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  1. Go, go go go go upvote upvote! Comment! Make this hit the first page! (of /r/rpg at least) Fly! Charge! UPVOTE! http://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/xsmi1/for_those_of_you_looking_for_some_cheap/
  2. Everything on the internet. Literally everything, organized into "subreddits" Any interest you may have, it's pretty specific, and it's pretty addicting. I did a search, and it's been posted a few times. I upvoted, and that's the way to get things visible. Moderators: May I post a link to there, for other Reaper redditors to go and upvote? There's a potentially huge untapped audience. Edit: Yes, I've been lurking that long! I'm really shy!
  3. Ok...I might not do it then, redditors can be brutal about reposts. Like I said, I'm still new, and don't wanna get shouted at. Hell, it took me a year of lurking before I got comfy enough to start posting here.
  4. I plan on inking, too, and painting the accents. Hey, has anyone posted this on Reddit? There's lots of subreddits that would love this. I wouldn't even know where to put it, as I'm kinda new there, but it's got huge audience potential.
  5. I hate messing with all those little fiddly bits.
  6. Whoa! I can't even stop looking. That's the coolest concept/execution ever.
  7. Those ghosts are so! cool! Such great sculpts, with all the tendrils of ghostiness, and my favorite color too. I'm past squealing, and more like "ahhhhhhhawwyeahhh" The greatness of the stretch goals no longer surprises me.
  8. Just how urban legendary are we talkin' here. Kidney worthy? Hmm.
  9. Or I'll have a meltdown trying to keep up with painting. I'm a little ocd about "you gets it, you paints it." Maybe I'll save all my vacation time till then. I've already got a mini-fridge in my painting space, I should convert the closet up there to a bathroom, and I'll be all good.
  10. If I had the funds, I would go in for the $1000 pledge for the year's worth of new releases(plus the stretch goals, obviously). Then maybe I would have a shelf of shame worthy of this forum
  11. What a satisfying set of numbers. In a time of depressing graphs and charts, this one is great to look at.
  12. So, I literally have no more conjecture. They've gone way above and beyond anything I would expect. Harvey the Bunny wouldn't even shock me at this point. BTW. The screech I let out, when I saw the latest reveal startled the crap out of my cats. I hope you people are happy! My cats have been getting less beauty sleep since this whole thing started.
  13. Well, now that I've composed myself I can come here and make a post about the new reveal.
  14. That's EXCELLENT. Look at those colors, those urticating hairs. I'm in love! You have a good camera.
  15. Oh, I love a good orb weaver, but they're ridiculous hard to get a good photo of, nice job. If it's dry by you, flick a few water droplets on her web, she'll appreciate it, and that'll be a pretty picture, too. I use favored invert websites for inspiration, or my own pets.
  16. You know... After reading this, I'm thinking you should pretty much go in at "tee shirt" or "hat" level on the Kickstarter. Maybe you can fashion a makeshift sling or some kind of sack from the shirt, to hold some of your lead.
  17. Sorry guys, I think we finally broke him. ~v Oh good, I was nearly out of popcorn.
  18. This is me watching buglips' mental breakdown.
  19. Baphomet, Bring your LEDs and Star Wars stuff, it'll be a party.
  20. I'm so buzzed on good will, I just might let you have a crack at em for free.
  21. So I'm all like "yar, a few familiars, whatevs." over in Conjecture, and then holymotherzowiegreatandgraciousCthulu...FIRE. PLASTIC. You guys are giving me the vapors.
  22. I'd buy that for twenty five dollars.
  23. TRANSLUCENT! YE GODS! Oh, now I'm excited. This is like...way better than I could even imagine.
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