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  1. Kita looks at the 2 newcomers. "I am Kyrrinthatalin Pyreflight, from the haunted forest. Kita for short." Kita moves closer to them, bowing only slightly, then moves over closer to the raven. "You spoke of trouble. Perhaps we could help?" She looks at the raven preening itself, but listens attentivly to what is going about her.
  2. Kita glances at her friend orc with that "look", then looks to each of her party and the new guy. We are a bloody mess...oh well. "Come up, and we can get to talking alot faster." She looks at the others, then.....moving to a opposing corner. "Oh....no weapons. I am frankly tired of swordplay at the moment." Sigh....hehe. Giggling at her own whimsy, she gets ready for the new people, keeping a eye on the crowd above also. The raven especially...
  3. Kita will look from the bird to the man, a blank look on her face. "Yes, we fought off the blighters. However, what did they want from you? If you don't mind my asking." She looks at the new guy, searching for some reaction.
  4. Seeing the man is out, she will set about making sure he is comfortable and not badly hurt. "Any idea who they were?"
  5. Kita smirks at the raven a bit, already warming to the bird. But, first things first. She takes from her packs a watersack and offers it to the bound man after he is settled in the chair. "Just rest easy, friend. We are here to help?" She will check to see if he is ok, and will use a small heal on him if its needed.
  6. Kita looks at the bird on her shoulder, not used to the difference in weight from Connor. Raven, very pretty one to. k....... "Hello," Kita says, a bit lost as to why its choosen her. "Thanks for the help, friend. Have a name?" Lets see if it talks, I guess. hehehe
  7. Kita sees Gorin take care of the now better half orc, she will use small heals on both Archi and Reg. She will follow the two up to the second floor, but behind and quietly, since her stomach still hurts a bit. As for the crow, she keeps an eye on it as it is perched on a window sil.
  8. Kita brushes of the aiding hands. "HELP BRULL! He is seriously hurt to."
  9. Oww....as I pick up my entrials off the floor......ack.
  10. Kita uses the raven's attack to move back, away from the fighting, and attempts to heal herself inspite of the pain she is feeling. "Don't worry about me, get them dead!"
  11. At the humans words, Kita smiles a very nasty smile. She does not bother with words, just swings at the human with all force, hoping to take its smirk off.
  12. Kita strides into battle, wielding her mighty schimitar twoards the other human...keepin a eye on the huge enemy beside him. Her face is set in a rather scary smirk....eyes a bit wild.
  13. Kita will stop tryin to heal Reg, he just moves to durn much. So, brandishing her scimitar, she will engage the nearest target.
  14. Kita will hang back after quickly darting in to touch heal Reg. Other than that, she does try to keep out of the way of the raging warrior.
  15. Kita will survey the room, and if possible use fairy fire to outline one of the assailants.
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