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  1. It's at least part of the reason I haven't been around much, heh. But, that, plus the usual end of summer madness, barbecues, back to school chaos. But yeah, I've been playing a lot in my spare time. New game saturation, where I play till my mouse hand is all crabbed and calloused. It'll fade, soon, though. I'm such a lazy casual gamer. WoW had that effect on a lot of my friends. I played it too, but I could never devote that much time to anything. The ADD is too strong. I'll play for an hour and wander off to go get into trouble somewhere.
  2. Anyone else here playing it? I've been playing MMOs since 1999, and this one really brings me back to the early days, and all the "OOOooooooohhh" that I used to get from exploring and discovering the world. I've been super jaded, in the past five years, but this game makes me feel like a new player again, in the best possible way.
  3. I've only been doing this for about two years, and coming here helped me learn pretty fast. Also, check out this section of the Reaper site: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft There's all sorts of articles to read. That's what I did, while I was cranking out my first minis, I read everything I could. Also, I used a few Learn to Paint kits. To be honest, I still keep the instruction pamphlets from those kits with my paint stuff, and refer to them occasionally if I'm approaching something I'm not familiar with. I would suggest picking one up, because you get a buncha great basic paints (which I still use), good brushes, and pretty linear instructions for basic techniques that will serve you for as long as you're painting. The best thing you can do is keep painting. You'll get better as you go, and the visual improvement from mini to mini is remarkable. To me, that's one of the most rewarding aspects of painting minis. I can look at the first mini I painted and the third, and already see how much I had improved. Edit: Actually, I still devour tutorials and articles like crazy. When I can't paint, I read about painting, and look at other people's work. Like any art, you grow by sharing ideas, getting inspired, and inspiring others.
  4. There's a couple of us not that far away, though. Unless you're up by NYC, in which case that statement may not apply. I was surprised to see how many people are in and around Baltimore. Yeah, I do live closer to NYC than Pennsylvania. About an hour by train to the center of Manhattan, vs. a 3 hour drive to Philly.
  5. I would always go with paint. Paint paint paint. You can fashion a case out of just about anything. Unless Russian Imperial Stout is on the table...then all bets are off. RIS > everything on this whole planet. Or, if it's not better, it at least makes everything better.
  6. 1 Vampire 1 Spectre (I really want a damn tee shirt) All of the stretch goals except the Deep Dwellers and Frost Wyrm Orc Army Paint Set # 4 1 Case
  7. Signed! I want that art as a shirt! I actually thought about printing it, framing, and hanging in my painting space, as a memento, but I would WEAR THE HELL out of that shirt.
  8. Ok. So. That was epic. I got a little misty eyed, when it ended. I am SO happy to be a part of this. My final tally was $400 even. I threw in the last fifty bucks yesterday. Reaper: If you ever do this again, warn me, so I can have my Xanax prescription filled ahead of time. Today was harrowing. I've been busy cooking and prepping for a party, and I'm back and forth every ten minutes, till the end (yes, even when everything was all broken). All my nails are little stubs. Whew. Wow. I'm glowing.
  9. I wouldn't even begin to know how to DM a PBP, but I'll play if you're offering! I have a tiny house and about a thousand books. Something's gotta get stashed!
  10. My gaming group is going to go BANANAS over this. They've been bugging me to dig out all my old 2nd ed stuff, for nostalgia's sake, and do a short little thing. This manages to be even better, and not for the least reason that I don't have to crawl around in my attic lugging out giant Rubbermaid totes.
  11. Mud Tub!!!! Whooooo! *strips and cannonballs* Achk, now you got psyberwolfe's muck all over everyone.
  12. Hmm. Good stuff. I don't know what to tell you about WoD's specific requirements, because I've never used a VT before. It's a d10 system, and the overall feel is more modern/gritty/noir than fantasy. I'm mainly looking for a lot of tabletop stuff, less maps and tokens, and more dice rolling, character sheet stuff, customization. I'm going to download the demo and see how Battlegrounds works. I appreciate you taking the time to bring it to my attention!
  13. I prime white. I tried black a few times, but I didn't like it, because it took too many coats to cover it, especially with lighter flesh tones. I do underpaint metallics with dark colors, walnut brown for warm and midnight blue for cool metallics. It makes them look more realistic, in my eyes.
  14. You jump up and run around the room doing a victory lap with every goal, too? Yes. Buck naked. Ooh, careful, you're gonna stub something else.
  15. You jump up and run around the room doing a victory lap with every goal, too?
  16. I'm really considering doing this post-Kickstarter, and just dumping the money into a savings account.
  17. I feel pretty lucky. I work part time, and have various small sources of income, but aside from a few bills, it's all entertainment budget (and elective cosmetic stuff like hair cuts and pedicures). Every paycheck I get, I whip out the old calculator, and think "how much of this can I throw into the Kickstarter?" It's so worth it. I can't even believe how worth it this is, all those hundreds of figures. Having a collection like this is a lifelong dream, ever since I was a little kid and wanted to collect He-Man but my mom wouldn't let me. I look at the money I've pledged, and think "ok, that's nail polish and some fancy lunches on the town, and maybe a few hours at Yestercade." instead, it's going to be YEARS worth of painting and entertainment. Doing this actually showed me how much frivolous crap I spend money on. I don't need to eat out every day. I love this Kickstarter. Let's do it again, shall we? Let me know ahead of time, and I'll sock away two months entertainment budget.
  18. I was so busy reading...things...the goal shot right by. Woo! Halflings! Woo! It's funny, I just finished painting that one guy on top as a warlock spellblade for a party member.
  19. That's so sweet, awwwwww. It's like you know me.
  20. Well damn. That's like fifty times better.
  21. Alright, I didn't think I had any "squee" left in me, but I found some. NEW SCULPTS! GIANTS! I have to go lie down.
  22. Klooge looks good, but for D&D style games. Not really WoD functional, it seems. I might just have to do a play-by-Skype or something.
  23. Ooh, this goal is so very \m/ Maybe I'll paint them up to make an Iron Maiden video diorama or something.
  24. Haha, I went to bed right after, too. I'm self amusing. I'll play the game even if no one joined in :) You made it funner! I was like "AHA! Someone gets it!"
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