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  1. I have a few that date back that long, and they aren't really that easy to paint.
  2. I can't tell if that is NMM or some metallics blended in, just amazing!!
  3. As someone who NEVER saw other painters do their thing, and less more good painters, and with almost no video showing the palette / loading off of paint on camera, that was the one crucial bit of information that I was missing. I kept getting tide marks, pools, and wondering WHY people could paint so smooth, and have paint dry almost instantly... I will worship Scott Hockley for all eternity. I'm sure it's not much of a consolation, but I think the reason we forget to mention it is that it quickly becomes _that_ automatic. You dip brush in the paint, and then you wick or wipe it against a paper towel, damp sponge, your thumb, whatever you're holding the mini with, and only then does it touch the figure. I'm guessing if you walk down artist row at ReaperCon and watch us, the vast majority will do it one way or another, and barely be conscious of it. I'm no prolific artist, but I go through more paper towels by doing just that.
  4. Your English is better than many who are born here.
  5. Cmorse, that works fine for single miniatures like Reaper, but not quite as well for army painting.
  6. Not easy to make plain brown things look amazing, but you nailed it.
  7. That is very nicely done. My dad bought one in mid 90's for his high elf army. I swear I want to tear through his army and repaint everything.
  8. Oh look, a Christmas Dragon... Just kidding, it looks amazing.
  9. Yea, I wasn't happy with the gems, but I didn't want to repaint them.
  10. I painted these 2 before painting my Ultra Marine Captain. The bases are less ornate. The Howling Banshee is a regular mini, not exarch, the Striking Scorpion is the exarch. They are also slightly older minis, not the current ones. Remember they are for an army, not for strictly display, so they are painted to be uniform with other minis, not stand out, so you see lots of the same color, I did that on purpose. Hope you like them. The Howling Banshee I wanted to appear that she has bone armor and weapons, thus all the white. The light again isn't that great, so some detail looks less impressive. The Striking Scorpion really has more depth in the yellow, its just hard to see with the light.
  11. You shouldn't have stopped for so long, this is great work. Very clean.
  12. Haha, this is epicly cool, I never would have thought to do something like this. Its simply brilliant.
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