get the eyes right that I basically shellacked the mini's face and had to clean layer after layer of paint off so I can start again. *sigh* But hey, it's fun right. :) -d
  6. Hey, that sounds like a new way to try. I'll see if that works. Thanks! I know what you mean about improving. I'm on #3 and I already see things getting better. I'd be more embarrassed but the photo is bad enough that it kind of hides how bad it is. :) Thanks! -D
  7. Thanks for the feedback and great answers. I'm definitely enjoying my new hobby. I learned a lot on the first one and, though you can't tell in the pic, the rat turned out way better. Now working on my 3rd and it's coming out even better, although I spent about 4 hours just trying to get the eyes right!. Thanks! -D
  8. Is there a list of what colors are in the paint sets? I'm looking at the Master Series one set, but the pic is a little too blurry for me to see what colors are included. Thanks! -D
  9. Quick intro: I grew up dreaming about the Ral Partha minis I saw in Dragon Magazine, but for one reason or another, never got into painting them. (Probably $ related) After many years, I decided to try taking up a new hobby and purchased the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit #1. I have to say: the instructions are great and it's much easier than I thought it would be (except the eyes, which drive me crazy.) Attached are my first attempts from the kit. My camera sucks so they look worse here than in real life, especially the guy. He looks blotchy due to my substandard sealing attempts. Anyway, I have a few questions: 1). Right now I'm sticking with Reaper paints since I have some from the kit and have a store nearby where I can get more. Are there any recommended basic colors or triads? Or do most people just buy a bottle of this or that when they need some? I'm not sure I need the giganto-set yet, but I'm not sure what I need... 2). I see what NMM is...but what is the advantage\disadvantage over using a metallic paint? 3). About re-basing...do people somehow cut the figures off the bases? I see tutorials about decorating the bases, but wasn't sure how rebasing works. Anyway, really having fun with my new hobby and want to say thanks to Reaper for the great kit and minis! -D
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