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  1. The RAGE system is very flexible for adapting to new settings. The only issue is point values but if wanted to come up with your own Chronoscope based game but everything other than point values would be easy to come up with. You may want to come up with some new special abilities to represent new figure powers. I'd probably make up my own stats then guess what existing Warlord figures are closest to the fig in power/ability and use that point value.
  2. Is anyone else excited to see so much love for Reaper's Warlord Miniature game in this kickstarter? The new sculpts for the Orcs of Kargir will go nicely with the Orc force I started with the exising Bones figures and I be able to field an army completely made of Bones figures. The Crusaders already had a lot of characters made in earlier Bones releases including Duke Gerard, but they needed more soldiers. Not only are we getting some Crusaders, but brand new sculpts! Finally, Icingstead is getting both Yetis and Ice Giants! With their main characters already made in Bones, they went from a very expensive army to build in metal to a very cheap army to build!
  3. My guess is a few things hampered Warlord: Lack of cards and obvious packaging on the figure blisters. The cards were hit and miss if they were packaged together and even when you had cards, they weren't of card material. I think better packaging would have helped people remember that these awesome figures they are buying for RPGing or for collecting also have a game with them. Lack of marketing. Time after time, I would talk to people who didn't know Reaper had a game, let alone that it was good! Since they never heard of it until I mentioned it, they often assumed it must not have been very good. People are often that way. Thought that it would be expensive. Being an all-metal miniature line is something that I think wrongfully scared people away from trying it. I often heard people tell me that they liked Reaper for that occasional character in D&D because they thought the figures were great but that getting regular units in metal would be too expensive. I pointed out the minimal number of figures you would need to play, but now Bones is an even better answer. Already, many forces can cover their soldiers in Bones miniatures and the few that can't are probably only a matter of time. Some great leader figures are also available right now in Bones. For this reason, above all others, I think it is time for Warlord to rise!
  4. I've never heard of Herzog Games. What else have they done? I couldn't find anything online about this. Has this been announced by Reaper? I'd be interested in helping with any playtesting after this confirmed by Reaper as something that is happening. Anything I can do to help get this game back going, I plan to do. For anyone interested in playing who lives in the Detroit area, I am planning to setting up a game or tournament at U-Con in Ann Arbor, MI this year. My plan is to bring some loaner forces for players to join who don't have their own figures and use it to try and drum up some interest.
  5. Anyone in the Detroit area want to meet somewhere for games of Warlord? The Bones figs have rekindled my interest in the game.
  6. I say the time is ripe for a Warlord revival and I think Bones 3 would be a perfect chance. What if it was something that Reaper didn't need to spend money on? I am sure there are plenty of fans who would volunteer to scan the old rulebooks for Reaper for PDF download. If they can offer the rulebook pdf as a stretch goal on Bones III and it doesn't even cost them something, wouldn't that be cool? A group could be put together to update units or create stats for new units similar to how D&D Miniatures has been kept alive (somewhat....undead at least) by fans. I'd be willing to be part of that group!
  7. I played my first Warlord game last week and posted an after-action report on my blog. Feel free to check it out here: http://nuadha.6sided.net/2011/07/02/warlord-aar-first-battle/ I've got other posts on Warlord as well, and some posts on some other games.
  8. Played my first game today. My opponent and I talked after the game and we were thinking we would like a house rule that figures generally had to shoot at the nearest opponent, unless they are shooting at a creature with a larger size base. I was thinking that you could still choose to shoot at the next nearest guy, but it would require a DIS check, which would allow characters a better chance to ignore the regular joes and shoot at the Warlord or whatever. What do folks here think and are there are any house rules for the game you like and suggest?
  9. Are there any Warlord players on this board in the Detroit area?
  10. I just got my rulebook yesterday. Since I have a large collection of figures for D&D, I actually have option paralysis on which armies to build first. I already have the figs to run half of the armies in the book! On a side note: I was a little disappointed with the presentation of the book. Does the North book have color pictures or more illustrations? I was showing the book to my gaming group last night and trying to get them excited about it, but it is hard to do with the book looking so bland compared to other modern gaming books.
  11. Having just finished reading the rulebook, I do not see any reason why you can't base on round bases and stop your figs just out of base to base but declare it in base to base (as long as you have the movement to reach base to base). On the round base question, the rules do say to use the standard square bases, but the only reason for having a standard base size is "having a common base size increases the speed and ease of play." So, if players agree that they prefer round or are willing to keep in mind while playing that with square it is possible to get a few more guys in base to base and if the chance comes up for someone to mob someone on a round base with eight guys allow up to eight guys to mob him even if they don't all fit. Not requiring base to base contact fixes that problem anyway. If you agree beforehand that everyone stops 1/2 inch out, it should leave enough room for eight to fit in close combat. It says in the rulebook that if the features of the model (such as spears, tails, etc.) prevent the model from coming in base to base that you can stop the figure outside of base to base and declare that it is in base to base. So this should cover you if you don't want your figs getting tangled. The only problem you would have using these houserules is if you went to a tournament, but for playing the game with your friends, this should be fine. Don't stop yourself from picking up the game just because of the previous responses on this forum. This ruleset seems to be very flexible to houseruling so you can make it the game you want to play.
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