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  1. I have a few that date back that long, and they aren't really that easy to paint.
  2. I can't tell if that is NMM or some metallics blended in, just amazing!!
  3. As someone who NEVER saw other painters do their thing, and less more good painters, and with almost no video showing the palette / loading off of paint on camera, that was the one crucial bit of information that I was missing. I kept getting tide marks, pools, and wondering WHY people could paint so smooth, and have paint dry almost instantly... I will worship Scott Hockley for all eternity. I'm sure it's not much of a consolation, but I think the reason we forget to mention it is that it quickly becomes _that_ automatic. You dip brush in the paint, and then you wick or wipe it against a paper towel, damp sponge, your thumb, whatever you're holding the mini with, and only then does it touch the figure. I'm guessing if you walk down artist row at ReaperCon and watch us, the vast majority will do it one way or another, and barely be conscious of it. I'm no prolific artist, but I go through more paper towels by doing just that.
  4. Your English is better than many who are born here.
  5. Cmorse, that works fine for single miniatures like Reaper, but not quite as well for army painting.
  6. Not easy to make plain brown things look amazing, but you nailed it.
  7. That is very nicely done. My dad bought one in mid 90's for his high elf army. I swear I want to tear through his army and repaint everything.
  8. Oh look, a Christmas Dragon... Just kidding, it looks amazing.
  9. Yea, I wasn't happy with the gems, but I didn't want to repaint them.
  10. I painted these 2 before painting my Ultra Marine Captain. The bases are less ornate. The Howling Banshee is a regular mini, not exarch, the Striking Scorpion is the exarch. They are also slightly older minis, not the current ones. Remember they are for an army, not for strictly display, so they are painted to be uniform with other minis, not stand out, so you see lots of the same color, I did that on purpose. Hope you like them. The Howling Banshee I wanted to appear that she has bone armor and weapons, thus all the white. The light again isn't that great, so some detail looks less impressive. The Striking Scorpion really has more depth in the yellow, its just hard to see with the light.
  11. You shouldn't have stopped for so long, this is great work. Very clean.
  12. Haha, this is epicly cool, I never would have thought to do something like this. Its simply brilliant.
  13. Love the bag, I still have trouble making leather look good.
  14. Thank you Stern, believe it or not I actually added more highlights to the armor before I finished. The cloak is actually better than it looks in the picture, but the lighting isn't perfect. The armor could be better I admitt. Thanks for your comments.
  15. The funny part is I look at some of my older minis and I see that I actually started to learn how to do some of this stuff early on, but it was hard and took too much time, so I started doing the faster paint on the drybrush and I'm done stuff. If I would have known that I was on the right track I would have kept on with it. 16 years later and I finally really feel like I'm improving. My next goal once I get better at this stuff is free hand, I have an Azrael project for a friend of mine with a Dark Angel army, and I want to freehand the banner, which I have to make out of green stuff, 2 things I'm not great at. Wish me luck, and you will see it on here when I'm finished in about a month or 2.
  16. I agree with the sword, believe it or not the first time I painted the sword it was horrible and looked NOTHING like that. I am looking to improve on my painting and yes, I think some outlining would work well, and maybe some more highlighting, however to me too much and it looks a little cheesy. The lighting isn't great, so you don't see the full effect on the cloak. The contrast there is actually rather large if you see it in person, the picture softens it. As far as more interesting minis, I got my start on Warhammer. My first mini was when I was 15, a single assault marine with jump pack, so I have a fondness for warhammer minis. Also that is my army, Ultra marines, and that is my first attempt at this way of painting for my army. Worry not I have many Reaper and Ral Partha minis of which I have collected through the years to paint. In fact I have years of minis to paint. Its a rather large closet of shame my wife threatens to put in the attic. Thank you for your comments, and I'll work on those elements when I start on Marneus Calgar.
  17. I used Snakebite Leather as the base and highlighted with 2 different colors of yellow blending lighter then I did some highlights in white for gleam.
  18. Something I finally finished, putting together many things I learned on these forums. I know I haven't been on much sense I joined, but I hope you like him. The light wasn't great I know, and the camera is old, but what do you think? Also I know I missed a mold line there.
  19. Looking good so far. I'm starting to think I should repaint mine, but the idea of stripping and repainting is just too much when I have too much to do.
  20. My painting desk is in our bedroom, as are boxes of miniatures. I am a house husband and clean / tidy the house and look after my girls. So my hobby desk stays permanently out. That's just the way it is ;) Yea, my wife hates "clutter" and my paints and minis are "clutter" and she wins so...
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