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  1. Nope, the Canadian import on Syfy. Do search for Anna Silk and you'll see why
  2. Perfect in that you can take metal and recast one item into another. The plastic cannot do this perfectly, yes, some can go back into the mix, but there is a certain amount that cannot be recycled.
  3. I would also like some scarecrows, not cutesy, not demonic, but kinda reminiscent of 4E Feywild scarecrows
  4. It kinda works, but I'd prefer less tinged with Fantasy
  5. Vampire x1 Frost Giants x1 Deep Dwellers (or whatever the dire sea lion set was) x2 Jabberwock x1 Case x1
  6. I'm kicking myself for not getting a Nethyrmaul now that I think it would be awesome to "rebuild" him into a living Red. I'd get a chance to try sculpting on something that has already been created
  7. Since he is the Nidhoggr why not have him gnawing at Yggdrasil?
  8. Goats are the answer. ps. Interestingly, Google estimates that the phrase "Goats are the answer" has been used "About 394,000" times on the internet. You don't want goats, they tear out grass. Now cows are the answer, they just clip the grass down
  9. And, I live near Cleveland, there is NO way the sun will get anywhere near that hot in the middle of winter
  10. Day 1: My normal method fails miserably. Almost always I start with a wash instead of priming. As many have said, bare Bones do not take washes. Pictures to come of the failed wash. However, with a little bit of wash, the crevices do become more visible. Model is a lot lighter than metal, much easier to hold.
  11. I am back in town and have my test Bones in hand. Between starting Insanity and the insanity in the swim office, I haven't gotten a chance to start yet. My first test will be painting up one and then attempting to boil and reposition after painting, and should begin on Saturday. If anyone has other ideas on tests for me to try, feel free to include them below.
  12. The next wave of posts. First, Buliwfy Dankil as played by Koarlap Bloodhand Next, Cardolan, Ranger or Belsarause dy Raveneye Silas, Male Cleric depicting the paladin Taliesin Balderk Fitch, Halfling as Cade Highhill The next few have no name beyond their "given" names and are, respectively, Lonnia, Female Duelist, Bjorn, Dwarven Warrior, the middle wraith of the DHL Wraith 3-pack who has been repurposed as a fae folk type being, and the Manticore. I tend towards bright colours for my fae creatures and characters and like to use thin washes to slightly alter the color of some
  13. I would like to see something like this in the clear, I think it would be a pretty striking figure if painted up right. http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-17/fl-belgae.html Actually, anything with a feel similar to the Folks in Folklore is fine with me, it is an all-time favourite of mine because of the story and the art direction
  14. I have been painting for 7ish years now and have a back catalogue of things I have painted. Here I will start posting as I now have a reasonably effective place to shoot photos and a half decent camera. First up, two of my favorites. Tolan, male Druid used as my PC, the Eladrin druid, Taranis Nailo. And my WotC Umber Hulk, one of my all-time favourite critters.
  15. This couldn't have worked out better, I will be gone for the next few days at our Conference championship meet and when I get back I should have some plastic-y goodness to paint!
  16. Both of the Goroloth, they are awesome and I needss them A newly sculpted basilisk, I want it pudgy and bulldog-esque, quite solid A larger and more imposing cockatrice Cyclopes, maybe with a weapon swap, I like the sculpt a lot (02953) Demogorgon/Demonic Lasher, I need more demons and don't want to afford any of the big ones in metal Derro, new sculpts or what is available in metal already
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one to play amateur surgeon... although I have a tendency to glue cuts that should be stitched... I like having names just because I can remember those and am less likely to repurchase the same mini unintentionally
  18. I figured this out on my own. All I did was paint as though there was no fabric, and then slowly layer on the shear colour with areas further away from the body showing more opacity.
  19. I want to see the were-sharks already in production and a few more, goblin shark anyone? 03114: Deva, Angel - I am not usually a fan of angels or bald chicks, but there is something about this sculpt I love I want to see Irish/Scottish inspired fae (sidhe, kelpies,nuckalevee, kilmoulis, Jimmy Squarefoot, selkies, etc.) Feral Elves! Really? In general I want to see more Celtic/Norse inspired sculpts, there is so much untapped potential, without falling to the kilted scotsmen or muscle-bound vikings. And finally, a full-bodied Bullette. I have the Burrowing Horror but would love to see it i
  20. This is what I'm working with currently, a variation on my standard setup. This one is for a canvas I sunk my weekend into. I think about 23 hours now. It's starting to look like something, though Let's try this again...
  21. You all make my painting habits look like backyard surgery. I have a toolbox to keep my paints and unfinished stuff inside. I have a large pallet, a bracelet box that is the PERFECT size for brushes, and a small water cup. My painting surface you ask? Whatever surface my hand towel where I do my painting can be put.
  22. Your goblinoid color scheme was similar to mine, I started with 3E. Now, I've been following the 4E and next descriptions and love how my stuff turns out. My goblins are ochre, bugbears burnt sienna, I have no hobgoblins but they will be umbre, and my orcs now have a grey-purple-unpleasant-unnatural-not-quite-undead hue to their flesh
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