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  1. Thanks Derek, both for the tip on visualizing light effect on metallic solids and for the glazing tip for finishing a free-handing attempt on cloth (or flesh, etc). Both will be immediately useful as I finish this fellow up. As you can tell, playing with reflective light is a technique I am still shy with. I will work on that next time I get the chance.
  2. Yeah - the banner. An effect of two pallets for the cloth (first pallet kept turning 'fleshy' when I went to shadow - that wasn't good). But that is only half of the issue. Most of my blending efforts (the mace, the shield, and esp. the cloak) needed two or three full attempts to smooth out the blending effect. I thought that was weird, and considering I had to let the previous attempt fully dry before starting over, it slowed down the figure a lot. But now I am getting used to it. Still, would like get a smooth blend effect that looks real in two sittings. The banner was done in one pallet for the first sitting, and a different pallet for the second (essentially painting over all but the highest highlight of the first). It needs its 'second draft' revision. Will get on it when I redo the shield with green stuff.
  3. Second NMM attempt, and this stuff is slow going. Looking for 1) blending tips. I bought and watched Hot Metal, but my problems seems to be that I am making 'holes' in my paint and it is making a smooth surface rough as I try to go back and re-blend and fill the inconsistencies, and 2) feedback on the various bits - most of which are using one or more new techniques for me. (little background - Live in San Diego, went to Reaper store in TX this summer, saw NMM examples in person. Rethought figurine painting in general... stopped using washes, drybrushing, etc.). Next technique I would like to try (after lurking on this forum for the last 4 weeks). Freehand. This figurine has potential for freehanding (shield has a big flat hammer. I painted a 'tyr' rune on the hammer and a bit of straight edging ... hate it. Looks 'flat'. Perhaps freehanding on metal not the best way to start out? Used green stuff to make a tyr rune and will apply it this week, redo the shield, and photo it again (with better backdrop). Was also thinking black runes on the mace 'ribbon'. Thoughts, tricks, or tips on freehanding? Or is it just a matter of getting a few old figurines out and messing around until I am confident? When you start out with the technique, do you trace with any substance that then does not show up (did some freehand runes on a banner with a really sharp sharpee, red on red, and was going to paint over in layers of tan, linen, and white... turned out great... except for the fact that the sharpee ink bled through 8 layers or more of paint, new primer... everything!).
  4. Better lighting on these pics. Still getting the hang of photography (who knew it would be as tricky as the painting!). Thanks for the feedback all.
  5. For my first try at NNM, I tried Ivar and took off his massive pack/table/anvil to get the effect of his back armor.
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