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  1. I just looked through your blog and saw the Tristram Cathedral. Holy hell. (kinda literally) What a rush of nostalgia, I still love the original game, and still play it from time to time. I bet that diorama was fun to make, and play with, you did a great job with it.
  2. I has bad news, buglips. No Fairy Blush. Their discontinued paint supply is really dwindling. They're down to a few dried out looking volcanic and faded browns. I was hoping to grab 5-6 of em and make your day.
  3. I leave you guys for 12 hours to get some new ink, and look at all the things that happened!!!!! A million dollars, warmaking, lovemaking. I love checking back here. I read this thread before I hit FB or check my email, anymore.
  4. There's still plenty of time to fatten him up before Thanksgiving! ;) But cats are so stringy...
  5. Thought you guys would appreciate the name :)
  6. I'm going to have to try that, at my own parties. Both ways. If it's boring, throw on Karma Chameleon, and if it's too rowdy, a little Goonies R Good Enough. On a completely unrelated but somehow connected to all this madness side note: A very skinny adorable stray cat sort of adopted us this week. He's a grey and white tuxedo cat, but he's pencil thin, you can see his poor skeleton through his fur, I'm trying to feed him everything under the sun to get some meat on him. Very lovable, very chatty. We decided to take him in, so after a visit to the vet, this week, he'll officially be mine. What's his name, you ask? Bones. I named him Bones.
  7. Aww, I'll vote her up on CMON, just out of sheer Reaper-buddy pride. BTW, I'm going tomorrow to the LGS, to check on that paint.
  8. I just talked some friends into throwing money for my pledge. Woo! Now I can afford every stretch goal figure, plus a case.
  9. She looks special. Especially good. Edit: I just painted a warlock/rogue player in one of my games with a purple sword. I made it all swirly crystal magic, with purple as the base coat, and lime green for the shadows. It look like it's made out of pure evil magic. So, you can rock a purple sword.
  10. Oh no, oh THAC0. Every time I see THAC0, ice cream truck music starts playing in my head, and my eyes point different directions.
  11. That's not fair, it's 8 am, here. You totally got me. Gaming and panting, it works though.
  12. I'll bring a whole sack of grubs, to share even.
  13. Oh, good. Glad I'm not the only one planning on heading over to Buglipsia. It's just a long boat ride north from my locale. We could stage at my place, and have a gaming and panting cruise up the coast, we just need to get a boat.
  14. That's like me on a Saturday night! I love the conversion, can't wait to see her painted.
  15. So elegant. I love the colors and shapes, especially the sproingy little leaf tendril things.
  16. If I see heart and Captain Planet I cancel my pledge... OMG. I might double it! Heart was the coolest, he talked to animals
  17. So, I just went out to the diner, after that boring as dirt party, and I came back to a frost wyrm and zombie hunters. So fast, my head is spinning. Awesome. By the way, between that lame party and my unfortunate sobriety, this thread and those goals are the most interesting things happening to me tonight.
  18. I just got home from a boring as dirt party, and the first thing I see? VERMIN! HUZZAH! Oh, and eles. I like elementals, but I LOVE VERMIN! *vermin victory lap*
  19. Buglips*the*pinata! I wanna play! Do I know how to throw a party, or what?
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