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  1. A giant angry Polar Bear, standing up on its hind legs about 4” - 5” tall, and a large menacing Winter Wolf, about 3.5”- 4” long and about 2” tall
  2. new pose-WIP..I'm gonna have him swooping over a mausoleum pice from the Garden of Morr set getting ready to smash the reaper casualty marker knight
  3. sorry for the multiple posts, I'm not sure how to delete the extras, if a moderator could please delete posts 20 and 21 for me I would appreciate it..thanks
  4. This is what I came up with. I plan on using it as a Terrorgheist in my Heinrich Kemmler undead army I'm waiting on my 100mmx150mm base to arrive and I plan on making some type of diorama on it using the Reaper Warlord and Overlord casualty markers as victims of the hammer smash. I originally wanted to make him look like he's leaping thru the air and perhaps attach him to a mausoleum piece on the base, but the base wouldn't hold all the terrain I planned to use, so I just simplified his pose ,stay tuned for more to come.
  5. What do you think about my conversion in progress..Revell Mammoth converted to Chaos War Mammoth
  6. To: armor Rhino Assassin Butcher Tiger Sabertooth recon Puma x5 specialist Mastodon long rifle Mastodon long rifle smoke strike x4 Ok I edited the list once more, dropped the Conqs..added 2 Mastodon LR's, dropped the Ogre, added an Assassin, had enough for another Puma and 46 points left over..I dropped the Ogre and added the Assassin so the CAVS all had close to similar movement, Ogre was too slow.
  7. To: armor Rhino Ogre Butcher Tiger Sabertooth recon Puma x4 specialist Mastodon Conq x2 Depending on the costs I'd consider dumping the Conqs and buying another Mastodon, but then that's my favorite model. If you keep the Conqs, check to see how much a Chain Fire Pod costs (Upgrades) and put one on the Mastodon if you can. Use the Pumas as a flanking force. Double-move then down whichever side of the table provides the most cover so that your opponent can't shoot them up, then rush a group of models that are bunched up enough that their Flamers can overlap multiple targets. This strategy can wreck havok on a group of models grouped around an ECM model since the Flamer's AOE attack ignores the Jamming bonus. what do you think about two long gun Mastadons instead?..are vehicles and infantry a necessity or can I win with a CAV only force? are the Pumas a good Recon Cav or should I drop two and add two different ones..Thanks for sorting this list out for me,As I mentioned before..I used the TFC program and this is a 4000 point force..but I think the points are a bit different on the new data cards.Also would you keep the armor line-up as is, or drop one for points elsewhere?
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