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  1. Rest easy, I snarked! More conjecture or wishing: I would love a huge pack of familiars. Like all the ones available, but in bones. I would trade them all for pugs. Edit: Ooh. Behaving now.
  2. Doc. Can I call you Doc? You would have to work very hard to offend me Edit: HAHAHAHA
  3. Aww, I'm not ignoring them, I'm cheerfully deflecting them, in a witty manner. Like lobbing the old kidney back and forth across the table.
  4. Someone else's! Gosh, what do I look like, a freak? More conjecturing: There's going to be a super badbutt undead under the crypt, like some epic boss level limited edition vampire or warlock. Edit: And a new Bones sculpt, at that.
  5. You haven't lived till you played hacky sack with a kidney, lemme tellya.
  6. Um... well, you're not down and out yet. How's the body holding up? ;) (No, NO, did NOT say that! BAD Doc! BAD! Did NOT say that!) Oh, I didn't even think about that. You think Reaper will accept organ donations as pledges? I hear you can get a fortune for a kidney these days.
  7. My firstborn is already a teenager, useless for bargaining. My soul is filthy, stained, and probably so tainted no one would want it. Looks like I'll have to skip September's pedicure, too. As far as more conjecture? We saw fighters, I really want to see rogues and casters.
  8. Here's a money conjecture. I said "ah, a hundred bucks, I can spend that in a month on gaming stuff. No big." How far will I go? I'm up to 165 right now. I've already sacrificed a pedicure and a hair cut this month. Will it be "good bye going out for lunch through September?"
  9. I like the contrasting orange and teal. Two great colors.
  10. I need to get my little shirt-note ready for that, too, I suppose. "In case of apocalypse or fainting, please up my pledge."
  11. Its a box it's a box it's a box! Who's right? I'm right. *dance* Well, in a way, because I dared not hope for storage, but there it is!
  12. Maybe I should pin a note to my shirt "in case of fainting, please up my pledge for me" or something.
  13. I think I would pass out. I would faint dead away, if that happened.
  14. I think an empty for the 90 bajillion minis. But that would be mildly disappointing to the masses (not me, as I have no storage) Or a boxed set, like the cowboys.
  15. That big square thing could be a boxed set, I see that and think *box*.
  16. Love the white! I've painted (once in typical elf ranger greens, and another in midnight blue/black) that same mini twice, for two different characters, and I love seeing how dramatically different yours is. You really pulled that white off well.
  17. Oh, hello cutie. I like the colors, he realistically looks like one of my favorite pets. I think the thing that contributes to huge Shelves is army painting. I just play D&D, World of Darkness, and Savage Worlds, so I'll buy five at a clip for our party, and maybe a few more that look interesting, then paint them asap so we have something on the table. Or maybe a handful of monsters. The biggest "army" I painted was half dozen of the Bones sword/board dudes.
  18. YAY! GIRLS! Love me some Klocke ladies. I have half of these painted in metal already...but I am so overjoyed about getting them in Bones.
  19. Well. I'm learning a lot in this thread. Not so much how to manage my (not very much of a) horde...but I'm learning lots. I did unbox half my unpainteds, primed a few. Felt ennui. Came downstairs and ordered more. I'm not sure whether to thank you for the insight, or flip you all the bird.
  20. I'm pretty out about my Discordian/Thelemic philosophy, I have many visible tattoos regarding discordianism, Aleister Crowley's writings, the tarot, Goetia, Enochian studies (also, bunnies, strawberries, cute spiders, but they're not as skerry). People have laid off criticizing me about my "satanic" leanings, about fifteen years ago, like D&D is the least of my naughtiness. I think it's because I'm a mountain they don't want to climb, theologically speaking. I live in a small town, and I'm pretty sure I am regarded as The Eccentric (or at least, that scary chick that lives across the street from the bar). Which is cool, people don't mess with me. I think the worst "you're going to hell" story I have is when I showed up at lunch with my mom's old lady friends with a hickey on my, erm, décolleté.
  21. You guys are scaring me, a little. I'm pretty minimalist. I usually paint 9/10 that I buy. I also paint a lot for my game group, when they bring me lead. The current unpainteds are mostly hordes bought for games that never happened, or haven't happened yet, and a few PCs for said games, and a few random "ooh, want" from the FLGS. I think I get more obsessed with having the perfect paint brush, the perfect work space, the perfect organized shelves, and lots of paint and other random supplies. I put a lot of my hobby ocd into making everything perfect so that I can paint whenever the mood strikes, and in perfect comfort.
  22. He's an adorable flavor of evil. I love that you're scandalizing people with him. I used to paint big ceramic dragons, till the cool local ceramics shop closed down. I like minis better, because it used to be one dragon per shelf, and now it's one shelf for like fifty minis. I don't have to give as many away...
  23. A few hundred? It gets that bad? I've only been painting for like two years, maybe. Is this what I have to look forward to?
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