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  1. My dragon. I finished a while ago but didn't get around to posting it until tonight. The base was made with found materials, mostly scrap pieces of stone I covered with Green Stuff that I sculpted and painted to match the ruins the dragon was already standing on. It was a fun project that taught me a great deal. It also won Best in Show at the county fair. I was the only one to submit to the miniatures category, but there was one guy with a miniatures collection he had painted in the collections category. He was asked if he would split up his collection so I had someone to compete against and he said he was sure he would lose. What do you guys think?
  2. I found a few sites with miniatures I can use. The hardest was finding a miniature of a man in a power wheelchair. I found him at Free Board Games Now Now I just need to find tokens, paper minis, or some cheap option for unimportant NPCs and innocent bystanders.
  3. Besides the supernatural powers, the NPCs look very normal. I don't have spandex in my game. It is more like the movie, "Push" then it is "X-Men."
  4. Modern miniatures that are gun optional. What I mean by that is the hands could easily be given guns, but they don't have them with the actual miniature. This would make many of the miniatures more flexible in the type of game they are being used in. My players are actually complaining that the miniatures I want to use for the game have guns, and I really do not want to go through the trouble of converting them. A UFC fighter. You have a boxer, but UFC fighters look different. On a similar note, a tough guy hero in modern, normal clothing but who has no weapons. His fists are his weapons. More town folk. I would love to see someone in a wheelchair; either a push wheel chair or a power chair. Construction workers, firemen, paramedics, news crew, and (just for kicks) door to door evangelists (Mormons, Jehovah Witness types. One pair of males and one pair of females. No name tags, they just need books in their hands.)
  5. I am going to be running a modern game soon and I need modern miniatures. The biggest problem is that I can't seem to find modern minis that do not have guns in their hands. I have scoured the Reaper site and found lots of good candidates for my game but I still have several NPCs that I want miniatures for. Many of my NPCs do not use guns, but instead have supernatural powers. I could always convert the miniatures, but I would rather not put too much work into each miniature. Does anyone know of a collection of modern miniatures that do not have guns but could still be used in an action game?
  6. The whole thing is amazingly light, and the stone had some type of sealer on it. Also, the different stone pieces are glued to each other. I will keep some Gorilla Glue on hand though, as I am sure something will break off. I plan on this being more of a display piece then a play piece, so hopefully the wear and tear will be minimum and I can keep this dragon on it's perch for as long as I have him. Thanks for the feedback! I will be pinning the dragon to the stone now. I had not thought of that and I am sure it would be bad if I didn't.
  7. I just finished up detailing the dragon. The lines where the different pieces met ended up looking sloppy when I pinned them. It was my first time pinning a miniature though. I plan on reading up on the pinning process so it wont be so sloppy next time. It took some time and patience, but the lines look good now and I can base coat the whole dragon tomorrow.
  8. I am aware of them. I had forgotten there were so many of them. In fact I bought the shaman with the staff and fire and altered it so he was holding a lute and a potion. My friend was playing a kobold bard and needed a miniature, that was the best I could come up with for him. But to be honest, there is only one other company that I can find that makes a set of serious and good quality kobolds, and I like Reaper's kobolds better. I would like to see more kobolds, and have them in more styles so that there are viable miniatures for kobold PCs. Another note, are those the AD&D dog kobolds? Most settings have kobolds looking more draconic. Check out the picture of Chief Sootscale in Paizo's Kingmaker AP. Also a good reference is Open Designs mascot. I am not saying I don't like those kobolds, I am just asking for more of them.
  9. Looks like I need to touch up the back of the dragon. There seems to be a pretty clear line there that I know will show up once I paint him. I may touch up the lines in his wings too... Thoughts?
  10. I decided to paint me a dragon! I also wanted to make a cool base for the miniature. The material is all scrap from local workshops. The wood base is 3 inches by 3 inches (actually slightly smaller then that.) The gravel is from my fathers shop. I grabbed the stone from a scrap bin outside a place that makes stone tiles and counters. I smashed up a couple of larger pieces to make the smaller stuff. I used super glue to attach the larger stone pieces to the wood, and tacky glue for the gravel and ground up cork. I added a crossbow, a shield, and a helmet. I may add something like a skeleton's arm or a sword. I will be using some green stuff on the larger stone piece where the dragon stands to blend in the ruins in the dragon miniature and the stone in the base. I will then paint the green stuff, the shield, crossbow and helmet, but not anything else. I also plan on adding static grass. Any suggestions? Here are some pics of the process so far.
  11. I don't know about anyone else here, but I like kobolds and enjoy placing them as NPCs in my games. Not just as wilderness tribes in caves, but in city encounters as well. In fact, I was very pleased with Open Design's "Streets of Zobeck," setting and the fact that there is not only notable kobold NPCs but also a whole Kobold district in the the city of Zobeck. I also know people who are either playing Kobold PCs or have played them. It was no surprise then that, at the PaizoCon Preview Banquet, when they announced that the upcoming "Advanced Races Guide," would have a section about Kobolds, people cheered louder then for any other race. They are in plenty of Pathfinder modules and APs. Kingmaker, for example, has a couple tribes and the notable Kobold NPCs can even be given positions in the kingdom the PCs establish. Can we have some kobold love? Can we have some miniatures for kobolds beyond the small band that is currently available?
  12. My first Miniatures! I learned from reading lots of books like, "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures." I also had a hobby shop employee who would give me pointers at different parts of the process. The spartan was my first, and the others are in order of when they were completed. I know I need to work on brush control, highlighting, and my free hand skills.
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