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  1. This parrot is no more! He's ceased to be!
  2. Lastman, while that sounds like AWESOME EPIC FUNTIME, the kind I'm looking for will allow me to connect with friends in Ohio and Germany (at least) and play this WoD game I've been brewing for like two years now. My current face to face gaming group has met World of Darkness with a resounding "meh." and I love the system. But I have friends elsewhere who are dying to play. Stupid universe. I'm going to Google Klooge or Kloogeworks, thanks. Chaosscorpion, I appreciate it!
  3. Specifically, for a World of Darkness game. I've been idly checking them out them for a while, but I can't seem to make heads or tails of the whole VT thing, none of them seem suited to WoD. Someone pointed me towards Fantasygrounds, but I'm not sure if the WoD thing even works. It doesn't seem wholly fleshed out, and I'm afraid of dumping a ton of money into something that's half-baked. I know this isn't the forum for it, but maybe someone can give me a lead, or a link, or some personal experience?
  4. On KS it says 6:00PM EDT. Every few hours? Try every few minutes. We'll probably all wander back to FB or Twitter. My FB is woefully Reaper-free. I'll just loiter around here like that one friend that never leaves, after a party. I'll help clean up. *starts gathering plastic cups off the furniture*
  5. I'll be here waiting patiently till it happens. Because now you guys are thinking about it, I know.
  6. Yep Both, Both Both Sophies Kickstart and Urban Legend and The Big Bad Undead Dracolich looking Bones. Is it bad that I want Naked Sophie Riding the Big N?
  7. The NMM is top notch. Great for a first time.
  8. Big sheets of newspaper! Huge dropcloths! A smock! Plastic sheeting on the furniture, haha.
  9. For whatever reason, now I'm in the mood for walnuts.
  10. I have painted in every room in my house, except the bathroom (though, when the Bones come, who knows?) and I haven't spilled a drop, anywhere. I use half a sheet of newspaper, or a large sheet of newsprint under my temporary work spaces, along with two layers of paper towels for blotting the brushes, and everything stays clean. My only issue with "taking it on the road" is sketchy lighting. Tonight, I was relying on my stupid desklamp. I know I'm going to have a huge chuckle when I take Trigger here back up to the properly lit table, and see all the misplaced highlights and shadows.
  11. You think you're roughing it? Missy, let me tell you . . . I had to dig so deep for this kickstarter that I can't even afford stank for my stanky shoes. Look at them! Smell that? That's right, you don't! Cause there ain't nothin to smell! They're just . . . *sob* . . . just stupid, ordinary shoes now! Um...*gently shoves the delightfully scent free toes away* this could be the start of something good for you. Maybe try it for awhile. My own toes are growing gnarly and untended, yours are getting pleasanter, we're all out of our comfort zones, here. Never pay for a haircut again! The Suck Cut! The answer to all my prayers. I've always wanted a helmet head.
  12. I know, I know. Thanks for the support :) Deep breathing. I used to say "I will never be able to do that"...but my painting has improved a lot, where even I can see it, so now when I see something that totally bowls me over, I say "I aspire to that." Only been painting since Feb 2011. I'm young, I have nimble fingers, good eyesight, and boundless patience. I aspire to that. Edit: and soon to have a bottomless pit of practice minis. That should help, too.
  13. I just upped for the final time. I now have enough for Vampire, plus ALL the goal options, plus the orc army, one set of paints, and a little to spare. It hurt to type that. BTW, still no pedicure or hair cut. (I did break down and get the tattoo I'd planned...) I'm really roughing it, here, people.
  14. I have, embarrassingly only about a dozen unpainteds. I know, I know, I barely deserve to be on these forums. I've been painting what I got fanatically. Tonight, for example, my D&D crew came over, but we were so woefully unmotivated, we just grabbed the books and leveled our characters to 30, just to see. While this was happening, I dragged a handful of paints and brushes into the living room, and began painting one of my friend's characters. I do it when the TV is on, when I feel like listening to an audio book, when I feel like getting away from the family...and now, when I have company, it seems. Guys. I'm going to run out of Minis before the kickstarter stuff gets here. Probably even before Sophie.
  15. I'm going to dive into the box and swim around like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. Many of them are going to be NPCs in our ongoing enormous homebrew campaign. We're making up future encounters every time we see a stretch goal revealed. I'll paint them. I'll enlist the household to paint them. I have to build shelves.
  16. That's amazing. It's not what I was thinking of, I've never even seen that. Way cool. Good luck with the technique, it'll produce some striking results. Glad you found some info! *friendly slap*
  17. Wow. I aspire to that level of awesomeness. Amazing, thanks for sharing the link. I kicked around the idea to reflect the light off his robes, but...it's for a tabletop job, and I've never even begun to think about how to do alternate light source stuff. I'm gonna stare at this hard, and make some adjustments to mine.
  18. Can you link some examples? I think I know what you're talking about, but I want to be sure.
  19. Wow, as the days dwindle down, it's gotten all pedantic up in heeah. Here. Everyone get in the pit and mosh it out.
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