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  1. So, yeah that didn't even take ten minutes. Very short soak in SG, a good vigorous brushing, and a refreshing dish-detergent shower to rinse. Good stuff. Even easier than metal, because there's no primer.
  2. I'm gonna go dunk him right now, and check periodically through the day. It's only a single coat of black paint, on about 40% of the mini, so it shouldn't take too long to come off. If he melts, he melts. I'll report the results.
  3. I just don't wanna wait. I could theoretically be painting him tonight, if it works out. Plus, I hate waste. That pint of Simple Green, btw, has stripped dozens of minis. I've been reusing it for a long time, so it's not like I dump all that product out every time I wanna clean off a mini.
  4. These are great! I love that pulpy noir style. The red lining of The Spirit's cloak looks really dramatic. He looks like the cover of some old paperback, or something, with the monochrome.
  5. I started the minotaur last night, and decided I didn't want him to be all black. He needs a bath. My normal method is dropping the mini in a pint of undiluted Simple Green, letting it sit overnight, then shake the bejeezus out of the container, and brush off whatever's left. Think that'll kill a Bones figure?
  6. The fact that you did the eyes so well on even these tiny eensy things makes me want to smash my face into my desk repeatedly.
  7. My work station is a drawing table that I got when I was in high school from a kindly neighbor. He used it when he started at his ad agency in the 50s. It's got this cast iron filigree base that weighs about 300 pounds, and it adjust to all tilts and heights. I have it just straight right now, but I really really love that thing. I used it for various non-crafty things, till I got into minis, and now it seems like it's found its life's purpose. It's got all these lights clamped on it, and it's by far my favorite tool. Some other favorites are my roll of newsprint, which I use to cover said table, and use as blotter paper. Fun tack, I use it for EVERYTHING. Also, my Kindle. I too listen to audiobooks pretty much the whole time I paint, and I get a lot of "reading" done. Sometimes, I prop it up on a shelf and watch crap TV shows on Netflix, while I paint. I love it because it's tiny. I don't do conversions. Yet. YET. I do have a Dremel stylus on my wish list.
  8. Thanks, it feels good to be back, like a step in a normal more routine direction. I quit painting, therefore I quit talking about painting, and when I'd poke around here, I'd feel crummy that I was ignoring it. Then Sandy hit, and I *couldn't* paint, which is its own whole story, so being around the community made me feel even crummier. But, everything's moving forward, so I came back right away :) To stay on topic, I really hope the Chronoscope paints come out soon. I think I may have ordered them in the KS, but maybe canceled them last minute or something, in favor of the shirt. I was looking over my selection, and the only good pinks I have, the only ones I use regularly are discontinued Reaper, and a GW. One day I'll paint a pretty pretty pink princess, dammit. One day.
  9. Those are some great links. I could spend all afternoon in the colourlovers one. One of my secrets in painting minis comes from home decorating. Pick 2-3 harmonizing colors then one contrast. So, for a very simplified example, I have a wizard with a blue robe, I'll go with a strong blue, a few neutrals like black and linen, and a strongly contrasting color like orange for trim. It works for rooms, it works for minis, to a degree, though I always wind up with more colors, just like when decorating a room. You wind up with metallics in there, for buckles and jewelery, or leather for straps and belts. But for the main colors, that system works fairly consistently.
  10. Without derailing the topic too much, starting around September, it's been a really terrible four months with a series of Very Bad Things, and I just now got my motivation, hobby space and painting stuff back together, like...yesterday. Pleased to be back, though!
  11. Totally kicking myself about not getting paints with the KS. I opted for the tee shirt instead. I mean, I wear that thing like 4 days a week...but still...Antique Rose.
  12. Hi! I'm not dead, I promise. I'm leaving to go camping around 4 am. I'm going to bed, soon, and will start when I get home. The past two weeks have been epic insanity. Houseguests, fall stuff, outdoors, new video games. I'll jump in and start posting Monday. Miss you guys!
  13. I, for one, hope they branch out into cocktail flavors. Margarita, strawberry daiquiri, White Russian...
  14. Yeah, I don't have a hell of a lot of free time (who does?!) so, for me it's a choice between painting, or GW2 or reading. Those are the things I do during unwindy nighttime hours. Lately? GW2. Well, I still stay up way late reading.
  15. Mine showed up yesterday. I ordered him, and a bunch of MSPs to round out the order. Good stuff. It'll be a fun group project, and since I'm not much of a share-er normally, this'll get me out of my shell.
  16. She doesn't look like she'd mind... Just watch the sword.
  17. I just read all eight pages. Wow. I can't even believe this is a *thing*. Wow.
  18. Ooh, she is kind of Peepy. Candylike, in kind of an insidious way.
  19. Listen, you have to stop inhaling the dull-cote. Get some more ventilation, ok?
  20. I ordered him! And a bunch of paints to fill out the free shipping thing. I'm nervous and excited, I don't share my paint jobs in public much.
  21. Whoa, hello! Not only do I love her, but I LOVE Tony DiTerlizzi. I want to get like...a dozen of them, and have a big boobies succubus army.
  22. I never played GW1 (too invested in WoW, for too long) but I can attest. The girls in GW2 are smokin hot.
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