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  1. Well things are progressing slowly. However I need to get the discussion centralised, so I've set up a board here http://forum.miniature-heroes.co.uk/index.php?topic=45.0 Please join and have your say about the rules, limitations etc Thanks Tim
  2. Well initial interest on this side of the pond has been very positive. I've just placed my order after having 17 pre-orders come into the shop in the last three days. Most of these are for multiple items from the bones range too. Best new product launch I've ever had
  3. Well the contest has finished and the winner decided. Just thought the members here might like to have a look at the entries I had for the Reaper miniatures part of the competition. http://miniature-heroes.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=reapervote&action=display&thread=691 Thanks Tim
  4. The Heroes 2011 painting contest is now live and taking entries. It involves painting a reaper miniature of your choice, and a Mannequin miniatures Gore-Rot goblin. Full details can be found here My link Open to all. Thanks Tim
  5. I've had a mail from a customer wanting to know what the whole pack of 9 battlenuns look like. Some are on the Reaper shop listing, but I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the set, if they would mind sending them to me so I can pass them on. Thanks Tim
  6. So food based miniatures it is then, but in 15, 18, or 28mm scale?
  7. I know its the bottom line that rules these things, but I do hope Reaper don't go fully plastic. The market is being swamped by these at the moment and I don't think its for the long term good of the hobby. Metal has an attractive weight that makes you realise you actually have something once you've paid for it. Plastic is featherweight and certainly not my personal favourite. 18mm metal minis could sell well though. As for preducing smaller sculps, I hope not either. Reaper gets quite a bit of flak in some uk forums for the differences in scale of some of its miniatures. Dealing with them on a daily basis I have to say a lot of it is without much foundation. But if they start to produce small miniatures on existing lines then the flak will only get worse.
  8. I don't know about here in the US but in the UK the price of metal has rocketed. Therefore the price of metal miniatures has increased. So quite a few people are turning to 15mm for army building etc. I just wondered if Reaper had any plans to produce a 15mm range in the near future?
  9. I don't think these have had much exposure in the US, so it would be good to have the forum's views on them. My link These BeDerken chaos dwarves are the first wave of offerings from Dave King, an Australian collector and now part-time sculptor. Certainly a bit different and perhaps of interest? Thanks Tim
  10. Mannequin Goblins might be what you're looking for? My link
  11. Indeed I have and very please to see your latest indepth post on Warlord. For my part I've posted the question, 'Do you play Warlord', on a few Uk and EU forums. Sadly I think the result is best illistrated by a picture posted on Frothers of a tumble weed being blown across a barren plain. Practically no UK or EU players. A few say they've heard of it, and I have sold a few rulebooks so it must be happening somewhere. However its not getting the attention it deserves.
  12. I'm trying with the stock levels but things are a bit different in the UK to the US, and I'm only a tiny company. The stock levels are low due to a threefold reason I will try and explain below. Firstly its money. I haven't got the cash to order stock in big volumes of miniatures. Reaper are fantastic to deal with and are really supportive of their retailers. However the UK goverment isn't. So every order I give to Reaper, I have to make sure I keep enough money back to pay for the UK customs charge of VAT at 20%. Then the uk delivery company, Parcelforce, charges another £ 8.00 for sorting this out and delivering the package. This limits the money I would normally have to re-invest in more stock. Second is storage room. I'm not a bricks and mortar store. Everything is run from Bossco Towers and all the stock has to be kept inside to make sure it stays in the best possible condition. This limits the physical space I have for keeping ranges. Lastly is the UK tax system. At the end of every financial year I have to pay income tax. Stock held at that point is classed as an asset and is therefore taxable. The more stock I hold the more tax I pay. The more tax I pay, the less money I have. Its the same for every UK business but for a very small company like me it does mean walking a tightrope. I am working on stocking more Reaper paints. The stock of Triads is slowly growing but again its as sales allow. Warlord is a great game, and deserves a wider audience in the UK and Europe. I would say Warmachine is the game of choice for the more mature gamer at the moment. Warhammer and 40K capture the young end of the market with a strangle hold. GW might currently be reversing up its own backside with finecast etc but that is nothing compared to the zealous way it trys to control its market. Most young wargamers in the uk, say the 12 to 22 age group don't actually know there is anything else other than GW. GW won't allow a mention of anything else within their shops. White Dwarf is the only gaming mag in the country, and its little more than a GW catalogue. The situation is a difficult nut to crack for a company outside the UK. Grenadier had the same problem back in the 80's, and solved it by opening British Grenadier and manufacturing here. The trouble was it was difficult to keep overall control over two companies on different sides of the Atlantic and they both ended up pulling in different directions. Warlord needs more exposure, but apart from Portal ezine I can't think of a source that can do it. Tim
  13. Excellent work on the Hirelings. I have that set too and know how hard they are to paint. You've lifted them beyond the norm.
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