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  1. That's kinda what I was thinking. No problems with dust or cobwebs or anything? I suppose I could actually...like...dust things. I think it'll be a fun afternoon unwrapping and prepping all my poor lost souls. But then I get a wash of guilt, thinking like "I should really take care of all you guys on my desk first" I mean, I have two minis that I started painting in Feb 2011...for a game that buckled last summer, unfortunately, and they're both not even half done.
  2. 20 probably is a small number, haha, but I've been pretty good about painting what I accumulate. I also have about 15 WIP that are out on my drawing table... But I sense that number growing, somewhere between now and March, and I'm curious about how you guys handle yours. You seem to store yours like I do.
  3. I'm curious, because I have most of my unpainted minis still in their packaging, in a clear box under my painting table, but I was contemplating getting every one washed, tidied up, and prepped for painting, *then* putting them on an actual shelf, so they're all there to see, and maybe inspire me. But then I'm worried about dust and the cats knocking them about and whatnot. Bleh. It's getting to become a *thing* because I'm up over 20 now, and running out of box space. To say nothing for when my Kickstarter stuff comes in... What do you folks do? How do you store your unpainted minis?
  4. I've developed a routine. Check there, come here to see people talking about the same things I'm thinking. I'm not addicted or anything. I only do it like four or five times a day.
  5. I went in for Vampire level, too. One thing's for sure, it's a huge motivation to get some of the bazillion unpainted mini's painted, before they start to arrive.
  6. 60004: Harsk, Iconic Male Dwarf Ranger is my all time favorite. I just love him, he's so dynamic. I've got him in an active game representing an insane demon hunting slightly addled dwarven barbarian. I love his full tilt charge, with the one leg behind him. I based him out so he looks like he's running through hell over lava pools in search of his next demonic victim (which are mostly in his head.).
  7. Hmm. I've never even heard of the vinegar trick. Learn new stuff every day. Lots of new things to try, thanks!
  8. Thanks for the insight. Maybe I'm underpriming. I knock primer off, all the time. I'm going to paint this batch of skeletons I've been neglecting trying new stuff, including more primer, dullcote, and the stuff Wren mentioned.
  9. I use Reaper paints, I prime and wash with dish soap and an old toothbrush. I tack the bases down to squares of cardboard, but I'm going to start using a pill bottle so I can turn them better, I suspect that's one issue. Also, because I lost the arm of one of my cherished paladins mid-paint...I'll be using their pill bottles to store body parts >.> That's a great idea, about painting outwards, I think I learned that, but I get carried away and just go with whatever. I'll try to get more disciplined about it. I'm thinking the dullcote might be a last ditch effort. I wonder if I'm overpriming, too. I've been using brush on primers, black or white, and normally I do two coats. I really appreciate the fast reply, and all the information! I paint a lot, I'm not new to it, just a long time lurker, I've learned most everything I know about painting from these boards, thank you so much.
  10. As the subject states, I have a problem with losing paint on eyebrows, hair, cloak edges, swords, whatever, before the mini is done. Is dull-cote the answer? I use Testor's Dullcote to finish my non-tabletop pieces, do you think I could spray them with that, and later continue to paint over it? I lost some skin off my half orc priest, recently, and it really burned my butt. It took me forever to get just the right highlight.
  11. I like that dark gritty "realistic" look, a lot. I'm right there with ya on the bases, too, I'll do a run of 4-5 minis and then go through and base them all, haha. Sometimes I can't stop the paint from flowing when I'm on a roll!
  12. I was going to come here and recommend the very same article. I've used it for other tones, and it's spot on.
  13. I just got those last month. I've used them about six times, and I can't say what they'll be like in a year, but they're as good as any higher end kolinsky sable, at a good price. They keep a good point, there's no straggly bristles, and the long handles don't bother me. They're well put together. I got them in 0, 1, and 2 size, and while I'm used to using 0 size, that's the one I haven't even picked up yet. The 2 keeps such a good point, that's what I use the most.
  14. Thanks for the welcome, and the links! I love looking at show-off stuff.
  15. I've been wondering the same thing, or if there are any tutorials on the matter. I've got a half-orc rogue that needs the torch in the dark treatment, and I'm apprehensive about tackling it.
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